Another good holiday day:) Do I have a Christmas song going through your head yet? Muhahaha


I actually had a timeline for my run today as I had places to be, so it was up and out the door for 6.1km. It went better than expected. I had given myself permission to walk at 20 minutes but actually didn’t have to walk at all:). I also came to a realization during this time. I’ve been upset that I’m slower than I usually am, but then realized it has also been hotter than it usually is. Hopefully this is the answer and I’m not slowing into old age already🤪


I met up with a teaching friend for lunch. It was so nice to see her and deliver the birthday and new job congratulations and gifts. We had a good catch up over some delicious mussels

Though they were very salty! She had invited a few friends from her new school to join us, and though I managed to visit for a bit, I bowed out early. I’m just not really great at talking to those I don’t know:(


After a lovely massage, and because I have to refrain from working out until tomorrow to enjoy my nice loose muscles, I managed to work on a new rug square for the duration of rewarding Sun sand and Romance. I’m a quarter of the way done already!! Hopefully I get this done before I leave as I don’t think I can cart the rug on my weekend trip!


I am almost finished my yoke- just four rows to go and I am hoping to finish it up tonight!

For Kathy so you can at least see the pretty yarn I’m using:) It’s Diamond Luxury: Foot Loose. I’m absolutely loving working with it as it’s so soft and I’m liking how it’s knitting up. The colours are definitely a departure for me!


I searched another store for my Schweppes diet gingerale and couldn’t find it again! I’m really not batting a thousand on finding drinks this week! I did manage to pick up an awesome hummus though! I’ve had this before and it has quickly become my favorite!

I managed to clean my hallway. I know it isn’t exactly a room, but it still needed dusting and the floor needed to be washed and now it’s done. As of now, I don’t have plans for tomorrow so I may just tackle the living room or kitchen, ugh:(


Tonight I am watching Frozen In Love.

I have to admit the main woman was very annoying at the beginning, but maybe she was supposed to be. It’s a cute movie:). I loved the book chats and wish there was a local bookstore that did that! I also have to admit this movie definitely benefited from having not one, but three very good looking actors in it! (I often wonder if they admit to doing Hallmark movies in real life🤣) I didn’t really love how they ended this movie though. It was just too abrupt and they needed to carry on with the story. Hallmark seems to have been doing several sequel movies lately so I’ll just keep hoping this is a story they’ll continue to tell in the future.

Ok that was a very quiet day overall!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “On the 10th Day Of Holiday

  1. Mussels are always a fine line. I find a lot of restaurants over reduce the sauce they’re in and they’re too salty.
    That yarn is GORGEOUS!!
    I actually haven’t seen Frozen in Love. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find a steam of it. Maybe I’ll have to try again in for managed to watch it! I always wonder if these people are proud of being in Hallmark Movies! Especially people like Rachel Leigh Cook who actually used to BE somebody! 😂😂 (she CAN be a little annoying though… Although, I liked her hallmark movie “autumn in the vineyard” it was decent!)

    1. Ooo I’ll add that to my list. Yes I find myself often wondering if they admit to being hallmark actors or just list off their other projects🤣

  2. I’m with you on talking to new people. This introvert is not a fan haha. But I’m glad you enjoyed lunch regardless! The heat makes runs feel infinitely harder so don’t be too concern about the pace.

    1. I managed a half hour or so, but I was definitely uncomfortable.
      I’m just trying to be consistent this summer. I’ll hopefully step up the speed in the Fall.

    1. I’m hoping for that!!! It just bugs when I feel like I’m running hard and then my phone announces an 8 something km/hr instead of my usual 9 something

  3. I have actually seen that movie! I ❤️ your yarn, the sweater will be awesome I bet, and I look forward to the big reveal. 😊 I think you have gotten the finish spurt going on your rug. I always get that with long projects, and it really does help!

    1. I liked the movie and will probably put it on again today when I’m working on my rug. I find listening to a movie keeps me working on my rug for longer.

      1. I put on the British Baking show last night and got my 10 rows knit without a fuss, amazing how just a little something really keeps you going!

  4. 168 days till Christmas Day, so yes I have Christmas tunes going through my head, mainly Deck The Halls and Annie Lennox’s version of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen!

  5. I like that yarn color – very unique and it will pair well with a multitude of colors. I’ve never eaten mussels, nor seen them so this was a first for me.

  6. OMG! I love mussels sooooo much. My husband is allergic to shellfish so I don’t prepare them at home, but you can be sure I order them at restaurants whenever I can!

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