Late Night

I got home last night and did nothing but fall into bed!


I decided to take it easy on myself and I just went for a walk in the morning. Nothing exciting, though it was nice and cool out. Actually it was too cool for me, I came home and drank tea wrapped in a blanket!


I got another little bit done on both of my sleeves. I can’t believe these sleeves are taking me this long!!!!


I didn’t actually touch my rug square yesterday, but thankfully I had already finished it on Thursday😀. Maybe today I will start another one!


After a short nap I set out on the skytrain for downtown. This is only about my second or third time doing this alone so the hour trip is still an adventure. It all went fine:)

It was such a great afternoon with friends! There are just some friends I am so comfortable with and these ladies happen to be done of them.


We started off with Nordstrom whom I didn’t even know were having an anniversary sale! I found they have kids Birkenstocks, but I want to look online and see if they have a better colour selection, otherwise I’ll go back and get them. It was great to have friends there though as I’ve been wondering if I should go with the original or new style. They’ve both made that mistake, so original it is!🤣

We tried to hit Lululemon, but their hours were different than what it says online so they were already closed. It was a nice walk and took us back to where we needed to go anyways.


We had decided to go see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. I didn’t realize that it was just opening yesterday, but with our 4pm showtime it wasn’t crazy busy! This movie turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting! It was fun and I loved how they did the flashbacks. I also thought the young characters casting was well done and of course, any movie with Colin Firth in it is good in my book!!!!🤣


On the way from Nordstrom to the movie theatre we happened to pass a donut shop which is quite famous. I had six choices for a gluten free, dairy free donut! My salted caramel donut made a lovely movie treat!

My friend had made a reservation at a restaurant that none of us had been to before, though I had heard lots of good things about it! Chambar was good! We showed up an hour earlier than we expected and they still seated us. I’m glad we were there early as I can see it just becoming busier and louder and it was already pretty loud. We had a lovely corner though!

Three of us decided on the mussels and M had the duck with gnocchi. Other than the fact I had five mussels that didn’t open and they put butter on my plate with the bread, it was super yummy!

I also had this yummy drink called a Letter 23.

After dinner, even though we were all stuffed we weren’t far from a vegan ice cream place, so my friends indulged me!

There were so many choices! I’m used to only two choices and the fact I could have a waffle cone made my day!! I ended up having Umaluma love which is raspberry with caramel and fudge and drunken cherry which is like a cherry and vanilla ripple. They were so good! I ate the whole concoction and felt like I needed to waddle home! I may never eat again!!!

I had a quiet trip home after an awesome afternoon and fell straight into bed!

Now for a run to work off all that food!

Have fun!


Unintended Double

Well I didn’t mean to do it, but I ended up running twice!


I had to get at least 4km in this morning to finish the Thursday Squad Runner mission, but I was trying for 8km! I set out on the boring, busy sidewalk thinking it was at least 4km each way. It turns out it’s not. I arrived back home in 6.5km, but this turned out not to be a bad thing when I realized 3/4 of the way through my run that I had arranged to run tonight too!

This evening I met up with Dennis and we ran out to Crystal Falls. Of course he made us meet at the park ten minute run away from the start of the trail so I ended up going over an hour of running. I’m happy with 15km for the day!

My slowness is really bugging me though!!!!


I walked down to a local park and met a friend and her kids there. We did pretty good to last 45 minutes as it was cold! Her son was in the water of course, while the rest of us sat huddled trying to stay warm🤣. It was nice to see them, but not really a catch up when there are kids around!


I didn’t mean to read so much today, but after my long nap, I finished another book!

Well since I read Can’t Forget You by Rachel Lacey in one day, that says a lot right there!

This is the story of Mark and Jessica that I have been waiting for while reading the first two books in the series.

This book once again has the strong friend aspect that I love in books. The friends being a lot of fun to the book, but also are a strong support network.

There was a surprise for me in this story which was nice because there were aspects that I guessed at immediately and was right.

I liked how the characters were multi-faceted and realistic. They argued, they got fed up with each other and yet they still loved each other.

It was an excellent installment in this series!


