It was so hot I had to escape!


I went for my usual Sunday morning run, but still couldn’t run:(. It was a good walk and my legs are definitely feeling better.

I also joined up with L for a workout. I was on the bike again and boy is that a workout! I had a small sweat Lake under me by the end:)

I had to modify the weights a bit but managed to get swing squats, jump lunges, 180 jumps, row and press, and frogger jumps done. I was a sweaty mess by the end but it felt good to workout!

I got an easy 3km walk done with my parent’s friend A and her fur-grand baby.

When it hurt my arm to run, my running buddy who is a retired ER nurse had a look at it. Unfortunately she thinks I may have a crack so she wrapped it and I’ll try to get an x Ray tomorrow:(

I’m really hoping it’s just badly bruised!!!


My parents have been anchored in downtown Vancouver for about a week and because today was supposed to be the hottest day, I ran away to their boat. I figured the coolest place to be would be the water!

It’s been lovely! Here’s a few pictures to show you:)

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Away

  1. those pictures are beautiful what great sights to enjoy Hope your arm is ok, that would really stink if you fractured it

  2. When you fell, did you hit your head? If so, I would take a few days off of running!! I passed out one time and got a concussion (because of course I did lol) and the doctor made me sit out of track practice for a week or two so my brain could heal.

    Fingers crossed it’s just a bruised arm!

  3. OH NO!!!! I hope you don’t have a break! Please take care of that paw. Speaking of paws…Doggo photos!!!!
    I had no idea Vancouver was so beautiful!

    1. I hope so too. I’ll go to the doctor so better safe than sorry!
      The dogs were so cute! I went on a walk with the bigger one last night:)
      Yes Vancouver can be gorgeous!

  4. I fell on my elbow way back when, hairline fractures in both directions, but if that’s all it is, they X-ray and say you have a hairline fracture, but that’s usually it, because immobilizing the joint is way worse than just telling you to use a pillow. Now if it’s closer to the wrist, maybe not, but a I hope for your sake, nothing else. Is it very bruised? That might give you a hint. Regardless, it may ache for the six weeks it would take for the bone to heal, and with your dairy allergy, a higher calcium supplement would be in order. Now I sound like a mom….sorry!

    1. I like moms so that’s okay!
      It hurts just above my wrist on that bone that goes up the back of your arm. I had bruising on the front of my arm, but that’s gone. We shall see what the doctor says today

  5. A boat is always nice to have or access to one. My friend and I ate lunch together on the wharf and watched the boats go by. That was a good lunch catching up.

  6. I hate to say, but if the ER nurse is afraid its serious……prepare yourself AJ. OUCH. Let us know what happens. She’s probably right…but i hope she’s wrong

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