I shouldn’t have days without a plan!


I got up this morning for a walk with Sarah and her dogs. It was a lovely way to start the day as it was cool in the forested park and I got my dog fix. Unfortunately we didn’t walk fast enough for it to count for points on Squad Runner. Oh well, I enjoyed the walk anyway!

This afternoon I did get a workout in. I should have known that a workout called Pylo Killer would leave me sweating buckets. There were three circuits and I had to do each two times. I did: high knees, 3D lunges, side shuffle, jumping jacks, side to side jumps, plank jacks, plank shoulder taps, skaters, curtsy lunges and quick feet. It wasn’t a long workout, but I definitely felt it!

Unfortunately I didn’t get out for the run I was planning to tonight:(


I managed to finish my weekly rug square today! I almost wish I was home this weekend so I could get going on the next one:)


Not a stitch, but I think I can take it with me this weekend.


I finished the book Hard Pressed by Kate Canterbary this morning.

I have to admit that this story wasn’t what I expected. Neither of the main characters, Jackson and Annette were like I thought they would be. Annette spent almost all of her time in her head and Jackson seemed to not think about things at all. Their whole relationship seemed to start just based on physical attraction.

I did however, love how this book had a lot of baking in it! It made me want to get up and make something.

The book also has good pacing and the two main characters are well presented in lots of detail.


I did manage to get in to get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. I love this, especially in the summer as it eliminates the need for everyday mascara so then I never have mascara running into my eyes while I’m running:). While I was there I got a pedicure too:)


I did run out and grab a couple of things for the weekend as I discovered a serious lack of summer stuff when I went to try it on:(

I think I’ll be packing in the morning🤣

Have fun!


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      1. I’ve been known to do that because there’s a place here where the pedi includes a hot stone massage!

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