I have finished another decrease pattern on both sleeves. I really should just buckle down as I don’t have much left to do, but maybe Saturday.


I watched Campfire Kiss last night. Wow is Paul Greene a cutie! I like his facial expressions! A single mom and her son go camping on spring break as does a single dad and his daughter. I really liked how the characters met in the first place! The ending is also super sweet. It’s another cute Hallmark movie and did the trick for getting me through more of my rug. I wonder what I will watch tonight?

Have fun!


Kicking Myself

Today could have gone so much better!


Did I jump out of bed and get a run done in the cool morning; no I took my car for an oil change instead. I managed to survive two hours at Starbucks which I have never done before. Thank you all for writing posts and keeping me entertained!

There I was doing all these things on my phone and then I checked and it said I had used 700mb😳😳. I quickly shut it off and left!

Thankfully my car just needed an oil change:)


After a very long nap this afternoon I did get my time on my rug square done and am over halfway for the week.


While I was working on my rug, I watched the movie: Like Cats and Dogs. It was so cute! It moved along quickly and the characters seemed well suited to each other. The only thing I didn’t love was that they left out what would have been a seriously funny scene that was in the book!


I finally got a little bit of my sleeves done today. I had a little panic attack when the stitches all slipped off in my bag, but they’ve been picked up and another pattern has been done on each sleeve:)


Well I spent most of the day reading though it wasn’t in my plan. I finished Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase which is the last book in the Shaughnessy Brothers series.

What an awesome ending to the series! I just couldn’t put this book down and read it all in one day.

It tells the story of Darcy who is the last and youngest Shaughnessy.

I loved how the story still centered around the family dynamic, but also had Darcy learning that family isn’t everything.

The romance happens quickly in this book, but somehow it didn’t bother me this time. It seems natural and the relationship contains enough bantering and every day events that it feels realistic.

I also liked how all the loose ends were wrapped up and the reader is left with a full and satisfying conclusion to all the relationships.

This is the series for anyone who wants a strong family dynamic but with a lot of diversity in the relationships.


While I should have run this morning when it was cool, I didn’t. I planned to run when I came home from the auto shop, but then I slept, so I planned to go do 8km tonight. It didn’t happen:( I was just so unmotivated😞. I got out for a short walk, but that’s it. I’ll have to tackle those 8km in the morning.

Hmmm a day of eating, sleeping and a lack of motivation- I wonder what is wrong with me?!?!

Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Have fun!


Girls Night

My day was good though I just couldn’t seem to settle.


I ran for 6.5km in the morning while it was a little cooler out. I also managed to go for a walk in the afternoon though it ended up being shorter than I planned because my headphones died:(


I managed to finally finish a book. I’ve been reading a series and adored the first two and almost everything else this author has written, but these last two books seem to have taken me forever!

This book, Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase is the story of Owen who is the brilliant, quiet astrophysicist of the Shaughnessy family.

I felt like this book took me a long time to get through because the pace was a little on the slow side.

It was quite different from the other books in the series as it is definitely not as explicit. In addition, when Owen first takes Brooke home, the family isn’t welcoming. I think that may have been the biggest shock for me!

This book also left me with questions- does Brooke ever resolve her relationship with her family? What career does Brooke decide to pursue? Where does Owen end up working?

I sure hope these questions are resolved in the next book!


I am on track this week on my rug square:)

Socializing/ Cooking:

I had Brenda and Sarah over last night. We have been trying to get together every other month just to catch up. It’s nice not to have to run and talk at the same time!

Of course this was my chance to try out some new recipes:). They did limit me this tome to only two dishes so that we wouldn’t have quite as much food as we did Here. I had no idea we met up so many months ago though! I spent some time in the kitchen and made baked Brie and bruschetta.

The brie ( it was Vrie – vegan Brie from Black Sheep Cheese) was super poet gooey when it came out of the oven, but I unfortunately made it too early. It’s easy as all you do is put a balsamic fig spread on top and pop it into a 350 oven for 15-20 minutes, but I would do it once your guests have arrived. I was trying to do it early so I could get the oven turned off and the house cooled before my guests arrived.

