It turned out better than I thought!


It doesn’t matter if it’s a national holiday or not, I still had my usual Sunday morning run. Unfortunately I seemed to twist my knee weird when I was getting out of my vehicle:(. I managed to run and walk on it, but I’ve been icing and elevating it this evening. I did manage to get 6.8km in this morning. Of course, I got to the furthest point and the skies opened and we were running where there is absolutely no tree cover:(. Thankfully I went with the hat and vest this morning, but I was worried about my phone! Lol I made Dennis go out in front of me as I told him in no uncertain terms that I was NOT keeping up with him today! Run ✅

I got lots of walking in today, but decided to do without the workout in order to give my knee a little break.


It was a very quick tea for me and then I was home to shower and out the door again to meet up with two friends. We met at my friend’s place downtown (thankfully in sunshine)and then started on our Canada Day festivities. It started with lunch at Meet:)

This is a vegan restaurant that I had only been to once before. I ended up having and orange cream soda and a Mighty MAC Burger. Definitely not my usual fare, but I’ve been craving a burger so figured this was my chance. We actually all ended up having a burger.

It was extremely yummy, but I haven’t eaten since and am still full from 9 hours ago!!! My burger was a black bean burger with Mac and cheese and crispy onions on top. It was extremely good, but I still think next time I will have an appetizer so that I have room for dessert!

The view from the restaurant was cool too:)

We walked across town to where the official festivities were being held. I love that walking across my city takes a whole fifteen minutes:). We were commenting that there seemed to be less people this year, but maybe we were just earlier as it was crazy later in the day.

This was the quiet area as when we walked back to the other side it was wall to wall people! The funny thing was that we actually ran into someone we knew!! I managed not to run into another person when we walked by his place of work, which made me happy!

We saw some cool Canada day stuff

But I have to admit that while my friend was enjoying the crowd, I was enjoying this view even more!

We left about five o’clock and I have to admit that I once again felt that something was missing. I don’t know what it is, but these festivities never live up to my expectations. I am starting to wonder if I would enjoy a small town celebration more as I feel like these big ones there’s nothing to do but edge your way around the area and then go home. Oh well, it was still super fun to spend the day with my two friends and be out in the sunshine:)


I got back home to a gray day so I’m happy I left here today. It did give me permission to work on my rug square (after a short nap). I managed to complete the square:). That leaves me only one week behind and hopefully we’ll have a gray day at some point where I can make that up!

Well I have to go read for an hour as I have two book reviews due by the 10th and figure I had better read these books for an hour a day! The rain has just started back up so I’m okay with being inside reading:)

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Happy Canada Day!!
    That burger sounds and looks…. *drool*
    You live on the west coast Vancouver(ish) area, correct? They have BEAUTIFUL views all over there! Every time I have to go to my manager’s conference there, it’s pretty great! … Although, the roadways are set up stupid. It’s sometimes really hard to get around by car with so many 1-way and pedestrian only streets. Definitely a walking area! Glad you had a fun day. 💖🇨🇦🍁🍻

    1. Yup downtown is crazy to drive in, but there’s lots of other things that make up for it:)
      The burger was amazing!

  2. Happy Canada day to you. I hate going to something and then feeling disappointed at the end that it didn’t live up to the expectations I put on it in the first place. The scenery was beautiful so at least you had that experience. That is crazy that you are fully from your burger that many hours later. they say that all that fiber is filling and having a black bean burger is LOADED with fiber. Hope you were able to polish off some of your book. I need to get working on mine too. Hope you have a productive and restful day today

    1. Yes the views sort of made up for the too many people:)
      Im sitting here trying to decide if I’m going to eat something before I run even, still not feeling hungry!
      I got the first three chapters done but realized I’ll have to do 1.5 hours a day at least

  3. That burger looks delicious and that view is what I miss! I love Canada so I’m glad you had a good day even though it wasn’t what you expected.

  4. I find they usually end up being booths of people trying to sell something or sign you up for stuff you don’t need. We have a not so local First Friday event that has music, food, and games for all ages. Those are the best.

    1. Now that sounds more like what I want Canada day to be! You’re right, it was mainly just people trying to sell stuff and the few games they had had huge lineups!

    1. Thank you! The burger was so good, but I think it was the crispy bun that really made it:)
      I was thinking about you as I just kept stitching 🤣

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend the holiday. I’m not sure whether the view or the burger are more beautiful and the french fries rate up there as well!

      1. See looks are deceiving for food sometimes – the view was very nice. I see all the photos that Wayne of “Tofino Photography” takes of the mountains and the waterways … very beautiful out your way.

      2. I actually had a dream the other night about the difference between Canadian and American education. I worked for one of the local universities and was amazed at what I saw come through from American colleges!! Like credits for weightlifting?!?!

      3. The school system is so terrible here AJ – high school in Lincoln Park where I graduated from had the stupidest classes that counted for English classes – no wonder when I look on social media comments I cringe sometimes. Bad enough for high school, but to think there were credits for weightlifting! SMH. When I moved here at age 10, I had completed Grade 5 and most of the class I started kindergarten with, had been double promoted twice (probably 95% of the class). We moved here and I was learning things in sixth grade that I had learned years ago. The reading level, the classwork – everything was way behind what I had learned at E.A. Orr Elementary School in Oakville, Ontario.

      4. My mom found the same thing! She had been thinking of going to Washington for part of high school, but when she was assessed they told her she could skip two grades!!!

      5. I believe it – I was amazed and I’d come home and tell my parents about it – it was ridiculous. We had a class in high school that students could take for fulfilling an English requirement and it was called “Reading and Taping of Materials” … students made sensory books for blind students, then recorded a story to go along with it. I remember a girl telling me that she glued cotton balls on a sheep that she had cut out of a coloring book and pasted onto construction paper. Then taped a story to go along with it. I went to a community college right from high school, then transferred to a four year school to finish up for my Bachelor’s Degree. Most of the students at that community college were from Dearborn (where the school was located and credit hours were cheaper) … they had read Shakespeare, Thoreau, all the classic novels – we had read nothing like that. What a sorry education I had in our school system. All you have to do it look at social media for the local online newspaper and TV station stories and you will shudder at the grammar.

      6. Ugh no thank you! Despite my writing mistakes in my blog, I do try to avoid the painful situation of reading work full of grammar/spelling errors. I’m good at it, thanks to my grade ones, but not something I enjoy.
        I read somewhere that the average reading level was that of a fifth grader:(

  6. Thanks for sharing and Amazing work!! Please check my blog out and I hope you enjoy what you read!! Thanks again!

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