I had a lovely surprise today!


I knew I was running this evening so this morning was just a walk. I got dressed and headed out into the cloudy day, got halfway up the hill and it started to pour; then just as I got to the point where I would turn around it started to get brighter so I kept going. Of course when I stopped to read the sign I’ve been curious about the last few weeks, I hit the wrong button and ended my run so then the second half didn’t even count:(. Can you tell it was a calamity of errors. I was so frozen, I let myself stop for tea at Starbucks on the way home!

I did a quick lunge and squat workout this afternoon. It looked so simple, but I don’t even want to think about how many of each o ended up doing!!!

This evening I got out for a run with Dennis. We did a local park which is all hills. I have actually ran this park both ways and it is within meters of the same both ways with equal amount of hills! You just can’t win! I did better than I thought I would!


About a month ago I had a parent in my classroom send me a recipe for vegan fettuccini Alfredo and today with the rain, I finally had the chance to try it:). The recipe was simple easy and turned out super yummy! Unfortunately I ruined the pasta by cooking it in too small of a pot so I have no good pictures to show you:(. The recipe can be found here:https://lovingitvegan.com/cheesy-garlic-vegan-alfredo-30-minutes/

Ice Cream/ Family:

I got the best phone call after lunch today- from my nephew Gus. I already don’t want to consider the day he doesn’t want to hang out with Auntie AJ! He asked to go for ice cream which is always okay with me😀 I had a quick visit with my adorable fur nephew Banks:)

At first he thought Menchies or Dairy Queen, but thankfully he finally decided on TCBY. It was close to home, but I didn’t have high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.

There were actually four options I could have which is more than I get at Menchies. One was vegan-almond milk chocolate and then there were three sorbets- strawberry kiwi, orange and mango. I ended up with a rainbow in my cup by trying a bit of each.

I would give TCBY a 3 out of 5 because I really do like finding creamy vegan ice cream and this was definitely sorbet.

Gus went crazy of course and had a much more complex dish. He chose cookie butter and cotton candy frozen yogurt. He said the cotton candy actually tasted like cotton candy. He then loaded up on the toppings which he said there was a good assortment of. He had strawberry pearls, crushed Oreos, cookie dough, crushed Skor, nerds, mini m&ms, and caramel drizzle.

Gus gives this place a 4.2 out of 5, worse than the Sweet Tooth creamery because the frozen yogurt didn’t taste as good as the ice cream.

I spent a bit of time hanging out with him and Banks- always the best part of a day!!!!


I am already halfway through my rug square for the week!!!😀


I have separated the sleeves from the body and have commenced on 13.5″ of stockinette in the round. I predict a lot of Hallmark movies in my future!!

Oh and I just had to show you the cute cup set I got from another teacher. The kid drive her crazy all year so she wasn’t in to keeping a “kitschy” gift from him, but I never taught him and thought it was cute, so I grabbed it!

Well I guess that’s it for me!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Lovely Surprise:)

  1. It looks like you had a really excellent day. That fettuccine recipe looks really good. Before I (mostly) stopped eating dairy, fettuccine alfredo was one of my favourites. A few weeks back I tried a vegan one at a really good Italian restaurant here and it was so disappointing. I’m excited to try another. That one looks promising.

    1. I had never had fettuccini before, but it definitely tasted good to me and the mom said it was her favorite. I see Oh She Glows also has a recipe for it and hers are usually good too:)

  2. I never thought that a teacher might give away a gift that a problematic child gave them but I totally get why they would! You scored big time since that is an adorable set.

    I haven’t gotten frozen yogurt in forever and both you and Gus have good looking bowls. Although my bowl typically looks like Gus’s once I put some toppings on haha.

    1. Lol the teacher mainly just didn’t like the gift- not her style.
      I would love my bowl to look like Gus’ but it would just take too long to figure out if I could eat any of those toppings. When I make sundaes at home, they look like that🤣

      1. It’s good to keep the ice cream brakes on, especially with a favorite nephew or grandson. We used to do things with three nephews. They now have children of their own and love far away.

      2. Ice cream brakes are hard! I’m trying to spend as much time with my nephew as possible while he still wants to!

      3. I know the feeling. We were sure our grandsons would outgrow us, so we spent as much time as we could with them when they were young. There is no guarantee that your nephew will remain close to you, but I’ll bet he will. My brother and I had a favorite uncle that we adored. His presence brought magic as long as he lived. We never tired of being with him.

  3. We used to have a TCBY nearby and it closed down for some reason but I used to love their huge waffle sugar cones. (Loved them too much to be honest.) I didn’t know they have machines now to dispense the ice cream. I’ll bet it is 10-12 years since I’ve been to a TCBY. Your fur nephew Banks is cute – is he a spaniel?

    1. Yes it seems like more and more places are moving towards these dispensing machines. The only thing I didn’t like about TCBY was that the girl only gave us two testing cups:(
      Yes Banks is a cock-a-pop- cocker spaniel, poodle cross. He really is even cuter in person!

      1. Our TCBY was cited for not being clean and they closed down to clean the store, etc. and I don’t think they ever opened back up. I think that about 2-3 months before they closed, my mom and I were there and our cones had a musty smell to them. We took them back … I had gone in to get our treats, and I thought it smelled strange walking to the car and handed my mom hers and she sniffed it and said it had been somewhere where there was water damage or something – it was musty smelling. I have Spring/Summer allergies so don’t have a keen sense of smell. I took them back and asked for two more. Cone had same musty smell, so asked for it in a cup and we never went back and then they closed. We have an ad on the radio for these robots that serve frozen yogurt (Fro Yo) and how you can get a franchise … so that must be the going thing these days.

      2. Yuck, musty cones! I’m not sure I’m to the point where I want a robot serving me ice cream!

      3. Yes, it was awful and I didn’t notice it walking back to the car, but my mom, who was sitting in the car, noticed it right away. A robot serving ice cream would take the fun out of watching them pack that cone, and handing it to you, as you salivate waiting on it. No interaction with a robot! What is the world coming to?

      4. Me too … especially me, since I work from home and have no family, and most of my friends from school live out of state. Otherwise days could go by if I don’t have errands that I don’t talk to people. I talk to my boss, but that is on the phone. I am always chatting it up when I’m at the Park.

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