Not down as in depression, just much more quiet and low key with not a lot accomplished.


I got up this morning and got a workout in right away. I’ve been an even slower runner than usual lately and just in case it’s due to lack of muscle rather than the heat, I figure I’d better get back to the regular workouts! This one was short, but since everything included balancing, it was tough! I got through it though😀

Midday I was super silly and went for a walk! I thought the trail would be shady enough, but it really wasn’t! Just 3.5km, but something.

This evening it felt like I was standing in a furnace when I showed up at the river for my run with Dennis. I was slow, but 5km got done. We passed three other groups running and one of them wasn’t friendly! This really stood out to me because most of the time runners are super friendly when you meet them out on the trail! Dennis was a sweetie and looped back to me repeatedly, but the best thing that can be said about that run is that it got done and I found out I can now run in my Lululemon shorts without having them ride up! 🎉🎊 Have to celebrate the little things!


I took my mom to an appointment today and happily wandered around the area for a while. I found a new bookstore called Western Sky Books.

I looked but didn’t love how the store was set up as it seemed like there were books everywhere and the aisles were really narrow! I found an allergy cookbook, but it was $15! I also looked at the Nora Roberts for my mom but they wanted $7 each!! I like to support local, but I also need my money to go far!

I wandered along and looked at stores that I had heard about, but hadn’t been into. I really should have gone into the butchers to see if I could get shortribs, but didn’t think of it:(. I also found the pancake place Dennis is always talking about- I may have to try it out:)

We stopped at the mall, it it was obviously not my day for shopping as nothing planned out.


I have started my headband and am following the chart quite well:). I probably would have gotten a lot more done if I hadn’t had an unintended two hour nap today!


Last bight’s movie was My Favourite Wedding. It was quite cute though I found the main female character annoying. She thought she needed to help everyone. I know that realizing she didn’t was her big growth, but her know it all attitude still annoyed me. The male lead kind of made up for it though with his awesome smile:)


I’m off to do my rug squares right now!

Well I’d better get to it!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “A Down Day

  1. I’m with you on supporting local places. When I was younger I adored going to our local bookstore. If those books were new then those prices aren’t bad at all!

  2. sounds like a good day even if you didn’t feel it was totally productive. some days you just need to ramble around during the summer and realize that slow is good.

    1. Lol I’ve been trying to slow down lately and not be in a rush all the time. It’s a tough concept for me though!🤣

    1. Yes I try to do local knitting, local books, local ice cream, non chain restaurants, etc:)
      I love that sign that says you’re not buying a CEO his third vacation house, rather a daughter dance lessons and a son hockey equipment!

  3. I love your excersize. ONLY walked 3.5k? They just moved me to a different store for work and it’s a 5k walk now (well, more like 4.5k… But, whatever.) and I’m DYING. I walk all the time, but a couple of days of that (of course, I’m on my feet all day at work as well) and I am crazy sore… I don’t know how you do it. I know I’ll get used to it eventually, but… Blah.
    I can’t remember My Favourite Wedding too much, but you know my love of Paul Greene… Me-ow 😻 he’s so great… I love Maggie Lawson in Psych, but I feel like she’s always a buy of an annoying character. 😞

    1. You’ll get used to the walk:). When I started I couldn’t go to the mailbox and back without stopping and resting.
      I love Paul Greene – he could get me to watch almost anything!

  4. I love book stores with narrow isles and books piled up everywhere! I find them cozy and its fun to hunt through the books! It sucks that it was kind of expensive!

    A workout, a walk, and a run doesn’t sound like a down day to me! Hahah good job!

  5. The heat just saps your strength … we have one more day of it, then a strong storm tomorrow and a few days of cooler weather … that has been our weather all Summer … nothing normal about this Summer at all!

      1. The heat and humidity in August doesn’t do a thing for me, but because I complain about the snow I figure I cannot complain. I do whine about the snow as I don’t like to drive in it – the cold is uncomfortable, but I rode the bus many years and am equipped with warm clothing to combat the cold – if it clear and dry, no ice and snow, I am happy. (And no bugs! I hate bugs!)

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