It was a lovely day!


So yesterday when we were working out Lyndsay’s babysitter had cancelled on her. I volunteered to be at her place for 6:30 this morning so she could go do her second job. It really wasn’t tough as Brady slept until 7am and then we played Go Pup (the paw patrol version of Go Fish). Her stepson showed up at 8am so I could leave instead of taking Brady to the gym. It wasn’t a bad way to start the day:). Had the company of Emmy the crazy cat!


I headed out to meet Sarah for a trail run. Of course, I forgot to wear my new trail shoes:(. We had a great double loop through Bert Flynn Park. A few weeks away and I had forgotten how hilly that park is!! Kyla did circles around us and still looked cute!

I followed this up with a quick run around the high school block to add a bit of time to get to fifty minutes of running this morning.


I admit to having a one hour nap when I got home to make up for the early morning. I then went and had a pedicure, brows and eyelashes done. It was lovely as I go to a friend for these so we got a visit in too. Glad my feet are no longer embarrassing!


This afternoon I headed downtown to meet up with a close friend for the afternoon. We headed to Granville Island for the Smashart festival. There were a ton of new murals

Plus a beer garden and food trucks! We didn’t partake as I already had plans for dinner, but I have to admit I was pretty excited to see Hello Sweets!

All of their ice cream is plant based and I could have had a cherry cola float!!! Alas, I was good…

We wandered around looking at stores. I really loved a lot of things that were in this store:

But they seriously need a sale section!! Everything was just so expensive! They had a neat book about the bad girls in history and another- a diary with a Jane Austen quote for each day. I also saw gorgeous thank you cards I wanted to get for my SIL because they said Merci and she is a French immersion teacher who is really good about sending thank you cards, but they were all way too expensive:(

We lined up for an Aquabus to take us over to the Main Street area to where we had dinner plans. There was great people watching from the lineup!


When I had been talking to my co-teacher about how I was going downtown today, a parent had suggested a vegan restaurant to try- Virtuous Pie.

It was doable so Emily and I headed there for dinner. It was so good. I had no worries about my dairy allergy and everything could be made gluten free too so it was like Christmas. I got what the parent had recommended which was the Stranger Wings pizza and I had a cider along with it.

It was spicy buffalo cauliflower bites, crisp shallots, vegan blue cheese drizzle and shallots. It was amazing! I ate half and brought the other half home because I wanted to have some of their ice cream for dessert.

I had the peanut butter cookie dough ice cream and it was so yummy and delicious! If we hadn’t been walking, I would have bought a pint!

Overall it was an absolutely awesome day and now I’m going to finish it with some knitting and a Hallmark movie:)

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Sunshine and the Living is Good:)

  1. Go Pup sounds like a pretty good way to start off the day! Man you just reminded me that I need to get my eyebrows done. I’ll have to go this week at some point!

  2. What a wonderful place for you to go for dinner, especially after some of those recent dining disappointments! I think it’s time I raided Girl #2’s stash and give myself a pedicure, not that my toes see the light of day very often.๐Ÿ˜†

  3. looks like you had a great day. you must love when people actually give suggestions of places you can eat at with more than a tiny menu options.

  4. Delicious-looking pizza and ice cream. I like that nail color; it’s very Spring-y looking. I’ve never seen an aqua bus and it looked like fun. You do have the most-interesting days and nights.

    1. The pizza and ice cream were wonderful!!!
      I saw my SILโ€™s with bright pink toes and liked them- seems appropriate for summer!
      The aquabus is fun I guess, just look at it as transportation around here:)

      1. It sure is different – I think they wanted to try that on the Detroit River to get from one entertainment venue to another, but the idea is brought up by the Port Authority but never seems to gain traction. Now they have expanded the River Walk as a kind of cement boardwalk it likely never will happen.

        Yes, that is a festive color. I need to do that as well. My poor feet get abused from all the walking, but you run and that would be harder on your feet I should think. Ah – my feet have been around longer than your feet. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Lol my feet do take a beating every day so it was nice they finally got some pampering as I never do that for them. You should totally get a pedicure- so decadent:)

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