My mom came home for a day🎉🎊


I got up this morning knowing I needed to get my 6km run in right away before it got any hotter! It is nice now that I know a 6.3km route in my neighborhood as I didn’t have to plan or measure it really think, just plod. It wasn’t too bad though I really should have still taken some water with me!

Unfortunately that was my only exercise of the day:(


I have a better picture to show you of my sweater that I finished yesterday:)

I normally don’t like to have multiple projects on the go, but I’m going to do a headband out of the tiny bit of yarn I have left over so that I can delete the skein from my stash:). My mom thinks this headband will be good for me as it requires me to read a chart which I normally avoid like the plague. I just like that it is from one of the knitting books that I own so now I have reason to buy more as I obviously use them🤪🤣

I also started an entrelac purple scarf for my friend K that I hope to have finished by the September long weekend when I will see her again. One of my HPKCHC classes asks me to do something scary and entrelac definitely is scary for me!

My mom also helped me pick out the bag I will knit from my newest knitting book. I got given handles so I obviously need to make a bag🤣

Hopefully some of these things will be done soon!


I met up with my mom about 2pm today as she came into town for an appointment. It was so great to get a mom hug- nothing beats it!

We stopped at Michaels so I could grab needles, but they didn’t have them and now it turns out I don’t need them! We also had a quick look through Pier 1. I always live just wandering with my mom- nice to have someone to say, “oo look at that” to!

We ended up going from there to visit my nephew. We didn’t think anyone was home so were sitting in the front yard when lo and behold my nephew opened the door. He was happy to see us as it meant he could go swimming. We spent about an hour sitting around their beautiful backyard! Ugh I should have picked up a new swimsuit right away!!!

It was so cute watching this one play with my nephew! Nephew love!!!!


We ended up going out for dinner with my nephew and sister in law. I always love spending time with her – I am VERY lucky in the SIL department!! We hit Red Robin and I had a lettuce wrapped burger. It was very yummy, but gone before I remembered to take a picture of it?


Last night I watched Love Blossoms. A Hallmark movie about a daughter trying to reinvent the perfume her father created and she uses the help of a botanist to do it. They of course, fall in love. It was entertaining, but definitely not my favorite movie.

I’m not sure where today went! I’m off to watch another movie and get my rug rows done for today.

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Love hearing Mom was in town to Give you a hug! I am sure Mom loves her hugs from you too.

    My kids came to the LakeHouse this past weekend and I so enjoyed their company and hugs!

    The sweater is fabulous!

  2. I like the sweater even better based on this picture! I didn’t even realize the yarn had some mint green in it before. I’m glad you got to spend some time with your mom, nephew, and SIL yesterday. How fun!

  3. Beautiful sweater. Your relationship with your mom reminds me of mine with my mom. After she passed away, I became closer to my dad which was good as it was needed. Then he passed away but I felt great about our relationship.

  4. sounds like a good day. I like that sweater a lot and can’t wait to see what the headband looks like. glad you had fun with your mom it is always nice to shop with someone you can make comments with.

  5. It looks like you had wonderful family time! The sweater is just beautiful. ❤ Good luck with the entrelac, I’m sure you’ll have fun with it.

  6. This picture did your sweater justice – you got it in a different light angle. I thought the headband sounded like a good idea yesterday and wanted to mention it. Hairbands are handy to have and by the time you wear this when it is cooler, look how long your hair will be by then.

    1. Yes I am much happier with this picture as it’s much more true to life!
      I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear the headband to keep my ears warm when I’m running:)

      1. I hate cold ears – I’m in hat by mid-October through mid-April … too many years of riding the bus left me being prepared for cold weather like the Girl Scouts. 🙂

  7. I feel like I missed something in previous posts! Didn’t your mom live close by to you? I seem to recall you stopping into their house on your runs?
    Your sweater looks great! And how can you beat a beautiful day by the pool and dinner with family!!
    Also, Love Blossoms was a cute movie!

    1. My parents have an apartment they stop into every once in a while that is close to me, but they actually split their time between their boat and their trailer. They’re living their retirement dream:)
      Thank you and I liked that movie too, but not as much as the one I watched last night:)

      1. Yup it must be a nice life! I’m happy for them as they’ve worked hard and I actually didn’t think they’d ever get to retire

    1. I’ve been wondering what the difference is between Flax and Flax Light. I definitely like TinCanKnits though, their patterns are great!

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