Lovely Surprise:)

I had a lovely surprise today!


I knew I was running this evening so this morning was just a walk. I got dressed and headed out into the cloudy day, got halfway up the hill and it started to pour; then just as I got to the point where I would turn around it started to get brighter so I kept going. Of course when I stopped to read the sign I’ve been curious about the last few weeks, I hit the wrong button and ended my run so then the second half didn’t even count:(. Can you tell it was a calamity of errors. I was so frozen, I let myself stop for tea at Starbucks on the way home!

I did a quick lunge and squat workout this afternoon. It looked so simple, but I don’t even want to think about how many of each o ended up doing!!!

This evening I got out for a run with Dennis. We did a local park which is all hills. I have actually ran this park both ways and it is within meters of the same both ways with equal amount of hills! You just can’t win! I did better than I thought I would!


About a month ago I had a parent in my classroom send me a recipe for vegan fettuccini Alfredo and today with the rain, I finally had the chance to try it:). The recipe was simple easy and turned out super yummy! Unfortunately I ruined the pasta by cooking it in too small of a pot so I have no good pictures to show you:(. The recipe can be found here:

Ice Cream/ Family:

I got the best phone call after lunch today- from my nephew Gus. I already don’t want to consider the day he doesn’t want to hang out with Auntie AJ! He asked to go for ice cream which is always okay with me😀 I had a quick visit with my adorable fur nephew Banks:)

At first he thought Menchies or Dairy Queen, but thankfully he finally decided on TCBY. It was close to home, but I didn’t have high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.

There were actually four options I could have which is more than I get at Menchies. One was vegan-almond milk chocolate and then there were three sorbets- strawberry kiwi, orange and mango. I ended up with a rainbow in my cup by trying a bit of each.

I would give TCBY a 3 out of 5 because I really do like finding creamy vegan ice cream and this was definitely sorbet.

Gus went crazy of course and had a much more complex dish. He chose cookie butter and cotton candy frozen yogurt. He said the cotton candy actually tasted like cotton candy. He then loaded up on the toppings which he said there was a good assortment of. He had strawberry pearls, crushed Oreos, cookie dough, crushed Skor, nerds, mini m&ms, and caramel drizzle.

Gus gives this place a 4.2 out of 5, worse than the Sweet Tooth creamery because the frozen yogurt didn’t taste as good as the ice cream.

I spent a bit of time hanging out with him and Banks- always the best part of a day!!!!


I am already halfway through my rug square for the week!!!😀


I have separated the sleeves from the body and have commenced on 13.5″ of stockinette in the round. I predict a lot of Hallmark movies in my future!!

Oh and I just had to show you the cute cup set I got from another teacher. The kid drive her crazy all year so she wasn’t in to keeping a “kitschy” gift from him, but I never taught him and thought it was cute, so I grabbed it!

Well I guess that’s it for me!

Have fun!


On the 10th Day Of Holiday

Another good holiday day:) Do I have a Christmas song going through your head yet? Muhahaha


I actually had a timeline for my run today as I had places to be, so it was up and out the door for 6.1km. It went better than expected. I had given myself permission to walk at 20 minutes but actually didn’t have to walk at all:). I also came to a realization during this time. I’ve been upset that I’m slower than I usually am, but then realized it has also been hotter than it usually is. Hopefully this is the answer and I’m not slowing into old age already🤪


I met up with a teaching friend for lunch. It was so nice to see her and deliver the birthday and new job congratulations and gifts. We had a good catch up over some delicious mussels

Though they were very salty! She had invited a few friends from her new school to join us, and though I managed to visit for a bit, I bowed out early. I’m just not really great at talking to those I don’t know:(


After a lovely massage, and because I have to refrain from working out until tomorrow to enjoy my nice loose muscles, I managed to work on a new rug square for the duration of rewarding Sun sand and Romance. I’m a quarter of the way done already!! Hopefully I get this done before I leave as I don’t think I can cart the rug on my weekend trip!


I am almost finished my yoke- just four rows to go and I am hoping to finish it up tonight!

