After a late night, it was tough to get going!


After getting home at midnight last night, getting up for my 8am run was a little tough. I did it though and was glad I had as Dennis was there to run with me today. It’s always a challenge for me as his “slow” is still fast for me, but I survived and wasn’t too far behind him. I had added on at the far end to get as much of the 12.5km I needed done as possible, but he paid me back by adding on at the other end🤣. We managed 6.32km:) It was a great run through the forest along the river, though it looked like it had snowed because there was so much cottonwood seed on the ground. I feel so bad for people who are allergic to this!

After a lovely (and free) tea, and some grocery shopping I went back out for the other 5.98km I needed to do. I wasn’t sure how it would go with running again so soon, but it appears my body can handle it. I ticked off another 6.2km:)

With the mission done, I felt just fine sitting on my couch, but then the new week of missions came out and I decided that instead of missing the Monday mission of 50 minutes in one shot, I would go out and walk it. So I did that this evening once it stopped raining:)

It rained all afternoon and the woods greened up and grew immediately, it seems🤣😛

Exercise is definitely complete for the day!


I wasn’t allowed to do any knitting until I finished my rug square for the week so this is what I worked on for most of the day, around my nap. I did finish at 8:45pm so I am still on track🎊🎉


I’ve been watching movies as I’ve been working on my rug. I watched Bridget Jones’ Diary. I love this movie and have the first two, but I really need to get the third that made me laugh harder than I ever have at any movie!

I also watched Burlesque. Maybe it’s just me, but these movies always inspire me to exercise as those women must work so hard to stay in that shape!


I spent quite a bit of time reading today too, but didn’t quite finish the book yet so the review will have to wait for tomorrow.


My sister in law was saying that she is doing a 21 Day Challenge with a friend where she has to name three things she is grateful for each day. I like this idea as it has you end the day on a positive thought so I’ll try it out:)

I’m grateful for:

1. My running buddies- they keep me going, challenge me to do more than I think I can, cheer me on and encourage me, and make me laugh. They’re an awesome group!

2. Diet gingerale for when I eat the wrong thing!

3. My healthy body that does more than I think it will be able to:)

Well I’m off to try and finish my book!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Still Ticking

    1. For sure! I always end the day with my students asking them what was good that day so it seems like I should too.

  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love being able to watch movies while also doing something productive. Then I don’t feel guilty for sitting on the couch for hours at a time haha.

    I love the three things you shared that you’re grateful for! We can all take advantage of our healthy body majority of the time.

    1. Yup I also love entertainment while being productive. I really should have been reading my Bookclub book though!
      Yes I think it will make a nice ending to the day to think about what’s good. I do that with my students each day so it seems right that I should do it too.

      1. I get that feeling sometimes when I’m debating between reading or watching tv. Sometimes tv just wins because we need a break!
        That’s awesome you do it with your students too!

  2. sounds like you had a productive and active day. it’s always a great thing to look at your graditutes at the end of each day

  3. I am tired from reading about all your moving!! LOL. I get 3 miles on a stationary bike and I am happy, and not at all in top physical condition. But with a hip replacement I am not allowed to run, not that I enjoy it anyway. LOL!

  4. Love the grateful challenge. I take it another step each therapy group I have my clients write down one thing they are grateful for and put it in a jar. Then we randomly read one at the start of each session. The excercise really brings home the idea that life is about the little things…

    1. I did that for a couple of years when I wrote down each good thing that happened and put it in a jar and read it on New Years Eve.

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