A quiet day, but I did get some stuff done, though nothing important.


I obviously need to figure out which titles I have used before. Does anyone have a good system for keeping track?


My walk today went much more smoothly. I tried running and that still hurt, so I was smart for a change and just walked. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get back to running. Squad Runner drove me nuts again as it didn’t give me any points so yet again I have had to email the support team. It’s enough to put me off running for this team!!!

I was going a little nuts with wanting to work out, but figured I probably shouldn’t as I’m supposed to work out with L tomorrow. I don’t want to hurt myself before then! I came up with a good compromise though and did an ab workout.

10 crunches

20 double foot drops

30 toe touches

40 bicycles

50 I don’t remember:(

60 butterfly crunches

70 heel touches

80 reverse crunches

90 static crunch with scissor feet

100 twisted mountain climbers

I should probably be doing this workout a lot more often!!!


I spent much of today knitting and finishing off my headband. I really didn’t want to face another day of those charts and also I wanted it to count for the Charms class in HPKCHC on Ravelry.

My mom had the good idea that I should have photocopied the pattern and colour coded it. I was actually eleven rows from the end when I finally remembered what one of the symbols meant🤦🏼‍♀️😫

It worked out fine though I’m not completely happy that the edging is not even on both sides so the headband doesn’t look symmetrical. Since it’s just for me running in the winter, I won’t take it apart, but if I make another I would be sure to make the edging equal! I would also use a heavier weight of yarn if I make it again, but it did do what I wanted (used up the end of the ball of yarn).

This pattern was from my 60 Quick Knits using Cascade yarn. Since I used my book, it means I don’t have to feel guilty buying knitting books because I obviously use them🤣


I have thankfully finished another book today, Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis. I was starting to get worried that I had lost my reading mojo.

It took me a bit to get into this book but that may be due to the fact I had read the rest of the series a while ago.

Once again, I really liked the supporting cast of friends. Shalvis does a great job of incorporating a variety of characters and making them realistic and believable. She does such a good job that I disliked Elle for most of this book!

I also liked how the main characters changed realistically. Colbie learns to not do everything for others and Spence learns balance. It isn’t instantaneous which just makes these lessons more believable.

The Christmas theme isn’t so grand that you can’t enjoy this book at other times of the year thankfully.

I would recommend the book for anyone who is looking for a strong series or who enjoys reading about the artistic type.


Well I’m going to start my next rug square and watch a movie.

Have fun!


41 thoughts on “Unimportant Finishes

  1. That DOES look like a pretty good workout. I’m not trying it haha.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve used titles more than once. I like to reference songs or movies and some are pretty usable.

  2. You sound like you are healing well, hope you can run again soon. Hurrah for finishing the skein of yarn. Those bits can be a little frustrating after awhile. Another rug square…only 2 left after this one! 👏

    1. Yes I couldn’t delete the skein from my stash until I had actually used it all. Thankfully after the headband I had about two feet left which I happily put in the recycling!

  3. I keep meaning to ask: Which province are you in Canada? I was looking at a map yesterday tracing the route of family travelling and I found myself wondering which area you are in. Very pretty scenery.

  4. Your headband looks great! I think that was wise of you to take it a little easier with your exercise today so you can get back to it sooner rather than later 🙂

  5. The headband is nice for Winter … I didn’t think it looked lopsided. Do you use the search function on your blog AJ? The first four years on WordPress they had this function called “OmniSearch” … so it was great and I used it all the time to check if I used a title before. Then one day I had a great title idea and thought I used it before … went to OmniSearch (used to be on left-hand side where all the different catagories are) and not there. I thought maybe I had somehow clicked it off or something but it didn’t come back. Asked the “Happiness Engineers” and they said “no one ever used it, except maybe you and a few others, so we discontinued it” … they gave me directions but I couldn’t figure out to create a new search function, wrote back and said could someone just put it on my blog and they said “no” but sent me a video how to do it – ended up being simple, but the video helped. I used it a lot! But now it is on my main page, but I see others have it on their main page as well. You can search for key words and see if you used it before.

    Here are the instructions they sent to me and I can e-mail them using your address that shows up in the comments if you want:

    Chris Diehl (Automattic)

    Nov 15, 21:27 UTC

    Hi there!

    If you go to Customize -> Widgets -> Primary Widget Area, you can add a search widget and drag it to the top of the sidebar’s widget area. Check out this GIF of the process: https://cloudup.com/cSRD2ST7kJk

    If you run into any problems I am happy to walk you through the steps!

    Chris Diehl

    Happiness Engineer @ Automattic

      1. I find it very helpful AJ and the first time I didn’t understand the directions, but when he made this little .gif tutorial (I called it a video) it was really easy to do. Good luck with it – I use mine all the time, especially when I want to link to an earlier blog post I’ve written to pass along to someone or use in a current post, and I’m USUALLY able to find it on “search” … sometimes I spell it wrong. LIke the other day, when I mentioned the horseflies, I wanted to show someone a post I wrote about a huge (and I mean huge) dead fly in a can of creamed corn. I was searching for “corn fly” and not “cornfly” and the search did not work right.

      2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for the old Cowsills song “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” … silly song, but it works so well when I’ve been out on a walk at the Park and it started to pour. Feel free to use it if you have a few older followers. 🙂

  6. It looks like the .gif worked on how to do the Omnisearch … not necessary to e-mail it to you after all. I’m not good with printed instructions and whenever I have to learn something new in Microsoft Word, or most other things, I try YouTube for a video forst.

  7. I am in awe of your ab workout! I’m not ready for that level yet. YET! 🙂 Good for you turning your pain during the run into a positive workout regardless!

  8. sounds like a great ab workout. I don’t typically worry about repeating my blog titles unless it is recipes or something that I would link in another post, but that’s just me.

    sounds like a tough, but great workout. I like the headband, and I don’t think I would mind it being off a bit since no one’s head is balance either (o:

  9. Ha ha! I’m pretty sure I said the EXACT SAME THINGS about that book when I reviewed it for my “Twelve Days of Christmas” last year! 😂😂 It definitely didn’t feel Christmasy (which I guess is good for you, since it’s July) ha ha! Was this the one where the guy gets drunk on Jameson’s in a glittery pink princess tshirt? Lol! If so, I loved that part. 😉

    1. Yes it is!!! I loved that part too:). It wasn’t Christmassy which is good for the series, but not good if you’re looking for a holiday book. I get why it’s called that, but I don’t think it’s the best title for it!

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