I am almost there. I am almost there. I am almost there. My mantra for the day!


I came into the office this morning to see the most amazing sight!

One of our on-site daycares has made this sign for our retiring secretary. Some people are just so creative!!!

I started the day by putting report cards into backpacks. It was my one job that I had to accomplish today and so I decided to make sure it got done first!

We then put all the grade one students together to create yearbooks. They really seemed to love going around and getting everyone’s “signature”. It was pretty cute to see a few of them try to handwrite!

We had our farewell assembly where we said goodbye to students and teachers leaving. Which was followed up by lunch where we gave gifts to the staff leaving. It’s at moments like this that I appreciate not crying easily as otherwise I would have been a wreck!!!! Sometimes I do wish I got to decide who goes and who stays😜😜

This afternoon we put the grade 1-3 students together in the library for a movie and we all started to tackle our classrooms! I don’t feel like I got much done, so tomorrow better be more productive!! I think the problem was that I was dressed nicely!

I did get spoiled with a gift from my class today.

This all came in a gorgeous tote bag along with a Visa gift card. I love visa gift cards as I have fun “spending” them before I spend them while I try to figure out what to buy:). I have to admit I love the shirt that Lyndsay included in my gift!!! I love her style- her peanut butter might be safe from me, but her wardrobe isn’t! I can see me getting a lot of use out of this shirt!!!

A few weeks ago I gave my co teacher a new water bottle that I saw that screamed her name to me. She reciprocated with a lovely gift!

This also came with handcream that smells divine and that I have been enjoying since I got. I just have to decide if I’m going to leave it at work or bring it home for the summer.


I ran home after school and went quickly over to city hall. I dropped off my library books and my taxes stuff! It’s not due untitled July 4th, but I so dislike having that type of thing hanging over my head. It was like a quarter of my brain was being used constantly to try and remember not to forget to do that errand. Easier to just do it!


I had organized a dinner with five of the women from work that I enjoy spending time with. (I found out organizing events is not my strength!!!). We decided on the patio of a local pub as it would not be as loud as inside and shared a ton of appetizers and some pitchers of sangria. It was the perfect ending to the day!! I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. It really does make a difference going to work with friends!!

We were so cold after our patio time that we had to stop three doors down at the coffee shop to get tea to warm up!!

I just want to know why my chai latte with almond milk ( my favorite milk substitute as it really seems to suit chai) is so plain compared to their fancy coffees??? Is tea being discriminated against at this coffee shop? 😜🤪🤣

Two of the ladies made a stop to pick up some dessert to go with the hot beverages and this was the perfect ending to a fun evening!


I came home and got busy again on my baby tee. I am finally past the chest and onto the body! I guess the third time really is the charm:). Hopefully I will finish tomorrow because I am going to be so productive all day tomorrow!!!

On that note, I better get some sleep so that comes true!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “T-1 Day!

  1. Never met anyone “kinder”.
    It took me a while cause pronounced in the German way, but once I got I laughed so much! That is so briliant!

  2. So sweet the gift from your entire class. You don’t often see that in the states but I have had individual gifts and gifts of visa from parents overseas thanking me for teaching. Your summer break is here.

      1. Yup! They say it’s easy to find those candy bars, but trying to come up with sentences that have those words and make sense???!!!

  3. sounds like a great day. I love that you were able to have fun with your co-workers. I agree when you work with people you’d call your friend it makes the work day so much better. enjoy the end of the year fun… onto summer!

      1. I always feel like summer sort of starts when the kids end the year, because those last few days of work are not really work, just busy work stuff

  4. almost done!!! Interesting that you dont think you are a good event organizer . Why ? I find I’m usually the one gathering folks together. But if its not your thing….someone else will do it! Love the candy message

  5. That is a super creative way of using chocolate bars! I absolutely love it!

    Also, regarding the almond milk… I have worked many jobs that involve making and serving coffee… The best milk to “work” with (frothing) is full-fat milk. It’s creamier and goes foamy. Soya milk just doesn’t work very well to foam it. I don’t know why, but I wonder if it is to do with fat content as semi-skimmed milk doesn’t work as well as full fat milk (but tonnes better than soya!)

    1. I try to avoid soy as much as possible and just think the nutty flavor of almond works well with the chai flavor. I wish I could have full fat real milk, but I’m afraid of how sick I would get:(

  6. Sounds like a fun day and your co-workers are so thoughtful to one another. I’m sure Shirley saw that sign and said “oh, I don’t know if I can go after all!” Your cup of warmth was definitely lacking in pretty design – cheated you were! Hopefully the taste of the chai latte made up for the “plain Jane” look it had.

  7. I loved that sign. Very creative, indeed! I’m excited that school is winding down and wonder what you’ll be writing about this summer. Whatever it is, I will enjoy your posts.

  8. Your coffee definitely looks a little sad compared to your friends’! 😂☕ I hope it’s maybe just harder to make patterns in almond wilk with the lack of certain fats? I’m glad you had so much fun!

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