Another nice weekend day:)


I knew I had to run an hour today for the Squad Runner mission so Brenda arranged for us to run the dykes as it’s easy for me to get an hour in there. I started with a decent speed for me, but didn’t manage to maintain it the whole time. I don’t know why I’m slower on the dykes than around the inlet, maybe it’s too flat! I got 9km in so I was happy enough:). It was a gorgeous day for it!

I think my long term goals are to keep running and hopefully continue to get faster so I can do a 5km in 30 minutes and a 10km in an hour. I realize that for the majority of the population this is still slow, but it will be my challenge for a while, as my best 5km is 32 minutes right now.

My tea was definitely well deserved after that run:)


I managed to stop on my way home and pick up groceries for the week. I’m pretty impressed with myself that I bought only fruits, veggies and protein! The fruit salad is made and the eggs are hard boiled so hopefully this will set me up for a super healthy week. I’d like to make June a clean eating month for me. Track is over so that big stressor is gone. I still have report cards to do, but I bought grapes to snack on so hopefully that will do for my mindless eating while writing them!


I finished my current NetGalley book, The Dater’s Handbook today. I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

This is the story of Cass and her struggle to find her perfect guy. On the advice of a book, she begins dating two guys- Robert and George. She learns the perfect guy doesn’t always look perfect on the list.

This is a very sweet romance novel that at times made me giggle out loud. Beware it does have a lot of character thinking in it, but for some reason that didn’t bother me as much as it usually does. I have to admit, I wanted to head butt the sister Nadia about a million times! She is so clueless! However, I also wouldn’t mind dating Robert:) If you’re looking for a sweet romance this is a great one.

I actually ended up watching the movie this afternoon too. I preferred the book because you got to hear Cass’ thoughts and it seemed to make it flow better and fill in some of the clunky transitions that exist in the movie. As well, the book has an epilogue and I always like knowing what happened to the characters down the road:)

What to Do:

This afternoon I had a knock on my door. I have no idea who it was or what they wanted because I didn’t answer it, I never do. I have a problem! I can’t see out of my peephole and dragging a stool over to do so, seems weird. The person at the door would hear me and then I’d be forced to open the door, even if I didn’t want to. I’m not sure how to solve this problem. It doesn’t happen often, but it would be nice to be neighborly if it’s a neighbor wanting to borrow sugar or something.🤔


As soon as I read Maureen’s recipe for buffalo cauliflower bites I knew I wanted to try them! I bought cauliflower and Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce today and gave them a go! They were super easy and very yummy!!! I just didn’t realize I had bought such a huge cauliflower- I only ate half and am still stuffed hours later! Definitely something I will make again, though it won’t cure a chicken craving🤣


I was so happy that I was a quarter of the way done the body of my sweater last night!! Today I noticed that the pattern at the side seam was off so I tinked back a couple of rows and then saw the problem was actually about five rows before that. I figured this was the time to try it on and see if it was worth fixing, so I fed a line of yarn through the live stitches and slipped it on. Amazingly the fit is awesome (I came down to only one strand of yarn and a full size smaller of needles), but I really didn’t like what the side pattern looked like:( It’s way too open and just looks messy, so I have spent all afternoon tinking back to the underarm joining. Not quite there yet, by almost and should be done tonight. I have this much still on the underarm- do you think I can change it from here or do I need to go right back to the very beginning of the underarm?I somehow don’t think I’m going to have this sweater done by Thursday night:(. I laughed at myself that here I am planning on removing some of the details that drew me to the sweater in the first place.🤣

Well I’m going to keep tinking.

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “What To Do

      1. Yes I could and I have a fold up one in my closet that I don’t use too often so could put it there

  1. I haven’t read any of the books the hallmark movies are based on, but I definitely enjoyed that movie. I didn’t know you hadn’t seen it yet!!
    The knock at the door ALSO could have been a very polite murderer!! It could be a good thing that you didn’t answer! 😉👍

    1. I didn’t know they had books based on the movies either. I’ve read three now, but I think it’s a very new thing!
      Yup I didn’t want to open the door without knowing who it was.

  2. That’s a very successful shopping trip only picking up the clean eat staples, it shall set you up nicely for June indeed! I tried a new “healthy” cookie yesterday, it happened to be gluten free with oats and whey protein within, not too much sugar (12 grams). A macadamia nut “Oatmega” cookie..pretty good!

    You should set up a submarine style periscope to see who’s knocking at the door. Walk up to the door, then dramatically pan left to right, slowly stopping on the uninvited guest lol 🙂

    1. My workouts keep me sane and somewhat patient LOL. Yes I would never just open my door and thankfully knocks don’t come often as I’m in a locked building.

  3. The colors on that sweater are amazing–can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! I’m also loving my “Ring” doorbell. I can see who is at the door and if I don’t want to answer, I don’t have to–all from my phone.

      1. It’s a doorbell and it’s on my blog–under the title “You Can Ring My Bell”–it’s a few posts down. It works with an app on your phone and when someone rings the bell, your phone is called and you can see who it is and talk to them–if you want–all from any part of your house–or at work, the store, etc.

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