Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I went with my friend Michelle to a football game. It was a lot of fun to be out at a sporting event with a friend:)


This morning I had to get up early for my run. It was a tough run, my legs and arms were sore and it took me a long time to figure out that it must have been my workout with Lyndsay yesterday that did me in. She put me on the spin bike and I literally had a puddle on the floor below me! Wow does that work different muscles than running and I obviously need to do it more often!I managed to get the 5km done, but I’m not sure I’ve run that slow in many years!

I also got a walk in this evening to try and start on the 90 minute mission for tomorrow as my friend already told me she’s not walking for that long. It’s been crazy weather here all day, but I managed to get out in a dry spot:)

I also did day 9 of the plank/push-up/squat challenge as I am hoping to get all the way through it this time. My friend’s abs are amazingly hard from this challenge. Well perhaps they were already hard before, I only poked her in the stomach after the challenge, not before🤪


I spent most of the day running errands with my mom. I tend to pile these up for when she is in town as it’s way more fun with company! We checked out IKEA for a new light for my bedroom but they didn’t have what I liked, we looked at a lighting store and two furniture shops for lights and couches but I came away no poorer. We also hit the sewing store for some elastic so my running belt will quit riding up! I wandered through Lee Valley which is always fun! I unfortunately lost my Lee Valley list as it was on my old phone. I ended up only buying the vase brushes I went for. They work awesome for cleaning my Swell water bottle!!!We hit the mall for some tech things too.


We tried out a new Vegan restaurant in town called NuLife Living Cafe. I’m sorry that I completely forgot to take pictures of the food. I had a nutty chai fog that was okay. My mom and I shared a curry tuna wrap and a taco salad. It was okay, but nothing spectacular. It was nice not to have to worry about gluten or dairy, but I think I’ll stick with my meat and fish:). While the food was okay, I definitely won’t be going back because the place was way too noisy!!! They had his horrible blender going every other minute and it was also noisy with customers too! When did it become good to have a noisy restaurant????


My mom did some alterations for me. She’s amazing at making shirts actually fit me and not look like a kid’s shirt on me. I stitched madly and furiously trying to get my rug square done this week. I have spent the week reading my Bookclub book so it’s going to be a challenge to finish!


I finished and returned my Bookclub book, Carnegie’s Maid on the way to the football game last night.

This book was not quite what I was expecting. A definite good read- not difficult and it keeps you turning the pages. What I thought would happen, didn’t happen and what I hoped would happen, didn’t, but it was still satisfying and uplifting. It definitely made me want to do more reading about the Carnegies!


I have tried two recipes for Bookclub tomorrow. The Irish soda bread was a flop as it looks very dry. I may try to make bread pudding out of it.

The other was an Irish Coffee Cake. It was super easy to make in my mixer and it looks pretty yummy:)

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if it tastes okay without the coffee in it and with almond baileys:)


I’m having a break from Hallmark movies, briefly and am watching Guys and Dolls which I found at the library the other night. I’m not a huge musical fan but there’s a few I enjoy:)

Well I have to get back to my rug!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Circle Route

  1. sounds like a fun and busy few days I too have been busy and lacking in my blogging. I need to blog today, now to find the time!

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