I was much more social today which was probably a good thing:)


I got out for my run first thing this morning, but my legs were still tired from the speedwork last night. I was mad at myself that I had to walk during a thirty minute run! Then I made myself remember where I used to be and figured it was good I went out!

I also didn’t much feel like doing a workout, so I told myself I just had to do one set of each exercise, I got them done but nothing extra. It’s a shame because I liked the workout- three circuits with four exercises each- one for legs, one for arms and one for abs. You do each circuit three times and then a cardio blast and a plank before moving onto the next circuit. Maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

This evening I went for a bike ride with my co teacher. When I visited my brother in early June I came home with my niece’s bike that she had outgrown and I finally used it tonight. We just went along the river and I slowly got used to riding again. I’ve never been a great bike rider and it’s been about twenty years, so this could be interesting! We have plans to go again though on the 16th:)


I managed to go meet up with a high school friend and enjoyed a nice Starbucks and walk with her and her two sons. The little guy had a good long nap, but despite walking in many circles we never did get the older one to go off for a nap. It’s always so wonderful meeting up with her. First it’s like no time has past and secondly it’s nice to just spend time with her, we do t even have to be talking. We met up at my old university and boy has it changed! They have added some beautiful paths with wildflowers growing. Maybe it was too beautiful and that’s why we couldn’t get big brother off to sleep!


I actually got more than hour done on the rug today because I was watching a new Hallmark movie!


I watched The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. I had watched the first movie last night so that I could watch this one today. I really like the main actors they seem very realistic and he’s funny! They have good chemistry and it sounds as though they are on another show together too.


My mom came through with the idea of knitting a dishcloth for a repeat project. I got that done today and it used up another skein! I’m doing pretty good and have used up fourteen skeins lately, though yes many of them are just partial ones, but to make it easy I had counted every ball of yarn,no matter it’s size, as one skein. I’m happy with the dishcloth and I got it entered into the Ravelry HPKCHC Muggle Studies class. That is two classes completed so far, so I think I can start a sweater:)


I knew that I was going out tonight and my co-teacher’s sons will gobble up anything so I took another try at scones, but using blueberries. The taste was awesome, but there must have been too much liquid this time in comparison to dry ingredients as they turned out too cakey. I ate two so I quickly packaged them up and got them out of the house!


I also finished a book today! It was This is Our Song by Samantha Chase. It is part of her Shaughnessy Brothers series and tells the story of Riley and his relationship with Savannah. I have been loving this series and really enjoy Samantha Chase books generally, but I have to admit I had s hard time getting g into this book. It might be because, while I like music, I don’t follow it closely so a whole book about a singer didn’t really pull me in. I did continue to really enjoy the family dynamic and the ending was very sweet and satisfying:)Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “More Social

    1. It is through Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup. In August, they will be holding sorting again if you’re interested

  1. I really like the dishcloth! 😀 But I always have a hard time imagining what people use it for. Do you really use it to do dishes, clean plates in the soapy water, and such? I never heard of anyone doing that, so, I’m sorry if it’s a weird question, haha.

      1. Huh, interesting! Thank you for clearing that up for me. Maybe I’ll give it a go myself! I’m curious now ;D
        So, after using it for a few times, you just throw them in the wash? Sounds durable. Better than the throw-away sponges we use. They only last for maybe a week or 2.

  2. sounds like a productive day to me! you had lots of socialization and exercise, what more could you want? I’d guess that since the blueberries have moisture in them they added too much moisture to the scone. Maybe try another flavor that you can make with just extract. Lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, almond?

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