Wow was it hot today!!!!


I actually managed to get a TOC today for a remedy day. I was kind of surprised since they often pull them to cover illness. My TOC was great though which left me with the question, was I going to do this or that?

I ended up getting my classroom library completely tidied, the field trip materials organized for Wednesday, and my PR cards done. It sure doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it down, but I really didn’t stop much today😏

After school I got to have a long talk with a little boy in my class who has been taking things that aren’t his! Ugh he even went into my desk and took stuff. I told him that since he had hurt our classroom community he now needed to help it. He’ll be staying in to do class jobs for the next three recesses and tomorrow I’m making him return all he took and apologize. It is going to be uncomfortable for him, but hopefully just enough to make him think before he takes what is not his!

The curriculum is such a tiny part of what I do everyday!


I went this evening to buy my students year end gifts. It was so difficult to decide between these two options!

I ended up going with the first option as it is similar to what my co teacher is giving her class. I have some items at school I can add to it.


I’m only about 2/3 of the way through my book today, so no review yet on Lost In You by Jules Bennett. It’s the last book in a series I’m reading and so far, it’s not what I expected. I’ll let you know if that’s good or not once I finish!

I had a few moments at lunch to check NetGalley and I requested a few more books. It will be nice when I’m not so overwhelmed with books to read and can try out some new authors on there!

Well I’d better get reading!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “This or That?

      1. I just felt really uncomfortable my first year when my students gave me a gift and I had nothing for them. It’s pretty common practice at my school since the parents are very generous!

  1. looks like you are wrapping up a great year. I’m glad you are making your student not only fix the situation with his peers, but also do things to help out the class as a whole. Also, organizing a classroom library is more than a full days work, those things are always a pain in the neck

    1. Yes I’m hoping I’m taking the right approach with him so he’ll learn his lesson!
      Ugh that library drives me nuts some days! Now I just have to get my students to keep it tidy!

  2. I’m glad this boy was caught. Hopefully making him give things back will be embarrassing enough to make him think twice about doing it again, and not so embarrassing that he realizes he should start to learn to be more discreet about it. 😕

  3. The library looks great! That will save you a monumental blew up at the end of the year! Good work with your little thief…the only way he will stop is if he has to experience the consequences of his actions. Much better to learn that hard lesson as a 1st grader than with jail time as a teen when caught shoplifting! A page right out of “Parenting with Love and Logic!” The kids will enjoy your end of the school treat, not too much, something to celebrate the end of 1st grade!

    1. Oh no they aren’t getting it until they walk out the door at the end of the day on the last day so that will be someone else’s problem

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