What a day! Well at least it went really fast!


I woke up this morning and did some knitting on my sweater and then did some more at lunch and some more tonight. I am within 5cm of finishing!!!! I hope I can get it done before tomorrow night! I’ve never been this down to the wire before!


I didn’t actually teach anything today. We had workout Wednesday which was suddenly moved inside when the grandmother of one of our students fell down the stairs. She ended up only breaking a finger, but what a horrible way to start the day!

We then had family group activity where children work in mixed age groups. Today we were making the cards that will be given to parents for parent appreciation.

After lunch the students went with the principal and teachers had collaboration. We got all our assigned tasks done in ten minutes so my co-teacher and I managed to get a report card written:). What can I say? I’m super efficient 🤣. It helped that a certain argumentative teacher wasn’t present today.

After school I wrote three more report cards so I’m done 9 of 22 so far. It’s a start:)

It sure takes a lot of paper to write a report card😣😳😖. My desk is usually absolutely clear!


Well after working out with the children this morning, I then worked out with Lyndsay after school. She did something new! It’s always scary when she uses that evil laugh! We started with a pyramid workout- one minute of cardio and then 25 pulse squats, one minute cardio and then 20 plank squats and 20 pulse squats, etc as we moved through jump squats, squats, jumping lunges. We then did five tabatas which were:


Lateral raises/ front raises

1/2 get ups/ bicycles

Plank jacks/ slider hamstring curls

Fire hydrants/ bridges

Then we did another round of the pyramid workout but worked up the pyramid this time instead of down.

I was definitely sweaty, but it went fast as we were always changing.

I was supposed to run 6km this evening for the Squad Runner mission, but after that workout and with my knee already sore, there was no way! I ended up walking the 6km, though I really wanted to be running!

It was a beautiful night though!

Well, I’m off to bed so I’ll be nice and patient tomorrow:)

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “No Teaching

  1. I hate when I look at my desk and it’s messy! I feel like once I realize it’s a mess then it makes me head a mess so I have to clean it before I can go back to work haha. That may sound silly but it’s true for me 🙂

    You had a crazy workout so you totally enjoyed a relaxing 6km walk!

    1. Yes I can’t have a messy desk either! Amazingly that is just all the work samples and assessment I look at in the picture, but I put it all away into a pile so that my desk is tidy for the day!

    1. It drives me nuts as up until this year we had a nice checklist report card with a few paragraphs about the important things that parents and teachers loved! It was easy to see how a child was doing. These new report cards are horrible- don’t even know what they mean:(

  2. I hated all the data that needed to be considered for report cards. such a pain. I typically would make a spreadsheet with the data from all the kids then start report cards with the spreadsheet so everything was in one place

    1. Oh that’s a good one. I find with the really little guys, everything is about looking at their work, there’s nothing numerical.

      1. even when I taught kindergarten I’d go through stuff a week or two before and start the spreadsheets with my own coding for ability levels on stuff. you make it work

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