I went out for a walk to interact with people and saw not a soul! I guess the rain scared them away. I actually had several errands on my list today, but decided it would be more economically responsible to do them tomorrow when I’m out anyways.


It’s neat to be able to run whatever I want since I finished the mission on the first day. This morning I decided to find out exactly how long the path by my house really is. I usually start running as soon as I cross the street, but today I waited to hit the path. Well, of course by the time I came out of the first set of trees it was absolutely pouring! I figured I was already out there and wet so I might as well continue. I managed to run the whole thing with no stops which is good and something I’ll have to ensure I do often so I don’t lose my base. It’s way too easy to get into the habit of walking breaks. Oh and the path is 5.2km.

This afternoon I did a workout that didn’t look like it was going to be too bad.

However, those thirty burpees in the middle were killer!!!

I headed out for a walk this evening as the rain had finally cleared, but my headphones died halfway so it was half a walk for the second night in a row.


I am over halfway through my second rug square of the week and I have high hopes that I can finish it up tomorrow! It would feel so good not to be behind!


I made myself get caught up on my year in temperature cowl before doing any other knitting today. It’s interesting to see the bands of colours, but I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it.

I am working on the yoke of my sweater which is a top down raglan pattern. I am loving it so far! This is going to be the perfect spring sweater- light coloured, lightweight but also super soft!!!

I have decided that I really need to keep my eye open for stitch markers that have Bs and Fs hanging from them so I can keep track of the front and back of my project!


I watched Cooking with Love last night and then actually had it on while working on my rug again this morning. It is Hallmark so the acting isn’t Meryl Streep quality, but the storyline is cute and it’s not annoying or laughably bad:). I love the happy endings and people may say I’m addicted to these movies. I should take some ideas from the main character Kelly for my work wardrobe as I liked how she looked put together and yet not super fancy.I really liked the spaghetti scene as well!


I was on fire this morning and got my bathroom cleaned before I showered after my run. It will be so nice to start having a clean house again. Now I just have to try and keep it this way!


I finished my second NetGallet book and am quite pleased I am three days ahead of schedule!

When We Found Home by Susan Mallory.

This is the story of how dour people became a family. Malcolm and his grandfather live in a big house in Seattle and are soon joined by Malcolm’s new found half sisters. There are many bumps along the road, but the three siblings learn to be a family. Of course, at the same time Malcolm and Callie find the true love of their lives.

The family dynamic in this book is very different, but no less fraught with problems than a “normal” family. Malcolm drove me a little crazy at the beginning with his actions towards his half sisters, but in the end, he gets it right.

I liked the relationship between Malcolm and Delaney, though she was slightly annoying with her inner arguments. In the end however, it all made sense and was probably realistic.

Callie and Santiago are a cute couple and I loved reading their story!

I would now like to read Keira’s story!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Now for a chai latte and another movie:)

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. It is Hallmark so the acting isn’t Meryl Streep quality, but the storyline is cute and it’s not annoying or laughably bad…. Lol. That’s generally how I feel about these movies too but I do enjoy them… especially at Christmas!

  2. I hang a removable stitch marker (the ones that look like an earring) to the front of my project (not on the needle but actually to a stitch on the front). I then move it up as I go along.
    I wish I had your interest in exercise. I know I should exercise but I don’t.

    1. Oh that’s a great idea, thanks Karen!!!!
      I wasn’t ever interested either, but now I’m addicted. You just need to find something you actually enjoy

    1. I felt like only doing a quarter yesterday!!
      It won’t be exciting when I finish if I’ve already shown you!
      Thank you:) I’m hoping to finish it today:)

      1. Yup all I’m looking for from them so they don’t disappoint. Now I just have to come up with more to watch:)

  3. One of these days I am just going to go our and play in the rain like I did as a child. Now we just run for cover, but maybe we just need to let it rain on us once in a while.

  4. You must be incredibly fit! I have trouble getting myself interested in exercise. We have an elliptical, which I work out on for about 20 minutes a day, but that’s it for me. We do often go for walks or hikes, but not the kind of sustained workouts you do. I don’t know how you do it!

  5. Wow, you’ve been busy! I’m thinking of doing a temperature cross stitch next year. I need to gather my floss and then I will do a post about it.

    1. Oh that’s very interesting! I haven’t heard about that. How does it work? I heard about the scarf on the weather network, but had to modify it because of my size

      1. I think that it works with the same concept. My problem is that the temperatures vary so much in my area that I’m thinking of picking temperatures from -40 F to 115 F if I do 5° for each color that’s still a ton!

      2. Wow but that would be a way more interesting scarf than mine! Maybe 10 degree colour temps

      3. I just took a couple of screenshots of my idea! I’ll write a post…

  6. sounds like another great day. I love your description of the movie, it made me laugh. I need to start doing your workouts. I need motivation to get moving and keep moving more.

    1. A burpee is a jump up, put your hands down, jump your feet back (you’re now in plank and can do an optional push-up), jump your feet back in, jump up.
      I liked When We Found Home!

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