It was so nice today to wake up before my alarm, feel rested and actually have time to work on my rug before school. Maybe I’m back on schedule finally or maybe it’s just the effect of summer arriving:)


With my crazy trip through the natural foods market, I have some new food products to tell you about:). The first is an apple streudel

The first cut through the pastry was a little tough and it seems a bit thick, but the taste is okay. The Apple inside is a little bland and could use some cinnamon and other spices included.

I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think I need to buy it again. Not that I needed to buy it this time either🤣

I’ve also tried a caramel cake.

It tasted good and I liked the different textures in it, but it was way too rich for me!!!! Another thing I don’t need to buy again. I find it so funny that there end up being very few products that I feel the need to try again once I’ve tried them.


It was a busy day. We wrote about our field trip yesterday. It will be our last hallway writing for the year so I can now make up the booklets. I love doing this as I can see the progress the children have made since the beginning of the year:)

We went and watched the talent show from the other grade one class and since most of their children decided to pull out, some of my children performed a second time. There was a violin player who was amazing!

This afternoon we went searching for rocks and coloured on them with our felt pens. Thank you to Linda for having some awesome painted rocks pictured on her blog a few weeks/months ago. I showed them to my students and they went to town. I have to admit my favorite was the one that said, “Be The Nice Kid”. I meant to take a picture of some of them, but I see I forgot, so I’ll try to do that on Monday when we hide them for others to find.

We also worked on finishing Charlotte’s Web, but haven’t quit made it yet:(


After school I helped out with Lyndsay’s son’s birthday party. A few months ago he was begging for a track meet party and I helped come up with a few ideas during a workout one day. When he invited me to the party, I told Lyndsay I would come help out. I’m not a very good guest though as I forgot a gift and he had a smash cake, which I forgot to take three toothpicks out of😣. Poor kid! I think they all still had fun though.


I have to admit I did my half hour this morning and haven’t done anything since- just too tired!

I am going to head for bed as I got an upsetting notice in the mail today and though I am trying to tell myself not to worry, I continue to do so. Hopefully I’ll forget about it soon as I can’t do anything about it!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. The caramel cake looks much more appetizing than the apple pastry to be honest. I can totally see how it was really rich though! The end of the school year must be flying by for you – so close to summer!

    1. Yes I’d say the caramel cake was better than the apple strudel, but neither will be bought again! Everything always looks good, but I’m happiest with homemade!
      May went super fast, but June seems to be taking its time:(

      1. I agree. Although it’s nice to know you have a good option if you are going somewhere and want a last minute dessert for yourself! I think things like that are always good to have in your mind.
        I feel you. Some days this month have flown by and others are taking forever!

      2. Oh that’s very true and I hadn’t thought of when I’m going out and don’t have time to bake. Thank you!

  2. That looks delicious! You don’t see many chalk boards at schools anymore! Mostly we have the white boards and the ipads, etc. I like chalk boards. I hope all is ok.

  3. sounds like a good day. whenever I buy something that looks yummy, but ends up just “ok” it usually motivates me to make something similar to it myself. You will have to recreate these items and make them better.

  4. AJ – I’m glad the kids got a kick out out of the rock pictures and did such a good job on theirs … I thought it might be a fun project. I loved “Charlotte’s Web” when I was a kid – there were so many cute stories back then, but that one stands out in my mind.

    1. A few of them were really neat, but I need to figure out a better medium to use than felts as they’re difficult!

      1. I think the people are using poster paints and they buy their supplies at Michael’s which is a big craft store here in the U.S. Then they finish them with something called Modge Podge to set the color … a lot of landscaping stores have been selling bags or buckets of river rocks so people can decorate them. They are smooth and clean and come in all types of sizes.

      2. I am only online briefly – had to do something for my boss … it is stormy but while waiting for him to review it, I was looking at local paper headlines … your student may be too young to do this rock painting “for a cause” but this was kind of nice … people painting rocks and giving them to a hospital where people go for cancer treatment … I am thinking patients are treating them like “worry beads” … have you ever seen those … wooden or stones and people have them and just kind of “hold the beads in their hands … almost like a rosary” … anyway, it might be good for older kids to make for pediatric hospitals … we have many of those in Michigan … always sad situation there.

      3. I had a worry stone as a kid as I was quite the worrier. My students are going to hide their rocks on Monday and hopefully the people who find them throughout the summer will get a smile from them.
        My first year teaching I had my kids interact with hospice but they’re just too young in grade one

      4. Yes in grade one they would not comprehend, unless it was a fellow student and hopefully that never happens. The pediatric cancer cases are so sad. Here, a lot of times they publish a story and people send cards and little gifts to make their days better and cheer them up. There was a young boy, nine I think he was, in Boston last year. His name was Jacob Thompson. He liked penguins and asked people to send penguin cards to him for Christmas. He died in mid-November, but his family held Christmas in his hospital room – a tree, Santa Claus. Very sad. I have only seen one rock and that was down at the River. Now that the kids are out of school, there will be more rocks hidden I think … the rain has put a damper on most activities in Parks. We had rain five times today … that is just plain crazy! I will never make my goal at this rate … I have 600 more miles to walk in six months and you cannot count on December and even parts of November due to black ice and/or snow. I’ll get over it, but ’twas Mother Nature’s fault.

      5. Oh don’t give up yet!! Hopefully there will be some months where you can do a little more and be able to make your goal:)

      6. I hope so! Last year for 2017 my goal was 755 (one more mile than in 2016) and we had a mild Fall so I kept walking and walking and I wanted to be at 1,050 blog posts and 1,050 miles by year end so I stepped it up a little more. So, I was so far over my oriiginal goal, that I knew it might be tough to beat, but had not counted on this horrible weather … all that snow, then snow in April, chilly and rainy Spring – ugh! I will do my best to get to that goal … persevere like you.

      7. I’m still going to try … I hear we are getting another heat wave the end of next week – sigh. I walk early in the morning though. I don’t like the extreme heat; hopefully it does come with rain.

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