The bruschetta is from the Oh She Glows recipe book by Angela Liddon. Again, very easy to make. Chop up cherries, strawberries, mint, basil and red onion, put in a little balsamic vinegar and let it sit while you toast your bread. Then assemble and drizzle with a balsamic reduction. I also added vegan feta cheese to some of them. I would definitely make them again, but I would also make them smaller!

We still had way too much food!!! It was all so yummy though! It was great to sit and talk and catch-up. The blue wine my mom had brought me was also enjoyed. Brenda and Sarah say it’s perfect for me as it’s my favorite colour.🤣

Unfortunately I did myself in as I bought gluten free fancy crackers for the Brie, but didn’t realize they had dairy in them:(

Well that was my day yesterday and I’d better start today!

Have fun!


Active and Social

It was another great vacation day… I could definitely get used to this!


I had a 5km run to do this morning for Squad Runner so I got right to it as today was supposed to be the hottest day this week. My run wasn’t super fast, but I felt really good!!!😀

Coming in from the run, I quickly grabbed some yogurt and berries and changed; then was out the door for a bike ride with my co- teacher. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we managed to do 23km!!! For my third bike ride in 20 years, I’m happy with that:). It was weird though that my bike did not easily keep up to hers though I was riding in gear 7 and she was riding in gear 3. I sure don’t understand bikes! I definitely started to feel a little more confident on the bike, though I can still be wobbly getting started and I worry about getting up hills. I am getting better with the gears though!

This evening I managed to get a workout in too. It was called skip and circuit. Three circuits with skipping in between- 5 minutes, 3 minutes and then 2 minutes.I had to do curtsy lunges, swing lunges, jump squats, tricycles, power jacks, mountain climbers, dips, and lateral lunges. I liked this workout as it only took 22 minutes but I felt it right away!

This evening I couldn’t resist the beautiful night and went for a walk around the water trail. It wasn’t crazy busy, so it was lovely. The one thing I can say is that though I am not fast in walking nor running, I am very good at holding a consistent pace:)


After our bike ride, my friend and I stopped at Stomping Grounds cafe for lunch. I was really looking forward to it as I usually sent myself goodies after my Sunday runs, but I was ready to indulge today! Unfortunately they don’t have their usual menu available on weekdays. I ended up just with an iced chai:(

We carried on to a bookstore that my friend had seen. It has used books, but also tea and gifts. I, of course couldn’t resist and came out with two new books.

The store was super cute, organized, a great use of space and reasonably priced:) I would definitely go back to Tomes and Tails again!


While I was out biking I got a text from fellow blogger Canadian Girl to see if I wanted to have coffee. I was tempted to say no and go home and knit the sleeves on my sweater, but as she’s been away enjoying a cruise, I was dying to hear all her news so off I went. I just had a tea and a great catch-up with her. I’m lucky to have such great friends in my life and she’s one of them, who just let me be who I am:). It was nice to hear about her travels (which you can read about on her blog) and catch up on what’s happening in her life. It’s funny, but our coffees ending with a trip to the grocery store next door has become routine:) It’s kinda nice to have company while grocery shopping:)


I began my new rug square today, though I really just wanted to knit!


I have gotten organized and gotten one decrease pattern repeat done for each sleeve today. I was hoping for more, but maybe tomorrow.


I have spent a lot of time today thinking of what to make for girls night tomorrow night. I’m thinking l do my fake Brie with mission fig balsamic spread on it, fruit bruschetta, pepperoni pieces and maybe veggies and dip. We’ll see what tomorrow brings though:)

Have fun!


Back to Reality

I guess every good time has to come to an end at some point:(


We all agreed to get up and go for a run this morning. It was hot, but the beautiful scenery and the company made up for that. I highly recommend the KVR trail as it is 10km long so can do any run up to 20km with beautiful scenery and a soft surface:)

I also got out for a walk this evening to stretch out my legs after sitting so much. It felt really good and I was faster than normal:)


This was even better than normal Sunday morning as I got an entire breakfast made for me! R got busy and we had scrambled eggs, bacon and I had fruit while everyone else had fruit topped pancakes. It was all so yummy! I’m obviously going to need to take some lessons from R for cooking!


