Another pretty quiet day, but probably the last for the week.


This morning it was another 6.3km run. At least now I know a route that will give me that without running back and forth at the end. I just have to remember to do a loop of the first part of the walking path outside of the park and then continue on the bike path and I am golden. My legs were a little tired still from pushing to keep up with Dennis last night, so I took it easy and didn’t worry about speed today.

This afternoon I did a tabata workout that Lyndsay had given me. It was neat because one tabata was all legs, one for cardio, one for arms, one for abs and one for triceps. I definitely didn’t miss any muscle groups!

This evening it was so nice that I headed out for a walk around the inlet.

It was super busy, but still a nice evening to be out:)


I got right to work when I came in and got my kitchen cabinets wiped down and my floor washed. I need to remember to ask my mom how she gets my floor so clean because when I wash it, it never looks as good as when she washes it:( I need to know her secret!!! I also got my living room dusted and vacuumed. My house is almost livable again😜


I texted Brenda to see if she was up for having Knit day as when I looked at my sweater I knew I needed company! 12.5″ of stockinette in the round😳. That means knitting around and around until I go crazy! Even after I figured out I only needed to do 10.5″ because I’m so short, I still needed company. Brenda finished her top today and I got 6″ done. Maybe tomorrow….😀


I am currently working on my rug rows for the day so that I can hopefully get this done before my weekend!


Last night I watched Marrying Mr. Darcy.

It was cute, especially the dogs. This Mr. Darcy is definitely more approachable than the regular one. The only thing about the movie I didn’t love was how they used the whole non communicating storyline. It’s way too overused in the romance genre! Oh well, it had a cute ending and I like how Hallmark is doing sequels:)

Well, there’s my quiet day!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Round and Round

  1. Yay for sweater progress!! I bought yarn yesterday for a baby sweater and couldn’t wait to cast on, so I did. But progress is slow because of the 13 cables across the body!! 2″ from separating for fronts and back will make it “seem” to go quicker. LOL

  2. Hooray for knitting with others. I just have not found the time to get to the lovely group I like on Wednesdays . Seems my priority is the BARN and I dont mind knitting at home alone. I love when I do go and see the group. Hmmmmm. Maybe next week?

    1. It’s nice you have an interest in the barn and if you don’t go to the knitting group each week, you’ll have more to talk about:)

  3. Gorgeous country to walk and run in, when the sun is shining anyway! Excellent progress on the sweater and the rug, and a nearly clean house to boot!

  4. Marrying Mr. Darcy was one I was so excited for… But, I was hoping for more… How do you get your mother to wash your floors?? Ha ha! My place is getting unlivable right now as my man is working way too much and I’m working/reading way too much… So, we’re at a crossroads, and our mothers are nowhere to be seen! 😂💖

    1. My mom loves to clean so I’m lucky she passes through town on occasion:)
      Yup I’ve given up on clean, now I’m just going for tidy:)

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