I had some quality time with my nephew which always makes my day?


I got up early for another run to finish the 15km mission off, but I have to admit I didn’t do much more than what was required. I ran for about fifteen minutes and it was nice to know that that was all I had to do!

I also got my squat/plank/push-up challenge done tonight after missing yesterday. I did 1 minute plank, 105 squats which I split between plié and regular and 24 push-ups.

I also got a Lyndsay workout done. It was a nice surprise as when I turned to it, I saw it was 20 second/ 10 second tabatas. It almost felt like a holiday:). There seemed to be a lot of arms in it!

Now I’m just waiting to hear if I’m working out in the morning or after school tomorrow.


Wow my class was all there today; that definitely doesn’t happen often! It was a pretty normal day of learning about setting using the story “The Three Little Pigs”, learned about the corners, faces and vertices on 3D objects and then observed our tree in Spring this afternoon. I was really impressed that the children took their time to draw the tree this time and the results were much better!

I spent my lunch hour at the teacher supply store buying art supplies. It was not my favorite way to spend the 40 minutes, though wow I can spend money fast!


After school I picked my nephew up to take him shopping for his birthday present as I hadn’t known what to get him. I wanted to just buy him books, but that wasn’t allowed so we compromised on the next two Squish books and a bow and arrow set. At least he’ll be outside getting some exercise!

I also picked up my niece’s birthday present and something more for my sister in law.

We stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner. If this is what he eats at 11, I’m not going to even try to feed him at 16!!!

He ate the wings and pepper one bacon pizza.

I ate the carrots and celery along with a green pepper, Mushroom, black olive and shrimp pizza on a gf crust and with no dairy.

We were both stuffed!

It just struck me the difference between what he eats and what I eat🤣


I did about an hour on my rug this evening, though as I was doing it, I figured out it takes about five hours to do one square.

Well I need to go find buttons for my Mother’s Day cards tomorrow. My nephew gave me a great idea!

Have fun!


44 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping

  1. Just you wait, the pizza and wings is just an appetizer for a 15 year old boy:)
    Sounds like you had a really nice day! Having all your students is impressive. With little kids it always seems like one or two are sick.

    1. Oh I know! I remember the $500 a week grocery bill from when my brothers were young!😳
      It is nice to not have to repeat anything:)

  2. shopping and pizza, sounds like a great time with your nephew. But, my actual first response to your post was… how do you have a 40 min lunch as a teacher? We were lucky to have 20. But, you teach your kids special area subjects, so I’m guessing you get extra time at lunch in leu of a planning time?

    1. Lol nope I teach my kids everything except computers, library and music. It really isn’t ever the full forty minutes as grade ones don’t move that fast, but that’s what I’m supposed to get. Did you get out early that you only got 20 minutes or have an afternoon recess too? We have 15 minute break and 40 minute lunch and go from 8:50-2:55

      1. we did our our recess duty too. we had 22 min for lunch (and with K or 1st grade it never was the full time for the teachers) and then we got a 40 min planning period during special area each day (art, music or pe for the last school I taught at. the boys have art, music, gym, keyboarding, and world language) So I guess it works out about the same just flipped with your 15 min break

      2. Aww there’s the difference- we get 100 minutes of prep per week so it’s only three times a week. I would love a shorter lunch and prep each day!

    1. Lol it’s insane! It used to be great for getting rid of all my baking disasters though as I could leave anything on the counter and it was fine by morning!

      1. 🤣 I keep trying to get him to run with me, but he won’t:( Thankfully he does play lacrosse.

  3. That bacon pizza looks delicious and I had to resort to Google to find out what “vertices” were. Glad you and your nephew had time to bond a bit for his birthday. 🙂

      1. Maybe even all weekend AJ. I wonder how we ever existed before Google sometimes. I know we would not have walked over to an encyclopedia or even the dictionary to look up a word to see the meaning – it is nice to have resources just a click a way. One of my favorite places to go on the internet, and I should go there more often is http://www.refdesk.com. I could get immersed there for hours and never leave!

      2. I agree, I’m on there at least 10X a day, and just for general use. In fact I just made a comment to you to ask if you saw today’s Google Doodle – the children’s artwork.

      3. Glad you saw it – I have a childhood drawing I found in the scrapbook when I digitized my scrapbooks and albums this year – I’ll find a way to work it into a blog some day … love how kids color and make stick people. 🙂

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