It was a day when everything seemed to change at the last moment!


I got up and out the door before I had the chance to think about it! I told myself I just needed to do 3km and then I’d do the rest after school. Thankfully I kept going once I was out there are did 5km so the mission got finished. I wasn’t anywhere near as fast as yesterday, which is odd because today was perfect running weather- nice and cool!!😀

It turned out nicer this afternoon, but I didn’t get any more exercise done:(


It was a rather busy day at work. This morning we did our regular weekly planning. I then talked a colleague down as she was upset over an email another annoying colleague had sent. I just shook my head at the email because that’s what he’s like:(. We had a test this morning!! Lol not really, but I told my students it was one. We pulled the desks apart and they had to do a cut and paste of solids, liquids and gases so I could figure out who understands. They did so well and took it so seriously🤣

We then got our last geometry work done and the geometry assessment got finished:) ✅. The students are excited that we don’t have much left but fun stuff in math, science and socials.

At lunch we had the behavior expectation talk with all the track meet attendees. We were handing out the jerseys today and we ran out!!!😟. We have never been twenty jerseys short before and I couldn’t find them anywhere. The other teacher who continued to help me look after school found them in a plastic bag under some other jerseys. I swear I looked there! Obviously I wasn’t seeing clearly:(

At lunch staff were asking what time the monthly assembly was as I had said it was 1:30, but my principal said 1pm. Here I’m the one organizing and I didn’t even know when it was going to start:(. We got through the assembly well and then cleaned up and played outside.

After school I ran around like a crazy person gathering everything we’ll need for the track meet tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve got it all! And yes mom, I stopped at the store and got oranges and bananas:)


I’m in need of some new healthy recipes if anyone has an easy one they want to share:) I already know I want to try Maureen’s buffalo style cauliflower bites, but I can’t eat that every day🤣

Knit Night:

I got home much later than I expected as I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have any art planned for tomorrow. Thank goodness for keeping previous samples!

I ran around tidying when I got in the door, but still managed to get my temperature scarf updated before Brenda arrived. It has a mistake in it somewhere though as I see it’s going ribbed instead of moss stitch right now:( I can’t decide if I’m going to go back and fix it or just hope no one notices because of all the colour changes.

I got a half hour on my rug done tonight and actually just have 18 rows left in the square for this week:)

I spent most of my time working on my multi colored sparkle top. I got to the point where I’ve casted off for the sleeves and am just working the body. I’m using only one strand of yarn and have gone down an entire needle size, but I think it’s still going to be too big:(.

Well I’m going to bed as I’m going to need all the rest I can get for tomorrow! Well actually I need to compile a list of the Hallmark movies I want to see, but then I’ll sleep:)

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Obviously Not Seeing Clearly

  1. I hate days where I feel like I’m swimming up hill and don’t know why. Glad you got thing settled out. hope you have a great Friday

  2. Hey AJ, how’ve you been? Your search for the jerseys reminds of this book I read by Cecelia Ahern. A Place Called Here. I often think of it when I keep looking for something, and then a while later, bam! I find it where I thought I had looked. I am convinced, there must be a place called Here 😉 xx

      1. Oh I’d love to spend a weekend in NYC!!! So much to see and explore:)
        We had our long weekend last weekend, so this one is just a normal one full of chores and errands

      2. I hope you have a great week too! I think those are the best parts because we have no expectations that they need to live up to

  3. Tomorrow the Track Meet will be history, so celebrate with a great tea or treat or someone! Now for healthy eating, today for lunch I am having spinach with a hard boiled egg, bacon and strawberries. There is some funky Asian sauce in the fridge that is spicy and sweet, so I’m going to use some of that. Carrots on the side, and maybe a Rosemary muffin if I am still hungry. Maybe that gives you some ideas?

  4. The Canadian school system is so advanced to the USA’s school system. We didn’t learn geometry until 10th grade (and I still don’t understand it). 🙂

    1. Lol my students did really well, but at this age it’s just distinguishing between 2D and 3D objects and figuring out what 2D shape is the basis for a 3D object

  5. I have a feeling the track meet will turn out great. Hope you’ll try to have fun! 🙂
    As for things suddenly and mysteriously vanishing and reappearing later in the same place, that happens to me all the time, especially with my knitting / stitching supplies. Like someone else pointed out earlier, I’m sure there’s a magical place that these things go away to. 😀

    1. The track meet was awesome!! I did have fun, though it wore me out:)
      Yes there is definitely a place called here in my condo!!!!

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