We packed up after breakfast and headed out. We had a quick stop at Brenda’s brother’s place to pick some stuff up and then got gas and were heading home. We didn’t make any stops, but traffic wasn’t as awesome as it was going up on Friday so it still took us the whole four hours to get home.


I am fully unpacked!:) K must be rubbing off on me as she is a super neat and organized person who deals with things immediately:). I wonder how long this influence will last?🤣


I had great plans to finish my sweater on the way home, or at least one sleeve, but unfortunately I had left my DPNs at home. Since coming home I have started the second sleeve using the other end of the yarn and have gotten caught up to the first sleeve. I’ll now switch back and forth for the seven row pattern repeat so I can ensure both sleeves are the same! I have high hopes that I may just have this done tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Now I just need it to cool off so I can wear it!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I want to get up early for a run before it gets hot!

Have fun!


An Awesome Day!

It was an amazing day start to finish!

Wow there is something really wonderful about having tea ready for you when you get up in the morning. I could get used to that very quickly!


We headed out pretty quickly to take in the local Saturday market. I had heard it was the biggest and best around, but now I know that for myself! Wow! It goes in three different directions and is about 2-3 blocks in each way!

We started off in the food truck area for breakfast. Everyone else had spud sticks and samosas. They looked wonderful!

We then wandered the market. I bought a marinade that R had that smelled delicious- lavender and herb and it is supposedly good on everything! I also bought a First Nations vase for R & K to say thank you for having us. Finally, I may have gone a little crazy at the vegan cheese stall. My parents had brought me home some last year from the wine festival and I had gone to get some in Vancouver, but then I got sick, so I figured this was my chance! It was really tough to decide, so I bought all but one of them. I will be dreaming of cheese tonight and I have been grinning ever since!

We also checked out an amazing second hand bookstore called, ” The Book Store”. It was amazing, but thankfully I had spent enough money by then to control myself!


We are definitely in the heart of wine country here so we decided to take in a few wineries. I don’t love wine because it’s not usually sweet enough for me, but it was still cool to see them!

We started at 8th Generation Wines.

It was neat and I didn’t mind the reisling, but I didn’t need to buy anything here.

We then moved onto Summer Gate wines where I actually bought a bottle of wine! My first ever from a winery. It is a Kerner and it is very sweet and smooth and yummy. I’ll actually have wine I like when company comes over. I also bought two bottles of sparking peach and raspberry juice as it was yummy too.

The final stop was the Summerland Cider Company.

Here I bought a bottle of cider and a box of apple juice that was to die for!! I definitely bought enough stuff today!!!


When I was a kid my brother would come up country for weekends and I always remembered him going on the channel ride and so I have had that on my bucket list for many years. Well today I got to take it off!!!! I unfortunately have no pictures as I left my phone safely at home but it was so awesome! We dropped a car off at the end and then went back to the start. R&K have this big party raft so we inflated it and piled on. You then float down the channel for about an hour (it was running fast) or two. It was the perfect day for this- not a cloud in the sky, good friends, good drinks and being on the water!

I must mention that K&R have found the spray Equate sunscreen from Walmart the best sunscreen and since we all came home with no sunburn, I’m lead to agree:)


When we got home, R made dinner for us. Braised short ribs, vegan mashed potatoes and bbq’d asparagus!

It was to die for!!!! I ate the whole thing very happily and think I may have to try making those short ribs at home!


Finally I did do a little knitting as we were visiting this afternoon. I asked and everyone said they were fine with it:). I managed to finish the body of the sweater and have started the first sleeve. Hopefully I’ll finish them up on the drive home tomorrow!

Well I am exhausted after all of that sunshine and activity today, so it’s off to bed I go!

Have fun!


On My Way

This morning came way too soon after being up late doing laundry!


I knew I had to be up and out quickly for my run this morning in order to get everything done. I did a quick loop over to the park, around the park and home. Just thirty minutes, but I know I will appreciate moving when I’m sitting in the car all day!


I grabbed Starbucks and was off to meet Brenda. We got away with no problems and stopped only twice on the way up.

