Today was an interesting day!


I started the day with a walk with A and Moiya the puppy. It was a lovely walk:)

That’s unfortunately the only exercise I’ve had.


I called first thing this morning to get an appt with my doctor. I was able to get one for this afternoon so I went back home for that. Unfortunately, I forgot my keys on the boat:(.

It turned out the doctor sent me for x rays but thinks I have pulled the ligament that runs the entire length of the ulna bone in my arm. I’m happy to hear it’s probably not broken (I’ll get confirmation tomorrow), but unfortunately the recovery time is double what it would be for a break:(. At least I don’t have to do much more than don’t do anything stupid!

My house was super hot so I decided to come back to the boat for another night.

Small World:

My dad had given a fellow boater a ride to the dock this morning and this evening he picked him up again. My dad is a social butterfly and so brought him back for a drink. It turns out his best friend was babysat by my mom and his brother was my dad’s friend.

I’ve just learned that you never say a word to anyone as it will turn out they’re someone you know!

I’m off to enjoy my book.

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Back and Forth

  1. At least it’s not a broke bone! Broken bones stink because first there’s a cast then typically a brace and sometimes physical therapy since the muscles are weak.

    The world is so small sometimes, it’s crazy!

    1. Yes though I may need PT when this ligament is done healing too:(. I am happy it’s not broken though!!!!
      Yup the world gets smaller the older I get!

  2. Good and bad news on the arm, but no cast is a huge plus! Enjoy that book. Did you already read Moby Dick? I’m thinking that will be my next listening book. Thoughts?

  3. Ha ha! Funny what a small world it is! Everyone always winds up knowing everyone! 😂 6 degrees of separation!
    It sucks that sometimes pulling a muscle or ligament can be worse and more painful than a break! 😕

    1. Yup the world gets smaller the older I get. Probably doesn’t help that I come from a relatively small place and am third generation from the same street!🤣
      Yup I’m not going to like having to listen to this arm for the next several weeks:(

      1. THIRD generation?? Wow! My man was second generation on his street… I don’t know if they have anyone at 3rd yet! (his whole street is like that too. There are at least 3 families with the kids living across the street from their parents)

  4. ouch! hope you don’t have to have surgery on the ligament. And it stinks that it’s during the summer when life should be less crazy not more.

    I always think it is strange when you find connections with people you don’t know you might know in some way shape or form

    hope you have a great day today

      1. does it hurt to knit or do your other crafts? that could really make life miserable

      2. A little bit, but as long as I don’t have to turn my arm and can keep it supported I seem to be okay

    1. Thank you! The EE nurse was right with her first diagnosis. She says next time she’s not listening to me whine and is just going with her knowledge😀

  5. Wow thats crazy about the guy your dad met! It really is a small world! In college I ended up becoming friends with this guy who turned out to be my mom’s best friend’s godson. We had not idea! People’s lives are so complex and there are so many interactions its fun when we get to see the strings behind the scenes!

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