I had an event today that I was somewhat worried about, but it turned out okay:)


My run this morning somehow turned into a walk. Usually there are at least four of us, two walk and two run, but today there were only three. Dennis and I must have had the same thought about not wanting to leave Brenda to walk on her own. She has a good pace so it was still exercise and not just a stroll:)

I did get a workout in this afternoon and it was much better than yesterday! It had about 15 exercises that I had to do three times each. It was all lower body today! For some reason it went much better and I had no problem doing the step up to back lunge, skaters, front- back hops, side to side hops, side leg lifts, squats, lunge jumps, and planks.

I was supposed to go for a run tonight, but it has turned into a rest night. I am trying very hard not be upset with myself for not going out for at least a little run, but it’s difficult. I’ve lost my streak😞


I got some groceries and for not planning to do a big shopping and coming home with very little, I still seemed to spend a lot!

I also managed to find a couple of bottles of wine for my friend, though they aren’t the ones I wanted. No liquor stores seem to have Church and State wine right now:(


About a month ago a friend who has moved to the island set up a luncheon as she was coming over here. It was today at 1pm and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This friend came last year and stayed with a high school friend of ours who didn’t even tell me she was in town, just invited other friends of ours over:(. Today went okay though. There were thirteen of us and I think it helped that one was a very chatty guy we know so it wasn’t just our usual “possee” (what we called ourselves in high school. I so dislike losing friends and it definitely feels like I’ve lost this one. Today was okay but tough because she was very quiet and I also learned one of my best friends is going to Mexico for seven months. I will very much miss her!!!!!


I had checked the menu for the restaurant online and realized quickly they didn’t have a lot of options. They had one salad that was both vegan and gluten free but it just didn’t sound very appetizing to me. I knew I was taking a chance but I had an omelette with spinach and tomatoes and no cheese and a fruit salad. They put a gf bun on my plate, but it wasn’t worth the calories!

The food was fine and I haven’t gotten sick😀


I finished my second rug square today!!! Only six to go!

I wonder if I can do two a week and be done by the end of July???


I am still working away on my sweater and still happy with it. I know Kathy wants to see it, but I feel that that might diminish the excitement for when I finish it.


Last night I watched Sun, Sand and Romance.

It was cute and I liked the fact that it ended the opposite of most Hallmark movies. It was still happy, but different, which made a nice change.

Today I am back to being crazy and am watching “The Christmas Ornament”. I know, Christmas in July🤪. Though I did hear a commercial for Black Friday in July today so it must be okay:). I am enjoying this movie too. I love how baking is such a focus of it. I so want to bake, but don’t want to eat it all!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I am just so tired today!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “Okay

  1. Haha. I like what you said “wasn’t worth the calories”.
    Maybe I should consider in my diet what is and isn’t worth the calories 😉

  2. When we were in Devon in June there was a Christmas Shop and it was open and people were buying things. There used to be an all year round Christmas Shop in Liverpool and there is one in Amsterdam too, so it is okay to talk about/watch Christmas things.

  3. Omelette’s are so yummy so I’m glad you didn’t get sick from it! Speaking as someone who moved away from most of my friends (they pretty much all live in Chicago minus 2) it can be hard to constantly keep up with everyone. I wouldn’t necessarily worry that you lost this friend. If you can fall back into your “normal” routine when you see each other and have a good time then that’s what matters.

    1. Thanks Maureen! I hadn’t thought of that:)
      Can’t wait to read how your holiday went, but I have to run first

      1. You’re welcome! Sometimes I feel that way about my friends but what matters is the interactions while you’re together. At least in my opinion 🙂
        Have a good run!

  4. No wonder you are tired – you pack so much into a day! Sorry about the situation with your friend. It can be difficult when people move into other phases of their lives and we lose the friendship. But you still have other good friends, and will make new ones along the way!

  5. Oh my word!! The rug is looking excellent!! You are doing great with it😊
    You’re making me chuckle with “wasn’t worth the calories”🤣 I’ve said the same thing numerous times and I’m starting to be more aware of what is and isn’t worth it!

  6. That is one spectacular looking rug! I can’t wait to see it finished. I find that I don’t enjoy gluten free food. I’d rather skip the bread than eat a gluten free version.

  7. I keep hearing that Christmas in July phrase these days – we had a neighbor years ago and he used to put up all the outside Christmas decor and have a holiday party every July. He’d dress up as Santa, wife was Mrs. Claus, kids were elves. 🙂

    1. Woah that is something else! Personally I don’t do Christmas until after November 11th – seems disrespectful

      1. I agree with you AJ – enough is enough. Here Christmas begins on Black Friday and now they call it “Gray Friday” where people go out Thanksgiving afternoon and grab all the bargains. Then the Christmas rush begin in earnest.

      2. I agree – I hate they even started that … people would go in the evening after Thanksgiving dinner, now the sales start mid-day! Disgusting!

      3. Yes, the focus has gone from the holidays to the mall. The stores at the malls have to compete with Amazon’s prices so a price war ensues … they start advertising sales/prices for “Gray Thursday” days beforehand.

  8. My teacher son is exhausted too. I think the end of the year catches up with you wonderful teachers. > He arrived home from chiapas on Saturday. he has a cold and is ready to feel good and play on the lake with us! I can wait to see your knits!!!! It will be very fun

    1. Yup I’m definitely fighting a cold, but knock on wood it hasn’t come on yet. I hope he’s ready to play soon:)

  9. You are on the last row!!! 🍾🎉👏 My big accomplishment is getting Max out for a walk for the past three days. I think he’s willing because it has been so hot and humid that he can’t be outside very long during the rest of the day.

      1. Today, I sweetened the pot by letting him jump in the water channel running through the park. He may go for 2-3 more days just for that!😂 three more blocks and i predict you’ll start obsessing about what you want to make next!!

      2. Oh I already know that I need to get going on the afghan for my parents once I’m done the rug:)
        Glad you are both getting out for walks:)

    1. I know! Perfecting my cinnamon buns was on my summer list, but I’m trying to lose the five pounds I had put on- the two don’t go together at all!

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