I fully believe we are all capable of more than what we think:)


Wow my students were squirrelly today! We had workout Wednesday, watched grade two reader’s theatre performances, emptied all of our desks and extra supplies and then watched the movie form of Charlotte’s Web as we finished the book yesterday. I actually had to stop the movie twice to talk about behavior!!! Grrrr😖

Even with all of this, I had a better day than the kindergarten teacher who had a student fall on the playground and break her arm. We learned the teacher is squeamish. Thankfully there’s always chocolate around!

I did get another gift today that I loved! The mom was telling me that her son insisted on this gift!

It really is perfect as I say this to the children often! I’ll be keeping this mug🤪


I had boot camp with Lyndsay today and boy was it a good workout! We did one minute of cardio- frog jumps and hops, then moved onto our tabata.

Medicine ball single leg deadlift with hop

Banded plank in/outs- banded iso squat with lateral raises

Bench single leg lunges

Banded iso squat with tiptoe abductor squeeze- banded jump squat

Iso v sit with rows- mountain climbers

Stability ball hamstring curls- stability ball hip bridges

Burpees -swings

Overhead tricep extension – reverse fly

Galway through we stopped for another minute to do more cardio, but I got mine running back and forth to my classroom twice. I had forgotten the gift we had gotten Lyndsay for doing this for us- pedicure, wine and baileys.

When I got home, I got an alert that my mission today was 6km for 200 points! I figured I would walk it, but then figured out I had to run a bit because I had Knit night. I told myself I just had to run ten minutes, but amazingly I ended up running the whole thing. The human body really is capable of so much more than we allow it!

I stretched and rolled lots in the hopes of not being sore tomorrow!


I just took the yellow baby tee project to work on. I once again got halfway through and realized I had a hole where there shouldn’t be one. I am now on my third tome starting this project:(

Brenda was showing me the projects she has finished lately and they are gorgeous!!! I also got to see her stash which I have been very curious about! It’s a nice, reasonable size, not overwhelming and she could put a good dent in it by knit city in September:)

I am absolutely exhausted and so am off to bed!

Have fun!


48 thoughts on “T-2 Days

  1. I like that mug!! Maybe you should keep it on your desk for your next year of students to see 😉

  2. The mug is so cute! And it’s so fun that the student picked it out for you.

    I love your mentality for that run. Whenever I don’t want to run, I tell myself that I just have to go one mile. Once I’m out I always run the entire thing. Crazy how “Oh you just have to run X minutes or X miles” turns into running the whole thing.

    1. I know!i really didn’t think I’d be able to run at all, but there I went, merrily along.
      Thoughts like,” I only have to do x” lead to success quite often for me too:)

  3. Love your mug! The teens I worked with were all pretty scared of me giving them the “mom look”, though they only admitted that once they were working for me as college students! These extra skills definitely come in handy!😆

  4. A broken arm, squeamish and chocolate – all in a day’s work for being a teacher. At least that was someone else’s bad day, not yours, but you’ve had enough. Shame on those kids acting up during “Charlotte’s Web” … I’d still be engrossed watching it, even after all these years (make that decades).

    1. Yes our K teacher had quite the day!
      It was funny because today they were all talking about how great the movie was🤣

      1. I’d be squeamish if a broken bone was protruding from the skin – I never had any desire to be a nurse growing up. So many little girls wanted to be nurses … not me, I’d be a bit too squeamish I think. I had a boss one time, an attorney, who wanted to be a doctor and he got through undergrad school, started med school, then the first time he was in a hospital and had to watch a procedure, he fainted dead away. He ended up on a gurney next to the patient. So, all that medical knowledge he put to good use and became a medical malpractice attorney!

      2. I have no problem with medical things as long as they aren’t happening to me, then I can feel a bit sick. I had to clean a drain on a cyst on my neck and that is the one time I felt sick dealing with that type of thing.

      3. My mom had a stasis wound on her leg, and it drained and she could not reach it, so I dressed it. It was a deep wound and she eventually went to an infectious disease clinic for twice-daily IV bags of strong antibiotics. Here in the U.S. insurance companies will try other methods rather than putting you in the hospital, so these infectious disease clinics have sprung up everywhere … people get a port put in, then go there to have strong antibiotics pumped into them. My mom used to have to be admitted to the hospital for one week for the same treatment back in the 1990s.

      4. Yes, it was a bad wound, made worse by gravity. It would not weep or bother her while she slept, but as soon as she stood up, it was problematic.

      5. It was rough for my mom. She was hit by a car at age 11 and had 42 orthopedic operations in her lifetime. I may have told you that before, in conjunction with your accident being hit by a car. I was not following you then, but you mentioned it. That was why I sent you the book title for the woman who was hit by a car and had such a long hospital stay and extensive physical therapy. Doctors said she might lose her leg, but she did not and she had been a dancer and runner, so she was very strong and healthy and worked hard to get herself back to full strength in her leg.

      6. Yes, they both had it rough … my mom and this lady. The video showed she almost lost her leg. It seems like she was on a motorcycle and was hit by an SUV if I remember correctly. The news ran a story the other day about a motorcycle rider who had a bad accident in 2016. I remembered the story as they were telling it. He was riding his motorcycle on the expressway and a big semi-truck’s tire came loose, crossed the median and knocked him off the bike. He required a double lung transplant and had much other recuperation as well. So, he rode a motorcycle the other day and went to visit the medical team that did the operation and the docs/nurses who took care of him after the surgery.

      7. I know. I only went on one time and I could not get the hang of needing to lean with the rider and the bike when we turned a corner. I wanted to sit up straight. I think I made him a little nervous so it was my one and only ride. We did not even hit a main road. And that was before helmet laws and all that … no more for me either.

      8. I went on one two summers ago and actually really liked riding one, but don’t think I’d do it again after an accidnet

      9. I agree. I just see too many accidents … I’ll bet we have one fatality a week here in Michigan. A fellow blogger just lost his nephew about a month ago. He had a brand-new motorcycle (maybe a month old) and lost control of it and hit a tree and lost his life.

  5. I think it is all children getting towards the end of the year. Even hear in the UK my children have been very loud and refusing to follow instructions. Considering they are year 1 I think they have the attitude of at least year 5 at the moment. That is a great mug! I received a mug last Christmas with the caption ‘keep calm and pretend it is all on the lesson plan’, which I thought was great.

    1. Yup my kids forgot the rules June 1st and I lost my patience the same day so the last month has been very long!!!
      I like the saying on your mug:)

  6. Wow; you are still teaching? Our public schools get out the last week in May and begin 2nd week in August. I taught in the 80s as a 20-something and was not the greatest disciplinarian. I sympathize with your struggles! As for the baby t-shirt, I would probably just get out regular thread and patch the hole. I am Slacker Knits, after all. I admire your tenacity. I have started my Gelato Cardigan twice and though the neck and shoulders are fine, I messed up the split for the sleeves, so I’ll have to rip that back. I’m not into that right now because it’s 100F (37.7C) and who wants merino on their lap with that temp and 89% humidity? Maybe a salamander. Amazing workout!

    1. Oh I can’t imagine doing anything in that heat!!! I finally got through the tough stuff and am now just knitting in circles:). We are in school until the end of June, but don’t go back until after Labor Day in September.

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