It was just one event after another today!


It was quite the day with one exciting thing after another! We started with workout Wednesday and that finished with me handing out the ribbons for the track meet. I was all ready to check this whole event off my list when two students came to tell me they were missing a ribbon:(. Not sure what I’m going to do about this, but I’ll have to figure out something.

After recess my students got to go to the Kindergarten room for centres while the kindergarteners came for a visit to grade one. I think next year is going to be interesting, based on what I saw today (and yes please read that in a sarcastic tone of voice). We will see what happens, but it’s always fun to see how excited they are over having desks:)

This afternoon we had our pen pals come to visit. For all of third term my students have been writing weekly to a student in a grade one class at a neighboring school. They absolutely love doing this and today they got to meet the student they have been writing to. We did a buddy survey sheet, had a snack and played with a parachute. I think what my students liked best was holding up their buddy’s name like the chauffeurs at the airport🤣

It was quite a day and was rounded off by handing in my report cards this afternoon. So glad to see them finished, now maybe I can go back to living!


It was a 35 minute, super intense workout today. There were four tabata stations: squat with medicine ball press/ reverse plank, frog jumps/ plank jacks, power jacks with shoulder press/ plank, side plank/ reverse lunge with hop. In between each tabata however there was a band circuit of squat walks forward and back, squat with alternating side leg lift and then toe touches. I think I’m going to feel my butt tomorrow!!!! It went quick though and it was nice to be able to visit a bit:)


All I’ve really wanted to do today is read my NetGalley book- Bluestone and Vine by Donna Kauffman. I am really enjoying it so far!


I finally got to some knitting this evening at knit night and finished my first project for the month. It is another Wee Speedy baby vest, but this one has a cute ruffle at the bottom, though I did plan on that ruffle being longer! It got rid of another skein from my stash though:). I really like the Wee Speedy pattern which is available for free on Ravelry. It knots up super quick and only takes one skein of chunky yarn:). I used the Bernat Softee Chunky. I wanted to put sleeves on it, but didn’t have enough yarn. Definitely a good pattern when you need a baby shower gift quickly!

The project has been entered into HPKCHC for the Charms class this month:)

Well I’m off for more reading!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. The excitement of having a desk!! When I was little, I was excited to be allowed to write in pen at school!! I got my “pen licence”. As an adult, I adopt a pencil for drafting notes. Strange!

  2. That’s so much fun that your class wrote letters all year to another class at a nearby school! Things like that are so much fun and I bet you can teach them proper letter writing and help with spelling but something tells me the students don’t realize they are learning.

    Also the baby sweater is ADORABLE!! Why are baby clothes so cute?

    1. Yes the kids are way more willing to write when it’s their penpal letter- it’s “real” writing according to them.
      I know! I think it’s the size that makes them cute:)

  3. sounds like a great day. I bet your first graders were as excited to go back into the kindergarten classroom as the kindergartners were about going to the first grade classroom. Hope your class balances out next year and they mature a bit over the summer

  4. It never fails, someone always gets confused about their awards. I had one dad a couple years ago, either he couldn’t read or wouldn’t, and it went on for months! 🙄 Wishing you a speedy resolution!

  5. The Park where I walk every day had a “meet and greet” of all the students from two elementary schools where they have been pen pals are school year. A whole lot of squealing was going on as the kids finally met each other. 🙂

  6. I liked reading about your students getting to meet their pen pals. One year, and only one, we had pen pals from a foreign country. I think I requested someone from Australia and was given an Irish girl. How I wish we could have kept up with each other or met up again on social media! I couldn’t even get college friends to write once a year.

      1. Yes my students don’t have any other options. I’d probably have to do it electronically with an older group

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