I like when my mom has an appointment and has to come into town! Nothing exciting, but still lovely:)


So thinking I’d be able to run this morning was crazy!! It took about 2km of walking before I could do so without horrible pain! Oh well, I got the 40 minute mission done and got some points for my team. I really can’t wait to be able to go back to running though!!!

I made the mistake of putting my regular pace into a pace converter and boy am I slow compared to all these runners I follow on here and instagram!☹️


I picked my mom up and after she had examined me (I really don’t look bad) we headed out shopping. My shopping goes slightly quicker these days as I mostly have to limit myself to the kids department. Who knew I would spend my childhood shopping in women’s and my adulthood shopping in kids?!?! It actually makes me smile every time I think about it!

I found a few things. The winter jacket is desperately needed as I shrunk out of all of my jackets last year. The sports gear will of course get used lots! The First Nations dress…well does it count as covering the First Nations content of the curriculum if I wear that dress???🤣🤪. I’m just kidding, but I’m pretty sure it will come in handy at work!


After an appointment which was twenty minutes late, and took all of five minutes, we finally had a late lunch. I gave my mom a list of options and she chose our regular. I love it, but I never end up taking her anywhere new.

It worked out though as in addition to sharing yummy fish and chips, my brother was able to stop by after work and visit with us too. It was nice to see him, but I think we may have shocked the waitress a bit. The owner knows us both, but nobody who didn’t know would guess my brother and I are related!🤣


I have to say that I have been obsessed with Polysporin this week. I’ve been consistently putting it on all of my cuts and scrapes and I’m happy to say that most are almost healed! I would definitely recommend having some of this in your house at all times, if you’re anything like me! Now if only they could create a product that works on bruising!


I feel like I haven’t been reading much lately, but it’s just because I started reading a book, found out it wasn’t the first in the series and put it down again. Of course, the book I ended up reading,It Started With a Kiss by Ella Quinn is actually the 4th in its series :(🤦🏼‍♀️

It was a lovely book and very true to the regency time period.

I liked how strong and outspoken the main female character was.

The Worthington family is lovely and crazy and makes every scene come alive. I can only hope the series will continue right to Mary!

The lead male drove me crazy with his need to “protect” his betrothed, but that is probably true to the time period.

The slight twist at the end was fun.


I did a bit more shopping this evening, but it was at Costco so not as much fun. My mom had told me her and dad love the shrimp plate at Costco and since I needed gas I decided to go in and get it. Well my $15 shrimp plate cost me $58! 🤣🤣. Can never get out of Costco without extras! At least I was limited by how much I could hold!


I’m just about to start work on my headband as I am trying to have it done before the end of the month! Abbey requested a picture of the charts for my headband.

Here’s the first chart that I am actually complete.

Here is the second one that I am halfway through.

And here is the third one I have to look forward to!

Well I better get to it or I will never get to that third chart!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Quality Time

    1. No I still have to check every time there is a cross as to which one it is!!! I shouldn’t have started it as the variegated yarn I’m using won’t show up the design very well:(. I might be crying yet!

      1. It drives me nuts! I wish they had made the symbols for the six different crosses really different then there would be a chance I would remember them!

      2. Or my mom just suggested colour coding the chart which would have been a good idea!!! Photocopy and then colour it:)

    1. I usually avoid charts just because they seem to take longer than just written instructions, but this set is actually quite nice as they’ve numbered every row:)

  1. When you say your mom is in town, I picture some little town but I know that is probably not right. Probably the town is more like 250,000 people in the vicinity. Hats off to following the complicated knitting pattern!

      1. In 2016, my current city in Florida had a population of 377,165 and the small Catskill census was 359. There are many smaller towns making up the area but I may have been generous when I mentioned 1000.

  2. Yup Polysporin works, and we have Neosporin here in the U.S. Growing up it was “Spectrocyn T” ointment for scrapes. I was running for the bus back in 2002 and tripped on a sidewalk crack – OMG my knee. I didn’t go to a doctor and got to work to a real mess. Our office did not have a first-aid kit at all and so they sent me to the Office of the Building. I had some big project at work that day, maybe a Brief or something, and was distracted thinking about it and running to not miss the bus and tripped. So, my leg was wrapped up and really stiff by the end of the day. We had first aid stuff at home and my mom dressed it for me, as it was just below my knee and I could not see it well. (I’m tall.) It was wrapped up like that a good month to keep it dirt free – like a road rash, so I feel for you, believe me.

    1. When I was growing up my dad would always put Dettol on all our cuts and scrapes but now I go with peroxide and polysporin:)

  3. those are some cute pieces you got. Have you even ended up at work wearing the same clothes as one of the kids in school since you are shopping in the kids section? That would be funny.

    1. Yes my very first day of teaching, a child commented she had the same shoes as me. I do my best to look professional at work so more likely to happen in the weekends

    1. Yes hopefully that dress will come in handy and I definitely needed a new winter jacket!
      The book was good, just a little mad at myself that I started with #3!

  4. Kids dept? You are tiny! Of course, things tend to be a bit cheaper in kids shoes and clothes… it’s just finding them in a more mature look that’s the problem 😛 My daughter tops in around 4’10 so I’m aware of those issues. Myself on the other hand… ha….not so much so.

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