It was another great vacation day… I could definitely get used to this!


I had a 5km run to do this morning for Squad Runner so I got right to it as today was supposed to be the hottest day this week. My run wasn’t super fast, but I felt really good!!!😀

Coming in from the run, I quickly grabbed some yogurt and berries and changed; then was out the door for a bike ride with my co- teacher. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we managed to do 23km!!! For my third bike ride in 20 years, I’m happy with that:). It was weird though that my bike did not easily keep up to hers though I was riding in gear 7 and she was riding in gear 3. I sure don’t understand bikes! I definitely started to feel a little more confident on the bike, though I can still be wobbly getting started and I worry about getting up hills. I am getting better with the gears though!

This evening I managed to get a workout in too. It was called skip and circuit. Three circuits with skipping in between- 5 minutes, 3 minutes and then 2 minutes.I had to do curtsy lunges, swing lunges, jump squats, tricycles, power jacks, mountain climbers, dips, and lateral lunges. I liked this workout as it only took 22 minutes but I felt it right away!

This evening I couldn’t resist the beautiful night and went for a walk around the water trail. It wasn’t crazy busy, so it was lovely. The one thing I can say is that though I am not fast in walking nor running, I am very good at holding a consistent pace:)


After our bike ride, my friend and I stopped at Stomping Grounds cafe for lunch. I was really looking forward to it as I usually sent myself goodies after my Sunday runs, but I was ready to indulge today! Unfortunately they don’t have their usual menu available on weekdays. I ended up just with an iced chai:(

We carried on to a bookstore that my friend had seen. It has used books, but also tea and gifts. I, of course couldn’t resist and came out with two new books.

The store was super cute, organized, a great use of space and reasonably priced:) I would definitely go back to Tomes and Tails again!


While I was out biking I got a text from fellow blogger Canadian Girl to see if I wanted to have coffee. I was tempted to say no and go home and knit the sleeves on my sweater, but as she’s been away enjoying a cruise, I was dying to hear all her news so off I went. I just had a tea and a great catch-up with her. I’m lucky to have such great friends in my life and she’s one of them, who just let me be who I am:). It was nice to hear about her travels (which you can read about on her blog) and catch up on what’s happening in her life. It’s funny, but our coffees ending with a trip to the grocery store next door has become routine:) It’s kinda nice to have company while grocery shopping:)


I began my new rug square today, though I really just wanted to knit!


I have gotten organized and gotten one decrease pattern repeat done for each sleeve today. I was hoping for more, but maybe tomorrow.


I have spent a lot of time today thinking of what to make for girls night tomorrow night. I’m thinking l do my fake Brie with mission fig balsamic spread on it, fruit bruschetta, pepperoni pieces and maybe veggies and dip. We’ll see what tomorrow brings though:)

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Active and Social

  1. Someday I want to go meet you and go for a walk too! I’m always amazed at how much you get done in a day, makes me seem very lazy even though I’m quite busy!

  2. sounds like a super active day. if you are going to start riding long rides on a regular basis you should look into getting a pair of padded biker shorts. Richard and I both swear by them. Too much seat time can be too much on your “seat” without the extra padding (:

    1. Yes! This one is great too in that I can take books in and get credit. I think I’d have to line it up with when I run or bike out there though as it’s not very close

      1. I used to go years ago when I was younger … we’d come over from Michigan to a place near Windsor after going to Holiday Beach in Amherstberg for swimming and a picnic. One time it was really hot and my father was wearing shorts and he had forgot to take along long pants and said “I’ll be fine in shorts” … not fine, as he got friction marks from the saddle cinch straps rubbing against his bare thighs. Looked very painful.
        I loved going horseback riding and went alot, up to my teens. I was at this place (called “Boots and Saddles”) and was there in 1972 with friends. One of my friends, very petite, had never been riding before. They gave her a smallish mare just back from “maternity leave” and I am tall and had a fairly big horse and also a bigger horse as I’d ridden before. We went out on the trail and her horse ran alongside my horse and somehow spooked it and my horse reared up. I always had one hand on the pommel for that very reason … scared me and my horse scared her horse who swerved. My horse came back down on all fours, but its front hoof hit my friend’s leg … it swelled up and we thought it was broken. We had to cross the border and get to the hospital near where we lived … it turned out it never even broke the skin, but it was bruised very badly and her calf was black and blue and swollen for a long time. She never wanted to go riding again – I never got on a horse again either. It was a shame as I loved to ride.

      2. Oh that’s too bad:(. I’m surprised you haven’t tried again. I do worry though that I’m just too small to horseback ride.

      3. The Boots and Saddle horseback riding ranch had an electrical fire and burnt to the ground. What horses were saved were moved to another farm to be stabled, but we did not know where. I used to work with several women who lived in Windsor and took the tunnel bus across to Detroit every day to work. Another woman lived about an hour away in a rural area (she raised golden retrievers and had german shepherds and tracked with them as a hobby) and she remembered my story about the accident and told me she read it in the paper or saw it on the news. There is nowhere around here that I know of. I did feel uneasy climbing back on a horse after what happened to Debbie. She had never ridden and was apprehensive to begin with, but her older sister and her friend had been riding before so we all tried to say there was nothing to worry about. I felt badly as it was my horse that did that to her leg. I was sure it was broken the way he landed and brushed against her leg. My great grandparents owned a farm near Guelph and my grandmother was hitching the wagon to go into town to church, and one of the old horses was spooked, reared up and came down on the top of her foot and broke a lot of bones – she never walked properly again, nor could she wear a normal shoe as her foot was deformed as a result of the accident.

      4. Wow you e had several traumatic horse events in your past! No wonder you haven’t gotten back on. I wouldn’t either!

  3. I’m chuckling at the name of the knitting book “25 MORE bags” like you already have a million projects….here’s a few more to tack on haha
    I actually just thought about making myself a bag to carry knitting/crocheting stuff in wherever I’m going!

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