There was a definite lack of energy in my day!


We did our usual printing and phonics this morning. Followed it up with some art this afternoon. We finished our Father’s Day gift by making the buttons. Tomorrow we will decorate an envelope to put them all in. I was happy with how they turned out and only two children had to remake them because they didn’t listen and did them upside down.

After school my mom came up and gave me an honest review of my classroom. It needs work! Lately my house, my car and my classroom all seem to be a wreck:(. At least tonight we got a few things tidied up and better organized! I always love decluttering and organizing- maybe that’s the job I should have gotten:)


I was supposed to run this morning, but yet again I slept instead so I had to go out tonight for my 6km run. It started out slow and painful, but I got faster, though it didn’t feel that way!

At the end I ran into an old running buddy. It was nice to see her, I had forgotten how much I always enjoyed running with her!

Well I have to go read Lyndsay’s report cards as we switched today, then I can go back to sleeping, which seems to be all I do lately!

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “One Step and Another

  1. What a cute idea!! Now I want to make my dad a button for Father’s Day! (which I will put something completely embarrassing on and proceed to make him wear it around in public all day… because that’s how my dad and I roll! Ha ha!)

  2. the buttons are cute, I would have probably sent home the upside down ones, it would make for a good story. Plus the parents would get a kick out of it. Colby would be my child who would have made it upside down and then justified it saying that the father would be able to read it and it would have been right side up for him or something like that.

    1. Thank you. For the kids it’s June 28th and for me June 29th though I’m supposed to come back and clean up after that- not going to happen!

  3. Love those buttons–so cute! Alex is still in school here in the state of Washington–until Monday, but he’s released at 10:30 a.m. or so. Then, he doesn’t go back until after Labor Day. Does your school district follow a similar pattern or does your district go “year round” with some longer weeks/breaks in between? I love those summer breaks–and I’m hoping you get a well deserved one! (Though we know teachers are never really done–they’re always learning and creating interesting, enriching, and rewarding things for students to do.) Cheers!

    1. We are in until June 29th and then go back after labour day. Lol it’s about a week of holiday and then I start reading Yeager books again

      1. That’s right AJ, you did tell me that – I think tomorrow is the last day for all the schools, parochial or otherwise, and the Detroit schools have already missed many days of school this year, between the cold and snowy Winter days off and then the two days when we had the heat wave in May. We have 95 degrees coming for this Sunday.

      2. We are finally supposed to get some warm weather next week too! Our year is set and we don’t get enough snow days to ever make a difference to it

      3. I could drag out the old story that I walked to school in a foot of snow and we had no A/C in our classroom and had very hot days in May and early June sometimes, but I will refrain. 🙂 Today was the last day of school for all elementary school kids, high schools got out a few days ago I believe. Graduation is earlier and earlier – my old high school graduated last week already; we graduated on June 13th. Even our universities here, most have graduation ceremonies in early May.

      4. That seems more reasonable. I can remember getting out of elementary school much later than this. Our kids don’t return to school until after Labor Day, except the parochial schools start the last week of August. There was a movement to have the public schools go back the week before Labor Day, but it did not get too far because many people have cottages Up North or in the Upper Peninsula and it brings revenue to the stores up there and they didn’t want to lose the revenue. The kids lose so much time with being off for snow days, “cold” days, “ice” days and “heat” days, they were trying to get to the required number of school days but it fell through.

      5. Wow I can’t imagine having the school year prey to the vagaries of the weather! We have a set schedule and I have had one snow day in all the years I went to school and have taught school.

      6. I don’t remember any snow days in my day – we had a dress code in what used to be called “junior high school” … it is now known as “middle school” and I would wear pants under my dress or skirt and I think it is 1 1/3 miles each way to the school. They were side-by-side, so went that way for six years (three years for middle school; three years for high school). They closed the schools for a high wind advisory one day!

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