It was a day of one nice thing after another:)


I’m not a huge garage sale person, but I do two a year, both are city wide garage sales so I make multiple stops with my co teacher Liane. I get to plan the route and she drives. This morning we made 31 stops which is a record for both of us. We both felt that it wasn’t amazing this time, but I still managed to spend $7.25:)

This seems to be my year for pictures! Last year it was purses, so maybe it will change every year. The toys for my prize bag at work and the plant were free.

I got home just in time for a woman to pick up some pots I had sold for $8, so I’m actually ahead for the day🤣


I then headed up to the local university to meet up with my friend Anna and her two boys. I love my time with her and the boys. We went for a walk and played at the park and in the forest and just generally enjoyed ourselves:)


I finished another Book this afternoon; Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Kait Nolan.

It tells the story of Miranda and Ethan. She’s the doctor who has returned to her hometown and he’s the city Marshall who is slowing down as Wishful’s new police chief.

Wishful does seem to suddenly have a lot more problems in it, but overall I enjoyed the book. The main characters accept their interest in each other right from the start so it is external problems that they are battling, though their polar opposite outlooks on life also plays a part. The characters are strong and interesting while the secondary town characters add interest. This is a great read for someone who enjoys small town romance, opposites attract or law enforcement stories. Thank you to Kari Nolan for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I’m now starting on my next review for NetGalley, though I also need to track down my Bookclub book for this month and get it done!


I finished my weekly rug square last night so tonight I get to knit. I’m laughing at myself as I go though! I love details on my clothing, but now that I’ve gotten to this point of my sweater, I’m cursing the details as I don’t get any just straight knitting. Lol there’s a first world problem for you🤣

I’m happy with how the sweater is coming along though I’m not sure it’s going to fit and I’m wondering how I’m going to get it down by the end of the month so that it will count for HPKCHC!

Well I’m off to knit and watch movies:). I’m trying not to think negatively about the fact I am home doing this on a Saturday night. I’ve been out all day, so what if I’m home at night, though a small part of me continues to think that’s a bad thing:( Ugh stop thinking AJ!!!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “All Things Good

  1. How do you stop at 31 garage sales and only spend 7 bucks?😃 I love the sound of the book and I’m going to see if I can find it! Have a great weekend AJ!❤🌝

    1. Lol I am very frugal and don’t like a lot of things around me so I’m a pretty discerning shopper. I did better than when I went to the renew it show and only spent forty cents🤣🤣

    1. So do I! I think it’s just an example of me being too worried about what other people think,🙄😏. I e thoroughly enjoyed my evening:)

    1. I love the picture too as my whole place has black and white photos.
      It was a cute book. I’ve enjoyed her series.
      Any recommendations for non Christmas Hallmark movies to watch?

      1. There’s also “very, very valentine” (that one has Danica McKellar and I like her) “cooking with love” and “Royal hearts” (for once NOT about a Prince!!… Well, not in the way that it normally is!)

  2. A city wide garage sale: great idea. I usually focus on books and little items that I wouldn’t pick up otherwise. I think you did really well. Being home alone is ok. I know what you mean though as I was home alone after mike went to a ball game with his best friend, scott. Although I had been out at the gym and running errands and I had friends I could call, I found myself getting a little depressed and antsy. A space meant for two seemed lonely with one. I can’t imagine when I went away for a year to work in the UAE: we were both so lonely and we skyped all the time.

  3. It was challenging. I was glad to go and glad to return. Skype helped and I made a few friends and visited a few new places. I also learned that teaching elementary has the same challenges overseas if not more when the children don’t speak much English.

  4. sounds like a perfect day to me. I always enjoyed my nights home doing what I wanted to do, even when I was young and single. You need to do what you want and let others think what they want.

    1. I came to that realization last night, after I wrote that. Sometimes I just need to “say” something to figure it out. I am who I am:)

  5. Nice scores garage sailing! I love it and try to stop at one every time I see one! I have scored wonderful things. Especially for our summer home.

    Glad you are getting your knitting in. My sewing has gone to the wayside since arriving at our summer home. There is always so much to do here.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. I try to limit myself to just the two days a year otherwise I may not be able to fit myself into my small condo:)
      My knitting always takes a hit at report card time:(

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