It was an amazing day start to finish!

Wow there is something really wonderful about having tea ready for you when you get up in the morning. I could get used to that very quickly!


We headed out pretty quickly to take in the local Saturday market. I had heard it was the biggest and best around, but now I know that for myself! Wow! It goes in three different directions and is about 2-3 blocks in each way!

We started off in the food truck area for breakfast. Everyone else had spud sticks and samosas. They looked wonderful!

We then wandered the market. I bought a marinade that R had that smelled delicious- lavender and herb and it is supposedly good on everything! I also bought a First Nations vase for R & K to say thank you for having us. Finally, I may have gone a little crazy at the vegan cheese stall. My parents had brought me home some last year from the wine festival and I had gone to get some in Vancouver, but then I got sick, so I figured this was my chance! It was really tough to decide, so I bought all but one of them. I will be dreaming of cheese tonight and I have been grinning ever since!

We also checked out an amazing second hand bookstore called, ” The Book Store”. It was amazing, but thankfully I had spent enough money by then to control myself!


We are definitely in the heart of wine country here so we decided to take in a few wineries. I don’t love wine because it’s not usually sweet enough for me, but it was still cool to see them!

We started at 8th Generation Wines.

It was neat and I didn’t mind the reisling, but I didn’t need to buy anything here.

We then moved onto Summer Gate wines where I actually bought a bottle of wine! My first ever from a winery. It is a Kerner and it is very sweet and smooth and yummy. I’ll actually have wine I like when company comes over. I also bought two bottles of sparking peach and raspberry juice as it was yummy too.

The final stop was the Summerland Cider Company.

Here I bought a bottle of cider and a box of apple juice that was to die for!! I definitely bought enough stuff today!!!


When I was a kid my brother would come up country for weekends and I always remembered him going on the channel ride and so I have had that on my bucket list for many years. Well today I got to take it off!!!! I unfortunately have no pictures as I left my phone safely at home but it was so awesome! We dropped a car off at the end and then went back to the start. R&K have this big party raft so we inflated it and piled on. You then float down the channel for about an hour (it was running fast) or two. It was the perfect day for this- not a cloud in the sky, good friends, good drinks and being on the water!

I must mention that K&R have found the spray Equate sunscreen from Walmart the best sunscreen and since we all came home with no sunburn, I’m lead to agree:)


When we got home, R made dinner for us. Braised short ribs, vegan mashed potatoes and bbq’d asparagus!

It was to die for!!!! I ate the whole thing very happily and think I may have to try making those short ribs at home!


Finally I did do a little knitting as we were visiting this afternoon. I asked and everyone said they were fine with it:). I managed to finish the body of the sweater and have started the first sleeve. Hopefully I’ll finish them up on the drive home tomorrow!

Well I am exhausted after all of that sunshine and activity today, so it’s off to bed I go!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “An Awesome Day!

  1. sounds like a great day and lots of fun. I love going to wineries too, but I don’t drink wine. I don’t like the taste of it. Glad you are getting to visit with friends over your summer break

      1. Good for you! Time’s a tickin’ … today I heard that “meteorlogically” speaking, today we are officially 1/2 way through Summer.

      2. Me either – we wait long enough to get to Summer, without hurrying it along too much. The grocery store was full of back-to-school supplies already … they’ve cleared out the patio and gardening items already and once the school supplies have been scooped up, it will be Halloween paraphernalia.

  2. That market sounds delightful!! I’m ready to go to one! I’ve never been to a vineyard as I don’t think I have any close to me and I don’t drink wine, but I read an autobiography of a couple that started a vineyard and ever since then I’ve wanted to go to one!!

    1. We have vineyards all over the place here now, but since I’m not a big wine drinker I had never bothered to go. My friends are and it was neat to see one!

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