My co teacher makes all the difference!


I got up this morning and did a run to finish up my mission. I only had to do 3.5km, but managed to squeak out 3.9km before it was time to get ready for work.

After the staff treats again today, I decided I shouldn’t skip this mission and went out and did another 7km this evening. My later run was better which is usual for me, but both were beautiful.

I was beating myself up a little bit because Squad Runner shows that my speed is slower this month than it has been the past two months, but then I realized that I’ve been using my walk home from work for some of the multi day missions, so of course it would be slower🤦🏼‍♀️


I had the chance this morning to sit down quietly with my co-teacher and discuss the class placements. We managed to hash out the placements we weren’t happy with and both walked away feeling much better about the classes for next year. We also took pictures of the boards as we feel like the classes changed this year without our input. It drives me nuts that other people think they know my students so well and yet I’m the one who spends over a thousand hours with them!!!!

My day was pretty good, though my students seemed particularly huggy today! Thankfully a parent had sent me an email explaining her son had an off night last night. That always makes such a difference as then I know something is up and I’m just that little bit more patient with him.


Lately, I’ve been enjoying a change from just plain tap water.

There are many flavors of Perrier, but I’ve been really enjoying the pink grapefruit and the strawberry. It’s fizzy and has taste, but isn’t sweet:)

Well I’m off to knit like crazy on my sweater!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Feeling Better

      1. I’m terrible AJ….I am still on Around the World *cue face palm* so if you want to keep going with whatever suits your fancy and then I can let you know when I’m ready to start another one?

    1. Yes it does! It really helps to know when something is up with a child- cane explain a lot of the issues that come up during the day

      1. OK, thank you for sharing this, cause I never give such information… thought “who cares?” now I know it’s a help 🙂

      2. Yes it definitely makes me a more patient teacher with that kid that day, as well, I’ll try my best to spend a little extra time with him or her and ensure they have a good day

  1. sitting down with a co-worker who gets it is always a benefit at this time of the year. I agree that when dealing with young kiddos preK, K, 1st, and 2nd grades it is extremely helpful for the teacher to know when the kids had an off night or morning, I think parents assume that the day changes as soon as they leave the house. it doesn’t

    1. Nope I can usually tell immediately who is off, but it really does help to know if they had something upsetting happen or if something is happening at home that can be worrying them!

  2. I can’t tell if that pictures is of a sunrise or a sunset but it’s so pretty!! I don’t think I’ve ever tried that brand of seltzer so maybe I’ll pick it up to try out. Although I do love the brand Vintage so I’m not sure if I can branch out!

    1. It’s the sunrise yesterday morning when I was out on my run.
      I’ve never even heard of Vintage, but Perrier is enjoyable, definitely worth the try:)
      Glad to hear from you, I was getting worried that something g happened to you on your road trip.

      1. It’s so pretty!! It probably made the morning run that much better.
        Aw you’re so sweet AJ! I honestly was barely on my phone or computer over the weekend and trying to soak up family time. Then a stomach bug hit me so I was out of commission since Monday.

      2. I’m glad to hear you had a good visit with your family! I didn’t expect any posts while you were with them- way more important to be present:). Sorry to hear about the stomach bug:(

      3. Yes exactly!! I definitely want to get slightly better about checkins when traveling though. It’s okay. I’m just glad it happened after instead of during so I wasn’t stuck on the couch/in bed the whole time

      4. For sure- always better to be sick at home! I can never figure out when to do checkins as I don’t want to miss anything!

      5. Oh definitely…it would have been much better to have gotten sick once we got back to New Jersey instead of the car ride back but what can you do about it. Exactly! Plus since most of the family was home, drinks were involved at dinner so I was like eh maybe not the best time to check in and then I was so tired in the mornings so I didn’t.

      6. Awww the car ride- that’s the worst when you can’t just curl up in your own bed right away:(
        I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t figure out a good time to check in. I read other posts trying to figure out when others do it but with automatic publishing you can’t tell🤣

      7. At first I told Alex I just wanted to get home to our place so I could be in an environment I knew. But after the third time we had to stop I was like I just want a bed. Bless his heart for dealing with me complaining for at least an hour but definitely more than that ❤

        I always post my posts at 8 am EST since it works but when I'm up late and then naturally wake up early I'm just not in the mood to type up a post.

      8. Awww what a great guy!
        Ya I do my posts at 9pmPST which works except for when I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open and when I’m away I’m usually still doing things then.

    1. That would be great! I wanted to read Howard’s End, but LibriVox doesn’t seem to have it. I’m open to anything:)

    1. No it makes us aware so we can attribute odd behaviors to something other than just misbehaving, etc. I had a little girl who suddenly started calling out all the time and when I talked to mom I found out her grandma had been diagnosed with incurable cancer- the new behavior suddenly made a lot of sense. Teachers can be even better when they have the information they need:)

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