A little change of plans…


I got up this morning to do the hour of running I needed to do. I did Burnaby Lake and every step was painful! My quads still haven’t forgiven me!! I probably should have just walked, but I eeked out 7.3km in 45minutes and I was happy to be done!


My yellow baby tee I was knitting on last night is in timeout as I will most likely have to rip it out and start again:(

So today I worked on a cocoon (baby sleep sac) in yellow and white. Super easy pattern and because I’m holding two strands of yarn, it’s going to reduce my stash number quite nicely!


It was only late this afternoon that I realized that I hadn’t worked on my rug. I am nowhere near done my square for the week and here I was hoping to get back on track. Maybe next week or perhaps the week after when I’m on holidays and can devote more time to it. For right now, I’m going with the fact that I have much more done than I did at the start of the year.


Last night my close friend mentioned that our twenty year class reunion was tonight. I really didn’t know if I wanted to go as I was super shy in school and it really hadn’t changed much! I talked to my friends Anna and Emily in high school and I still do. Em was super involved and knows tons of people so was for sure going, but I hemmed and hawed all day. I finally decided to go do that I wouldn’t then need to ask her so many questions.

It went about how I expected. I talked to about five people and that was it🤣. The only good thing that can be said was that I was happy with how I looked!

Sorry 😐 to before makeup, but it was nice to go back like this rather than the fifty pounds heavier I was the last time I saw all these people!

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday

  1. You look great! It must be a good feeling to be so much thinner than in High School. I was also very shy and inward. I didn’t make my 20th but I wanted to with my husband but we didn’t go. My class was very full of little groups…I was thin in high school but I noticed that many of my classmates had gained weight. I felt good about myself and my accomplishments and in the end that is the best you can do. Enjoy your day.

    1. We had a huge class of 875 graduates so understandably there’s lots of cliques. Everyone knew who I was but they didn’t talk to me in high school and they didn’t talk to me last night.🤣

      1. That is too bad. They missed out. That is a very big class. My class was in the Catskill Mountains but my husband grew up in Delaware, N.Y. and graduated with a very large class.

  2. I noticed from the posted pictures that were send to me. Everyone wanted me to be there! I was surprised they remembered me but my class only had 50 students.

      1. My elementary was small but there was only one high school for the entire city so it was big, now there are three or four

      2. Also, my family owned the custard stand in town. Everyone knew and loved my mom! In those days, we were allowed to leave school for lunch and the local meeting place was the custard stand.

  3. Well, I’m sure even though you didn’t talk to many people, that many people were noticing your beautiful healthy self! I love your new hair cut, it frames your face so nicely, AJ. Today is he day to work on that rug a bit….maybe time to give us another photo update?

  4. I went to a 10 year reunion and no more. I had a group of friends in high school, but really didn’t keep up with them after, so there wasn’t much connection to go back for. I think reunions are overhyped, really only for those trying to prove something.

    1. I’m glad I went as I can say I did, but it wasn’t amazing. I think I will have more fun this Thursday with my teacher friends

  5. you look great. some days we have to put ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to appreciate where we are. I haven’t made it to any of my reunions. I won’t tell you how many years that was.. lol. hope you have a great Sunday

    1. Thank you! It was fine and nice to be out with friends, but I think I’ll have more fun this Thursday with my teacher friends

  6. Girl! Don’t apologize for the no makeup–you look gorgeous! Glad you were able to get out and feel confident–those types of situations are definitely not the easiest! (ps-I’ve never been to a reunion and prob never will go, lol).

    1. I probably won’t go again but it made for something to talk about on my blog last night. This blog can definitely get me to do stuff I wouldn’t normally!🤣

  7. I think it takes guts to go back to a school reunion, especially if you are shy and was in high school. I hated high school and the memories haunt me today. I was picked on and called names. I’ve been out about 30 years and have hemmed and hawed every reunion but never went. I guess there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to face that again. But I also wish to prove to those classmates that people change and grow up. I’m so happy for you that you went. Maybe next time will be even easier!

    1. I definitely see sawed on whether I should go or not. I think that if one of my brothers had been there I probably would have been way more comfortable and had way more interactions. I definitely wanted to give people a new picture of me!

  8. I’ve never gone to any of my reunions – this year an informal reunion will be held in October … our 45th reunion and not going to that one either. You look great – are you used to your shorter haircut now?

      1. That’s why I keep my hair longer, to pull it up. When I worked on site, I could keep my hair down all day, but as soon as I was home, it was up in a ponytail or a bun off my neck/face. I don’t know how people do work inside the house/outside or in the heat with long hair hanging down … I always have to have it pinned up out of the way.

      2. That’s why I don’t have bangs – I have never been able to handle bangs. They stick out straight and look terrible as soon as I go out in the humidity.

      3. I’ve never been handy with using a hairdryer for styling my hair and using a curling iron for bangs … looked nice til I walked outside … then I had to hope I didn’t run into anyone, so I grew them out.

  9. Reunions are often bittersweet. The last reunion that I went to I talked to only a select couple of people. They’re the ones I still talk to on a regular basis, so we didn’t need a formal “reunion” in order to have an excuse to get together.

    1. Exactly what happened to me!! In a class that big, there are many people I’ve never talked to, and those I want to- I make the effort to do so without a reunion.

  10. Cute outfit! Judging from that picture you look like you’re still in HS, and that’s a compliment. 😉 So happy you survived it.
    I would have cracked up if you were wearing that shirt you had on your blog a while back that said ….Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come. 😂😂 I still get a good laugh out of that one.

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