Oh how Sports Day has changed since I was a kid!


I started the day with a lovely, quiet run around the trail and park. I actually ran into my cousin in the park, but just shared a smile.

My calves are so tight and sore, but later I realized it was because of doing all the stairs yesterday! Oh well, obviously good for me! Glad I got this run in as that was my only exercise today.


I was supposed to get time in my classroom today while someone else took my class around, but that was nixed at 7:40. I can’t believe how angry I was about it! Oh well, I picked myself up, put a smile on my face and took the children around to the different stations. They were super awesome today behavior-wise which was a nice treat!

This afternoon we took it easy and watched Wallace and Gromit movies. I love those movies! They are great for kids and for adults and it’s the one movie where no one wants to go do something else. The women in my ring are awesome and gave me forty minutes in my room without my students so I could at least start the project I wanted to do. I got to box 20 of my library tidying before I ran out of stickers.


It way staff social tonight. It started with bowling.

Yes I was the only one there with Velcro shoes. I was really not doing great, but it was fun. I would recommend bowling for a staff party as it was casual, easy to mingle and visit, inspired lots of laughs and created a level playing field.

We then headed to Earls which was a bit chaotic. We started off with a really awkward table arrangement, so they finally moved us, and then it took forever to get our food, which explains no picture because I was starving by the time I got it.

I had discussed my gf/df options with the waitress and went with her suggestion of chicken tacos. Well, they brought one and it turned out not to be mine and then mine came out after everyone else had eaten, and wouldn’t you know it, I got sick:(. The girls at my table said I looked really ill, though I was trying to just sit quietly so I wouldn’t ruin the party. Afterwards I heard that the secretary had gotten two platters of the same thing down her end and hadn’t liked the taste of one of them- I bet you that was supposed to be mine as corn tortillas definitely taste different.

I think I’m going to go back to just having a garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing when I go out! I’ve had enough of this happening and whining about it! It’s too bad I just do love the taste of food and like to try new things. Guess I’ll have to save that for home!


I finally finished my latest book, Bluestone and Vine by Donna Kauffman last night.

This is the story of Seth and Pippa. Seth is a newly minted vintner and Pippa is a world famous folk musician. They end up together in the small town of Blue Falls Hollow, Viginia and the rest is history.
This was an excellent read. I liked how the story centred on relationships, and not just the central romantic one. These relationships are all deep, well rounded and satisfying.
While the male lead is not my type physically, he is all one could want emotionally. He is strong, reliable, and honest.
The setting of this book is another of it’s strengths. The reader quickly falls in love with the people who inhabit this town. The old widower who doles out sage advice when he says anything. The community is wonderful and makes the reader wish she was there.
Finally, I really liked how the story was realistic. There was a slow build-up even with the strong chemistry present and there were problems, but there was also communication, so you don’t get all the pointless drama, but rather a lovely story.
I would recommend this book for anyone who likes small town romance, music or a man bun:)

It has been quite the day, so I’m off to bed with a book and my itchy, burning body.

Have fun!



33 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. It’s awful. If you were my customer, I would have been mortified about the mistake that made you sick 😦 I hope you’re better soon X

  2. I hope you feel better. I wonder if the waitstaff doesn’t take for dietary restrictions seriously. Maybe explaining that you get very ill if you are served incorrectly. I also think it wouldn’t hurt to speak to management when they make a mistake. What if you went into anaphylactic shock because the server gave you the wrong meal? Your requiring them to take your situation seriously might save someone else later.

    1. I wondered about that, as I’m just lucky I’m not anaphylactic. I did speak to the manager and we discussed what could have gone wrong. I have to admit I just really wanted to get home at that point!

  3. I enjoy reading how everyone at your school works fairly well together and the children look well-behaved but you know pictures can be of the best moments! Life happens and things happen. We want that romantic cover but sometimes the reality is different but sometimes it even works out just as we planned.

    1. Actually our staff for the most part does work well together and compared to other schools I’ve worked at, the kids are well behaved, so I have it really good!

  4. I’m sorry you got sick! I’m a picky eater so when I’m in a large group, I find it easiest to stick with something simple. That way my order doesn’t get messed up. It sucks when you want to try something new but works well since I don’t get anything I don’t like. Bowling is an awesome idea for a staff party!

  5. I find once you have to change more than one item on a dish it gets screwed up. plus I’m sure that since it was a larger group there was more room for errors. sorry it didn’t workout. at least you had fun bowling

    1. Lol it’s what you get when you have kid feet! I played with the Velcro all night just to make all the teachers feel at home🤪

  6. I find once you need to change in excess of one thing on a dish it gets messed up. besides, I’m certain that since it was a bigger gathering there was more space for mistakes. sorry, it didn’t exercise. in any event, you had a great time rocking the bowling alley.


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