Knit night really does do me in! I fell asleep immediately:(


We spent almost all of the day creating our Mother’s Day cards and gif wrapping. I got the idea from my nephew as he was making this card, but maybe I should have kept in mind that he’s in grade five, not grade one! On the other hand I was super impressed with what they created!

The only other thing we accomplished was a pre-test for our subtraction drills!


I met up with Lyndsay after school for a workout. I combined my walk home with my walk over and ended up with a few minutes to sit in the sunshine:) I love working out with her because she always pushes me to do more than I think I can! We did intervals alternating between the bike and the treadmill- boy was that tough! I obviously need to spend more time on a bike! We then hit the floor- three sets of everything-8,10,12 reps. We did tricep extensions two different ways, goblet squats, get ups, v ups, and lunge and press. I thought we were done and she pulled out one more set!

At least I got rewarded with a quick steam. We unfortunately had an annoying guy in the gym- banging weights, talking on his phone, talking to himself, and another annoying guy in the steam room! Grrrr!


I ran around tidying when I got home from my workout as I only had twenty minutes until knit night started. It’s amazing how much you can do in twenty minutes (and how often I waste that amount of time too!). I finished my rug square for the week, got caught up on my temperature scarf (which is actually starting to look nice as it kind of goes in bands of colors), and managed to knit two rows on the tabard and have to rip them out. I guess I better save that project for when I’m not visiting.


We started watching The Queen with Helen Mirren. So far there have been some funny parts and it’s been interesting. I just find myself keep thinking, “what does the royal family think of this movie?” I really like Helen Mirren in it though.

Well that was my whole day!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. That is impressive project for first graders! Such cute gifts and I love the sayings. I’m sure their mothers will be surprised and delighted! Thanks for sharing your day 🙂 – Neek

    1. It’s funny how much harder they work once they know something is for their mom- so cute!
      Yup get two days to knit now:)

    1. Oh you’re lucky- the kids always want to show their faces but they’re learning that I’m not allowed to:)

  2. the cards and wrapping came out cute. sounds like you had a productive day all around

  3. The kids looked enthusiastic about their Mother’s Day presents – those are the keepers that moms will hang on their fridge or place in scrapbooks forever … and probably already have exhibited on Facebook as well.

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