This morning came way too soon after being up late doing laundry!


I knew I had to be up and out quickly for my run this morning in order to get everything done. I did a quick loop over to the park, around the park and home. Just thirty minutes, but I know I will appreciate moving when I’m sitting in the car all day!


I grabbed Starbucks and was off to meet Brenda. We got away with no problems and stopped only twice on the way up.

It was a super productive road trip for me as I got all the stockinette on my sweater body done on the my ya up. Maybe I will have a few minutes to get the ribbing down tomorrow:)

We got to Brenda’s parent’s place in time for tea and it was great to meet her brothers and sisters because of course I’ve heard about them all on our runs, so now I have faces to go with names:)

We headed over to our friend’s place about five O’clock and only made one wrong turn, pretty good for not having directions🤣

Unfortunately K had trouble at work and so was home late, but R was a great host. We visited for a bit and then headed out to grab pizza. I never knew that Panago Pizza does gluten free and dairy free pizza! It was so good! I’ve looked it up and there is one two blocks from me at home! I will definitely be getting some!

We had a lovely visit and ended the night with a hot tub. I so miss having a hot tub!!! I’m nice and warm and snug so now I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “On My Way

  1. Pizza looks delicious. Scenery is always so beautiful in your area. Enjoy the summer. Do you have to do any school planning or are you so familiar with the grade and organized that you can just go in and teach come fall.

  2. sounds like a great start to your trip. glad you were able to find a pizza that is tasty and you can eat

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