A day of nothing exciting, but with wonderful people, can be an amazing day!


I stayed in bed until 7:30 this morning which was lovely. My face was cold when I woke up, but it was nice and warm upstairs as my SIL has put the heat on🎉. My brother is always hot and so keeps the house cool, I wish that was me!!

I walked around a local community golf course with my brother, nephew, sister in law and her sister and of course the two dogs. I think we wore her out!

It was a lovely walk and knocked a few more kilometers off my mission for the weekend:)


We spent most of the time just hanging around together, chatting while the kids played.My brother had texted me that we were going to a garden party today, but unfortunately when we showed up, we found out it is actually tomorrow🤣. We went home and had our own garden party which was lovely! This trip was informative though as I wore my new sweater that I finished Thursday night and it was great!!! I wonder why my sweaters this year have been more successful than my sweaters in the past? We also stopped by where my brother works and it’s such a beautiful setting!


I am now working on my rug as I won’t allow myself to start any knitting projects until I have completed my weekly rug square.

Back to stitching I go!

Have fun!



24 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. Better a day early than a day late lol! Makes me think of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” epsisode where Larry and Cheryl show up the Danson’s the day after the party on purpose (as his alibi for purposefully missing it the day before). He tries in on Funkhouser too, and both times it leads to more grief for him lol.

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