It was the first day of my holiday that didn’t have commitments, but it didn’t really feel like holidays yet as I’d have this day off even if I was working.


I got up this morning and decided to run around a local lake. My knee is still a little sore and this lake has a mulch path so I thought the soft surface would be good:) The lake is 1.2km around so I pushed myself for the first two reps and then slowed down to a steady run for the remainder of the forty five minutes I needed to do for the mission. I thought this was a good idea today as I’ve been worried that I’m losing my thirty minute base because when I do longer runs I take walk breaks. I was really happy I could do more than thirty and maintained a decent pace:)

Mid day I decided to tackle a short workout. I had to do goblet squats, burpees and up/downs and then skip for 1 minute, do them again and skip for 45 seconds and a third time and skip for 30 seconds. The second set of exercises of jump lunges, froggers and upright rows followed the same pattern. To finish I had to do all six exercises with no skipping. I used ten pound weights so I was feeling some by the end, though I admit I should get myself some 12 pound weights.

This evening it was so pretty I went for a nice steady 7km walk:)

Another day of all three fitness activities done, so I’m happy😀


I got my one hour on the new rug square done first thing and actually managed to do just over 11 rows in that amount of time:) I may just get caught up on this rug! Here’s a picture for those of you asking for one. I live in fear that I’ll mess up which way the stripes go and have to redo a square!


I got a cute little preemie hat done in lilac for one of the HPKCHC classes on Ravelry. It is super easy and I could do this in my sleep! Cast on 54 stitches, join in the round, knit for six inches, decrease. It also used up another small skein out of my stash so it’s a win-win!

Sorry I just realized I don’t have a picture of it. I’ll rectify that tomorrow.


I also spent a good deal of today getting caught up on blog reading. Now the tough part will be staying caught up!


The only other thing I’ve managed to do today is watch two very cute Hallmark movies. Eat, Play, Love and Love at First Bark. They were both super cute and I enjoyed the animals in them:)

Well I’m off to bed and maybe tomorrow will be more exciting:)

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. WOW, you exercised a lot! Well done! I’m glad I can just get myself out the door for a short walk xD
    How are you making that rug? I can’t make the picture bigger to see what craft you’re using 🙂

    1. It is a nice lake, just wish it was longer for my runs, but it’s also where my students go for their first relay race so I know it’s long enough for them as it is

  2. sounds like a great day. are you officially done with school for the summer now? hope you have another great day and an do all the things you enjoy doing.

      1. very cool. enjoy your break, you’ve earned it. I’m sure you will soon start thinking about next year, but for now just tune out work and tune into the calm of summer

      2. No, but I have to admit I haven’t looked yet either. Maybe next week I’ll do a trip to the city teacher store and stop in for an amazing cinnamon bun on the way home:)

  3. How do you find time for all that excersize?? I’ve gained about 5 lbs since I started blogging because I’m always sitting around reading, or at my computer… 😞 I’ve been trying to hula hoop more at least while I’m reading so that I’m doing SOMETHING. I tried the treadmill, but it was a little hard to concentrate on reading while walking unless I was going pretty darn slow, then it just felt useless.
    Your rug square is ADORABLE! And I really enjoyed eat, play, love. I just watched that one fairly recently myself! I know I watched love at first bark quite a while ago. I’m pretty sure I thought it was cute.. Maybe I should watch it again since I don’t really remember! 😉💖

    1. My exercise is a priority, but I also split my days up by time:)
      Both movies were a rewatch for me, but I liked them both:)

      1. That’s what I love about the SAL I’m in. We do a here’s where I was photo and a Here’s where I am now photo, and the difference is often quite amazing and motivating after three weeks. 😊

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