Sorry there was no post last night, I was knitting!


The day went fine with my children. We actually got four report cards written last night instead of just the three that were on the schedule.  We did however have some bad news -our secretary is retiring:(  She is an amazing woman and runs our school so well!  I’m happy for her, but don’t really know how we’re going to survive September!


It turned out to be a rest day.


I was crazy busy last night running around. I stopped at the dollar store to get cards, tissue paper and gift bags. What did I do before there were dollar stores for these things?  I love getting a card for $2 rather than spending the $6-$8 they want at the card store!  I then ran to one of my bookclub members to grab the next book club book. I couldn’t find it at  any of the local libraries, but she had gotten it from hers.  When I looked online the Kindle edition was $15! For that much, I want a real book!


I went home to knit madly as I thought I had a chance of finishing because I was on the bottom band of the sweater.  Well I had used the 3X method to save enough yarn for the final cast off. Then I noticed I had to do a row of purl before that so I set aside that yarn too.  I got three quarters of the way through the purl row when I realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn so I had to tink back the purl row and the row before that. I did that and got to the last thirty rows of my cast off when I ran out of yarn. Thankfully I had the same yarn without the sparkle, so I grabbed it and used a little to finish the last thirty stitches of cast of.

It felt great to finish up and I did get the project created on Ravelry and the sweater entered into a class for HPKCHC!  I will have to go back later to add details to the project page.

At this point, I had to go to sleep!

Well, I’ll be back later to tell you about today.

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Knitting with a Deadline

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about the upcoming retirement at your school. No matter who they get in next, it cannot compare to the wealth of knowledge she is a repository for that she’s gained over the years. But-the next person will learn.

    I think a perfect reason to not post is because you are too busy knitting. Love the colors in that top!

  2. I am glad you had some rest. I needed rest today as my hip was hurting after my work out yesterday. I love the dollar store and when I was teaching elementary, I would fill up there for my treasure chest. Great bargains, and I buy my cheapest tuna for the cat there. I am the same way about money. I went to have my favorite sandals from the UAE repaired and he wanted $15. I thought that was a lot for a repair and left. They were very expensive at the time and have lasted since I bought them almost 7 years ago. I won’t state what I paid but it was over $70 and they are wonderful walking and exercise shoes. I might break down if I am able to and have them stiched again but maybe I will just peruse the shelves of the local stores a little.

  3. Your sweater is lovely! The yarn is so pretty and will go with so many things:)
    Sorry to hear your secretary is retiring! They really are the secret to a well run school. I hope her replacement catches on quickly and you come to value him/her just as much.

  4. The yarn on your sweater is adorable! The colors work together so well.

    Hopefully your secretary’s replacement will help to run the school just as well once he/she gets the hang of everything.

  5. secretaries and custodians aren’t allowed to leave the school. things just won’t work as smoothly.
    the sweater turned out great. glad you were able to make it work with the yarn you had

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