It had its lovely moments, but overall, maybe I should have stayed in bed!


I got out this morning for a run so I could finish off the 7km mission. I only had to do 1.8km to get the mission, but ended up getting through 4.1km:). Then I got home to see that Squad Runner didn’t award me any points for my run, nor recognize that I had completed the mission. This new version of the app might be pretty, but it’s so buggy that it is driving me crazy!!!! I emailed the app contact so hopefully I will get the points. I know it’s good I did the run, but I WANT THE POINTS!!!😖


I had plans to meet up with friends for lunch and had said I would bring dessert. My friend loves chocolate so I knew I had to go that route. I decided brownies would be a good idea:) I chose to make The Ultimate Flourless Brownies from the Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook by Angela Liddon. The recipe, cut in half, can be found Here. These were very easy to make and my friends were amazed when I said they were vegan, gluten free and dairy free. One even said they were the best brownies she ever had. It made a nice presentation with the brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and sundae sauce. I also learned Hershey’s sundae sauces are gluten free and dairy free:). I’m sorry I have no pictures and I left the extras with my friend. This is definitely going to be my new go-to brownie recipe though as it was super easy to make and yet chewy and moist. I was surprised it cooks in a loaf pan, but it turned out great!


It was great to meet up with two friends from work for lunch. My one friend lives quite a ways out and has a lovely piece of country property! We had awesome bruschetta, then spinach salad with strawberries and egg in it and then my brownies. After lunch we hung out in her backyard

And with her other guests:)

Talk about cool, having two horses stick their heads through the hedge for carrot tops!


After lunch L and I headed out with her son for a bike ride. We planned to do the same 20km route I did with my other friend a few weeks ago. I was surprised when her son wanted to turn around at only 3km, but the 6km ride was probably a good thing as I took an unexpected dismount from my bike. No broken bones, but lots of cuts, scrapes and bruising:( I think I’ll just be taking it easy tonight!

I had some blood orange gelato from the Sweet Tooth Creamery to help the pain. I may not be chewing for a bit:(


Last night I watched the Hallmark movie, One Winter Weekend and loved it!!! The characters were funny and I liked how they didn’t like each other at first. It definitely didn’t hurt that the lead male was adorable! I think I’ll watch it again tonight to take my mind off my hurt.

Have fun!


52 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Sounds like it was a rough tumble, get better soon!!

    Aside from that it sounds like you had a great day. Your friends house is gorgeous! The brownie recipe looks like a good one too.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your bike fall. I’m also on Squadrunner and agree that the new updated app is so frustratingly buggy. All of my teammates have been having issues with it.

  3. I just love your adventures! Did you know the horses were on the other side of the fence, or did that come as a surprise? Your friends yard is lovely!

    1. I actually did know they would come for a visit as she talks about them at work a lot:)
      Her yard is gorgeous- her and her man are both gardeners

  4. ouch it hurts when you fall off a bike. hope a bit or rest and ice helped you feel better today.

    that yard was beautiful and how cool to have the horses watching you over the fence.

    I’ll have to go check out your brownie recipe. I have a go to brownie recipe, but I”m always game for a new recipe to try

  5. What a beautiful piece of property! Love bruschetta,! Glad you are doing well. I made a lunch date with an old friend from grad school for next week. We met unexpectedly while I was subbing. She was glad I called, also! I am looking forward to this!!

  6. #1 great horse photos! OH my gosh. THey could win a contest for peeking through the trees!
    #2 ouch. Road rash is a pride thing for cyclists here. I don’t see why. Im tired of soft foods. Dental work 2 1/2 weeks ago.
    #3 Take care of you!

    1. The horses were super cute!
      After five dental surgeries in a year, I never wanted to have soft food again, but it’s back to apple juice for me today.
      Thank you- hopefully I heal quick!

    1. I wish I had posted the picture of the two heads through at the same time- so cute!!!
      I am definitely taking it easy- lots of sleeping and icing

  7. I need to watch the Hallmark station more often.

    How beautiful your friends property is. And those Horses!! How fun!

    But so sorry you got hurt. Feel better!

    1. Yes I enjoy the Hallmark movies/)
      Her property is lovely, but I wouldn’t want her commute!
      The horses were the highlight or at least better than the wipeout

    1. Oh I’m so glad I didn’t break anything! Just a lot of bruised muscles, cuts, scrapes, etc. hopefully I’ll be back to normal by the weekend

  8. Wow – what a beautiful backyard. I think the horses were looking for brownie samples. Glad you didn’t break any bones when you took a tumble – hopefully not bad road rash. You still have another month of vacation to get through!

  9. It’s funny how hung up we all get on validation from apps! Ha ha! I know that if I can’t walk around with my phone it bothers me it says I didn’t make my steps! 😂
    Sounds like you had a great day MINUS your unexpected dismount. I hope you feel better from that! 😕 I hear gelato cures all! 😉 Your friend’s backyard looks amazing!! And I don’t think I’ve seen one winter weekend… I wonder if that’s one that wouldn’t stream from me in the past… I’ll have to try again!

    1. Yup if the run isn’t recorded, it didn’t happen!
      I’m slowly healing from my dismount so that’s good!
      Oh I loved One Winter Weekend!!!!

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