It was a productive day where I actually got everything done I wanted to.


I got a day to deal with some administrative stuff. This isn’t normal in my district, but is way too complicated to explain, but I had a day with a TOC where I had to be at school, so I made it worth it!

I got the report cards copied, stuffed and the reports filed and collated. I officially don’t have to touch them again until I give them out on Thursday.

Between recess and lunch I got my students’ hallway writing books made up. After each event this year I have the students write about it and put it on their clip in the hallway. I have to admit I do this every year because I love being able to see the progress in their writing in the book.

After lunch I grabbed two grade four students and made up the children’s year-end gifts. It took longer than expected but is at least done!

With the hour I had left, I started on my co teacher’s report cards, but only got them stuffed and filed. She’ll have to collate them.


After work I had arranged to meet Lyndsay to do the crunch again. I made her promise to leave me if I couldn’t go fast as my quads are still killing me. I did better than I expected and we got through them four times. She also figured out it was the single leg bench lunge with 30 pounds of weights that did my quads in. I sure hope they recover soon!!!

Knit night:

Brenda cams over for knit night last night. I got caught up on the temperature cowl and I got down to the sleeves done on the baby tee I am making. I thought I would finish it off after she left, but only managed to screw it up so now I think I have to start over:(. I haven’t dared look yet today!

Well I’m off for a run.

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “1,2,3

    1. Just one with children and I’m going to try to be organized enough that I don’t have to go in the week after. I find I can ignore the suggestion to go in much easier now than when I first started teaching🤣

      1. If there are tasks to be done before closing, and you have them all finished there’s no point in sitting there twiddling your thumbs! 👏

  1. Very cute. It looks like I have a second interview for a second adjunct position in addition to my regular gig, so my summer and fall is shaping up to be a good one.

      1. Thanks. It might be the best fit for me as Mike is still recovering from treatment. At least working near by and having flexible hours. I have worked with them before! I can’t promise I will talk much about the new job in my blog but I wanted you to know the good news.

      2. It sounds like it might be the best option for you! It’s always nice to go back to somewhere so you don’t have to learn everything new!

      3. Oh that right there would be a selling point for me as the new computer systems are often the worst part of a new job for me

  2. sounds like a productive day for you, got to love days where you are at school and not being pulled in 100 directions or teaching. So much can get accomplished. hope you enjoy your last few days with the kiddos

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