A day of meetings:(


I had to do 5km for my Squad Runner mission today and figured since I didn’t actually have to teach today that I could get it done before work. It was a spectacular morning for a run and the 5km actually went by quite quickly!

I find it amazing how many more people are out for a run at 6am now than we’re in January🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well, honestly, no I’m not amazed, most people aren’t as crazy as me!

I also got my plank of 2 minutes done and my 27 push-ups:)

A Lyndsay workout was necessary as well today. This was an interesting one where I had to skip for 30 seconds and increase by 15 seconds each rep (5 times) and do 10 jump squats and increase those by 5 each rep.

I then had to do weights- mountain climbers, squats, rows, high knees, shoulder press, push-ups, plank leg lifts and hip bridges.

Then it was back to the skipping and jump squats by working down from 1:30 skipping and 30 jump squats. It was only 27 minutes, but it was intense:(

I was supposed to do another 40 minute run this evening but it turned into a walk.


I so dislike sitting in meetings all day! I sometimes wish they would just take away ProD days. I have to admit I was slightly cheeky when I was getting dressed for work this morning and put this on:I wasn’t actually late thankfully:) This was the principal one where we make decisions for next year. At least I managed to put the sitting time to good use and got the parent drivers organized for the track meet and got all the labels made for the student’s events.

We got to meet our new principal today and the first impression wasn’t bad- much quieter and more serious than the principal I have now. I’ll wait to see how it goes in September as I wouldn’t want anyone judging me before getting to know me (even though I realize this is human).

I helped Lyndsay out after our meetings making a poster for her son’s lacrosse team. I have to say that no lacrosse team poster has probably ever gotten that much attention before! That’s what happens when you turn two teachers loose🤣


I took the raspberry rhubarb brownies to work today and it seemed like most people liked them. I really don’t know why I Bake for my colleagues when they never have anything good to say about gluten free food:( oh well, I guess I do it because I get enjoyment out of the act of baking and that way I don’t eat it all. I’m glad I took something as there was just fruit and bagels otherwise and fruit wouldn’t have been a very filling recess snack for me!

As a staff we had ordered Greek food for lunch and mine was guaranteed to be gluten free and dairy free, well… it wasn’t. I had no feta, no tzatziki, no flatbread, and even without these things within the hour I was sick and lying down😏🙁

I just shouldn’t try to eat out, but I so love trying new things. Think I might need to limit myself to just trying things at vegan, gluten free restaurants as I’m getting tired of feeling this horrible!


I got a ton done on my rug today as I again worked on it as I watched a movie . I might actually get this square done early this week:)


I watched the Hallmark movie, Moonlight in Vermont this evening. It was better than some of the movies in that I always like it when the characters bicker. It didn’t hurt that I also enjoyed the secondary storyline of the brother and friend. The only things I would complain about was the lack of information about the decision at the end- it came out of nowhere!!!

So, if anyone knows of any “good” Hallmark movies that aren’t Christmas themed, please let me know in the comments:). I’m on the search for some new ones!

Well I’m off to work on my sweater knitting for a bit before bed.

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “A Little Cheeky

  1. What are some of the symptoms to feel after eating out? I am becoming more aware of things lately and I wonder if it is gluten or dairy related.

    1. Some of my symptoms are: vomiting, itchiness, lips burning and tight, headache, oh and gas, bloating, cramps and lethargy

  2. I always hate meeting days, such a waste of time. if I have to be at work without kiddos let me work in my classroom at least.

    if you are like me then you bake because it is cheaper than therapy.

  3. 😂😂 I need that shirt AJ. 😂😂

    That’s terrible that gluten and dairy mess you up so badly. I have all sorts of food allergies but I’m not disciplined like you. I eat it and suffer. 😔

    I haven’t watched a Hallmark movie in a while. I need to though since they are generally light and sweet. 😊

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