Just a normal day!


I finally had to ask my students today what would make them realize their behavior was inappropriate. We have come to the conclusion that three ticks after your name on the board and you have a detention. I’m hoping we don’t get to that as it’s also a detention for the teacher!!

We wrapped our Father’s Day gifts today. It was neat to teach the children such a simple, but necessary skill as wrapping a present. Most of them did well:)

We also practiced identifying the problem and solution in “The Three Bears”. They liked the puppet and storybook from my childhood better than the activity🤣

We also wrote about meeting our penpals yesterday.

All in all, an okay day:)

Oh and it ended with a lovely present of a box of tea from my student who’s last day is tomorrow. It was a lovely gesture and it has Lady Gray tea in it which I’ve been wanting to try!


We had our last school Bookclub for the year after school. It was all boys! I’m thinking I should go around and talk to the grade two, three and four students and if they still remember in September, we can assume they’re interested in more than just the chips.


We can’t work out after school tomorrow so Lyndsay and I went over and did the stairs on the crunch four times. I have never done that before and I just realized that 437 times four means I did 1748 stairs, and then ran back to school up the hill! No wonder my legs were shakey!!! Lol I do a lot more with a buddy:)


I have to admit I caved and watched a Hallmark movie before I came home tonight.

It was a nice movie. The girl left the boy to follow her dreams in LA. She comes home and they meet again. It’s the usual story, but I really liked the main actor and the secondary story was cute too. Definitely a happy movie and worth watching if you like Hallmark movies.


I’m almost done

But I think I’ll go finish it off in a hot bath.

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “A Good Plan

  1. One of my 8th grade teachers (who was definitely more qualified to teach 3rd grade and below…) would do the name with tick marks on the board. It ended up becoming a game for us to try and get our name up there lol. Luckily you teach young students so they’ll be afraid of detention!

  2. It is indeed the end of the school year!😉 I have no experience with detention, but I did make kids scrub the toilets at the State Fair dorms when they were late….high schoolers you know….if you detainees, I would do your best to make certain they don’t like it…the word will spread, even among the 1st graders! I remember a teacher who made the kids clean the boards…they loved it, so they kept being naughty!!!

  3. ahhh the joys of the end of the year behavior issues. hope you can curb the behaviors without giving yourself detention.

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