I feel like I’ve sang happy birthday several times today:)


We survived picture day!! I’ve never had a photographer get through the classes so quickly! Of course we haven’t seen the pictures yet😂. It was very cute when Tux the school cat came to be in the whole school photo too.

My students were absolutely vibrating after lunch so we went outside and played tag for part of our reading time. Tux was present for this too. It might have turned into chase the cat!

The rest of the day was pretty routine- McCracken Spelling, math mini book on shapes, and making flowers in art.

Not a bad work day and we sang happy birthday to one of the boys.


I got my walk home at lunch (to get more clothes on as I was freezing) and my run with the kids to count towards my mission so I now only have 12.3km to go tomorrow morning.

After school I did a workout with Lyndsay. We traded off between the rowing machine and the treadmill because only one treadmill is working right now:(. We then hit the floor for: squat thrusts, sit-ups, 45 degree shoulder raises, pull ups and lateral lunges. We did four sets of both the cardio and the floor work and then called it a day and went for a steam:). I’ve been finding that the steam really helps with my sore muscles:)


I joined my brother, sister in law and her brother and his wife and kids over at my brother’s house for birthday celebrations. I really can’t believe my nephew turned 11 today! It seems like only yesterday that he was born at 2:22 and I held him at 2:25:). I’ve said that I would take him shopping on Thursday for his gift, but I don’t think I’ll be able to top the hand-me-down phone he got!

We had pizza and snacks and they all enjoyed the ice cream cake. I ate way too much and feel like I should be going for a run, but we made do with a family walk:)

Crafting/ knitting:

My sister in law liked the bag I made her:)

I got my thirty minutes done on my rug:)

Now I’m off to bed as I can barely keep my eyes open!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Oh, ice-cream-cake… yum. Lol.
    mazing how quickly they grow-up. My nephew is also turning 11 in July. I just don’t understand how that happened so quickly.

  2. sounds like a great way to wrap up the week. hope you are enjoying your weekend

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