It was a super productive road trip for me as I got all the stockinette on my sweater body done on the my ya up. Maybe I will have a few minutes to get the ribbing down tomorrow:)

We got to Brenda’s parent’s place in time for tea and it was great to meet her brothers and sisters because of course I’ve heard about them all on our runs, so now I have faces to go with names:)

We headed over to our friend’s place about five O’clock and only made one wrong turn, pretty good for not having directions🤣

Unfortunately K had trouble at work and so was home late, but R was a great host. We visited for a bit and then headed out to grab pizza. I never knew that Panago Pizza does gluten free and dairy free pizza! It was so good! I’ve looked it up and there is one two blocks from me at home! I will definitely be getting some!

We had a lovely visit and ended the night with a hot tub. I so miss having a hot tub!!! I’m nice and warm and snug so now I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


No Plan

I shouldn’t have days without a plan!


I got up this morning for a walk with Sarah and her dogs. It was a lovely way to start the day as it was cool in the forested park and I got my dog fix. Unfortunately we didn’t walk fast enough for it to count for points on Squad Runner. Oh well, I enjoyed the walk anyway!

This afternoon I did get a workout in. I should have known that a workout called Pylo Killer would leave me sweating buckets. There were three circuits and I had to do each two times. I did: high knees, 3D lunges, side shuffle, jumping jacks, side to side jumps, plank jacks, plank shoulder taps, skaters, curtsy lunges and quick feet. It wasn’t a long workout, but I definitely felt it!

Unfortunately I didn’t get out for the run I was planning to tonight:(


I managed to finish my weekly rug square today! I almost wish I was home this weekend so I could get going on the next one:)


Not a stitch, but I think I can take it with me this weekend.


I finished the book Hard Pressed by Kate Canterbary this morning.

I have to admit that this story wasn’t what I expected. Neither of the main characters, Jackson and Annette were like I thought they would be. Annette spent almost all of her time in her head and Jackson seemed to not think about things at all. Their whole relationship seemed to start just based on physical attraction.

I did however, love how this book had a lot of baking in it! It made me want to get up and make something.

The book also has good pacing and the two main characters are well presented in lots of detail.


I did manage to get in to get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. I love this, especially in the summer as it eliminates the need for everyday mascara so then I never have mascara running into my eyes while I’m running:). While I was there I got a pedicure too:)


I did run out and grab a couple of things for the weekend as I discovered a serious lack of summer stuff when I went to try it on:(

I think I’ll be packing in the morning🤣

Have fun!


Round and Round

Another pretty quiet day, but probably the last for the week.


This morning it was another 6.3km run. At least now I know a route that will give me that without running back and forth at the end. I just have to remember to do a loop of the first part of the walking path outside of the park and then continue on the bike path and I am golden. My legs were a little tired still from pushing to keep up with Dennis last night, so I took it easy and didn’t worry about speed today.

This afternoon I did a tabata workout that Lyndsay had given me. It was neat because one tabata was all legs, one for cardio, one for arms, one for abs and one for triceps. I definitely didn’t miss any muscle groups!

This evening it was so nice that I headed out for a walk around the inlet.

It was super busy, but still a nice evening to be out:)


I got right to work when I came in and got my kitchen cabinets wiped down and my floor washed. I need to remember to ask my mom how she gets my floor so clean because when I wash it, it never looks as good as when she washes it:( I need to know her secret!!! I also got my living room dusted and vacuumed. My house is almost livable again😜


I texted Brenda to see if she was up for having Knit day as when I looked at my sweater I knew I needed company! 12.5″ of stockinette in the round😳. That means knitting around and around until I go crazy! Even after I figured out I only needed to do 10.5″ because I’m so short, I still needed company. Brenda finished her top today and I got 6″ done. Maybe tomorrow….😀


I am currently working on my rug rows for the day so that I can hopefully get this done before my weekend!


Last night I watched Marrying Mr. Darcy.

It was cute, especially the dogs. This Mr. Darcy is definitely more approachable than the regular one. The only thing about the movie I didn’t love was how they used the whole non communicating storyline. It’s way too overused in the romance genre! Oh well, it had a cute ending and I like how Hallmark is doing sequels:)

Well, there’s my quiet day!

Have fun!