The day didn’t go as planned which means there was a lot less cleaning than there should have been🤣


As I laid in bed this morning I was having a difficult time summoning up any enthusiasm for a run. I finally told myself to go get gas and do the run I used to do with a colleague. I knew it would be short, but it was at least a run.

I ended up just doing 3.45km which was a nice circle route. I felt strong, and was especially grateful for the cloud cover this morning! I know I should do more, but it was at least something.

On the way home, I was driving by the rec centre where I park to run the dyke and figured I should go for a bike ride since I was there and my bike was in the back of my car. I had thought I had escaped being sore from my bike ride on Wednesday night, until I got back on it today!!! I ended up doing about a 45 minute bike ride. It was absolutely lovely on the dyke- quiet, sunny but not sweltering and calm. I ended up feeling a little more confident though I do admit to walking my bike across the street and through the narrow bridge when a girl and her dog stopped in the middle.

This afternoon I got a quick workout in. I had to do plank shoulder touches and plank leg lifts. I was supposed to do the rest in plank too, but ended up doing them normally so they’d be well done. I did bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and bent arm shoulder raise. I managed two sets of each which is at least something.

One thing today has been good for is reminding me how far I’ve come. Fifteen years ago there is no way I would have gone for a bike ride after running, but today I thought nothing of it😀. I may not be where I want to be right now, but at least I am making slow progress!

I also got out for half of my usual walk tonight. I was coming along and suddenly the trail was closed. I peeked and didn’t see anything wrong with the bridge so I’m curious what was up.


I’m currently reading the second book that I need to review for NetGalley before July 10th. I am enjoying it, but about three chapters in I made some predictions and they are all coming true. I’m hoping for some twists and turns at some point!


I have begun another rug square today in the hopes of getting caught up!


I have finished the neck ribbing for my new sweater so am happy with my progress:)


I was supposed to spend today cleaning my house as I have yet to do that, but it definitely isn’t one of my favorite chores. Thankfully I have you all and didn’t want to have to admit to doing nothing so I got two loads of laundry done and my bedroom cleaned completely. It will be lovely to get into bed tonight!

I also got to the dollar store for a card, the bank to cash my reimbursement cheques from school, to the grocery store for gingerale and to the liquor store. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Church and State wine I was looking for for my friend:( I love that wine because of its names (I’ve never drank it, but my mom assured me its good). I think it’s like OPI nail polish and they are very smart!

What I love best about all of these errands is that I could do them on foot and didn’t have to take my vehicle out!

Well, I think it’s time for another Hallmark movie.

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “A Good Reminder

  1. sounds like a productive day to me. I try to do my housework in chunks that way I feel like I got things done, but it isn’t taking a whole day to do everything.

  2. Very nice that you don’t need your car to accomplish all your tasks. We are in the same situation but there may be more heavy traffic around here especially if you take the bike and of course, remember to lock up as bikes are frequently stolen in our area. I do most of the cleaning n the weekends while Mike weeded outside. At 10:45 a.m, it is already too hot to be outside, and dangerously so.

    1. Wow! I don’t even tho k taking a bike is necessary as I’m within a block of everything! I’m happy for the rain we have here today!

      1. We are very close and can walk also and we do sometimes for exercise. I don’t like worrying about my bike but I have gotten pretty good at chaining it in front of the store if need be.

  3. As I sit here catching up on the butterflies I didn’t stitch yesterday! I got Max out for a walk this am, only to the bridge, but as you say it was something. I need to get over leaving him behind, and just go everyday, as I am missing it, and my body is letting me know it too…much stiffer than I was! Once you are more confident you will love your bike…I miss that mode of travel!

    1. I’m hoping I get confident on the bike soon. I used to bike everyday in the summer when I was 13/14, but that was a very long time ago!

  4. You sure cram a lot into one day AJ! The bike ride sounded fun. You can always get one of those stands to park the bike in that converts it to an exercise bicycle for rainy or crummy days.

    1. Oh that is a good idea, though I have to admit that growing up here you learn to do things in the rain as otherwise you’d never do anything

      1. That’s true too – I always put off things when it is raining, only because I took the bus for years and had to deal with whatever bad weather came along – many times waiting for the bus in monsoon-like weather or watching snow pile up around my feet for a bus that would be hours late, But I have slickers and a golf umbrella from my bus-riding days, so I should just get out there and change my ways.

      2. Lol I bought myself good gumboots and a rain jacket when I started walking to work each day. I’ve been very thankful for them, but I do avoid errands in the rain as I don’t love getting in and out of a car into rain!

      3. No me neither and I try not to take my car out in the rain. I don’t drive it enough since I work from home and walk a lot, so the car has a trickle charger plugged into the battery and plugged into the wall of the garage. That keeps it juiced up all the time, but if I bring the car home wet, I have to wipe it all down before putting on the gizmo. It’s a one-car garage – so have to put half the car in and try to wipe it off dry and the other half has to hang out of the garage while doing this – usually in the pouring rain!

      4. My car would never get driven if that was the situation. It rains about 200 days of the year here

      5. I just mentioned you in a post to a blogger in Sweden. He writes a nature blog. He tells me that where he lives in Sweden is the water capital of the country and they have no water. They had one rainfall that lasted about one half hour and that was weeks ago. Crops have stopped growing, farmers are desperate as they have no food for their animals and have to slaughter some of them … he says the slaughterhouses are backed up … how awful is that! I told him you said it rains 200+ days in Vancouver and you’d gladly send some his way.

      6. I’d for sure send some his way. We are supposed to get more on Tuesday- I can donate it to him instead🤣

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