For Kathy so you can at least see the pretty yarn I’m using:) It’s Diamond Luxury: Foot Loose. I’m absolutely loving working with it as it’s so soft and I’m liking how it’s knitting up. The colours are definitely a departure for me!


I searched another store for my Schweppes diet gingerale and couldn’t find it again! I’m really not batting a thousand on finding drinks this week! I did manage to pick up an awesome hummus though! I’ve had this before and it has quickly become my favorite!

I managed to clean my hallway. I know it isn’t exactly a room, but it still needed dusting and the floor needed to be washed and now it’s done. As of now, I don’t have plans for tomorrow so I may just tackle the living room or kitchen, ugh:(


Tonight I am watching Frozen In Love.

I have to admit the main woman was very annoying at the beginning, but maybe she was supposed to be. It’s a cute movie:). I loved the book chats and wish there was a local bookstore that did that! I also have to admit this movie definitely benefited from having not one, but three very good looking actors in it! (I often wonder if they admit to doing Hallmark movies in real life🤣) I didn’t really love how they ended this movie though. It was just too abrupt and they needed to carry on with the story. Hallmark seems to have been doing several sequel movies lately so I’ll just keep hoping this is a story they’ll continue to tell in the future.

Ok that was a very quiet day overall!

Have fun!



I had an event today that I was somewhat worried about, but it turned out okay:)


My run this morning somehow turned into a walk. Usually there are at least four of us, two walk and two run, but today there were only three. Dennis and I must have had the same thought about not wanting to leave Brenda to walk on her own. She has a good pace so it was still exercise and not just a stroll:)

I did get a workout in this afternoon and it was much better than yesterday! It had about 15 exercises that I had to do three times each. It was all lower body today! For some reason it went much better and I had no problem doing the step up to back lunge, skaters, front- back hops, side to side hops, side leg lifts, squats, lunge jumps, and planks.

I was supposed to go for a run tonight, but it has turned into a rest night. I am trying very hard not be upset with myself for not going out for at least a little run, but it’s difficult. I’ve lost my streak😞


I got some groceries and for not planning to do a big shopping and coming home with very little, I still seemed to spend a lot!

I also managed to find a couple of bottles of wine for my friend, though they aren’t the ones I wanted. No liquor stores seem to have Church and State wine right now:(


About a month ago a friend who has moved to the island set up a luncheon as she was coming over here. It was today at 1pm and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This friend came last year and stayed with a high school friend of ours who didn’t even tell me she was in town, just invited other friends of ours over:(. Today went okay though. There were thirteen of us and I think it helped that one was a very chatty guy we know so it wasn’t just our usual “possee” (what we called ourselves in high school. I so dislike losing friends and it definitely feels like I’ve lost this one. Today was okay but tough because she was very quiet and I also learned one of my best friends is going to Mexico for seven months. I will very much miss her!!!!!


I had checked the menu for the restaurant online and realized quickly they didn’t have a lot of options. They had one salad that was both vegan and gluten free but it just didn’t sound very appetizing to me. I knew I was taking a chance but I had an omelette with spinach and tomatoes and no cheese and a fruit salad. They put a gf bun on my plate, but it wasn’t worth the calories!

The food was fine and I haven’t gotten sick😀


I finished my second rug square today!!! Only six to go!

I wonder if I can do two a week and be done by the end of July???


I am still working away on my sweater and still happy with it. I know Kathy wants to see it, but I feel that that might diminish the excitement for when I finish it.


Last night I watched Sun, Sand and Romance.

It was cute and I liked the fact that it ended the opposite of most Hallmark movies. It was still happy, but different, which made a nice change.

Today I am back to being crazy and am watching “The Christmas Ornament”. I know, Christmas in July🤪. Though I did hear a commercial for Black Friday in July today so it must be okay:). I am enjoying this movie too. I love how baking is such a focus of it. I so want to bake, but don’t want to eat it all!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I am just so tired today!

Have fun!


Rainy Day

I went out for a walk to interact with people and saw not a soul! I guess the rain scared them away. I actually had several errands on my list today, but decided it would be more economically responsible to do them tomorrow when I’m out anyways.


It’s neat to be able to run whatever I want since I finished the mission on the first day. This morning I decided to find out exactly how long the path by my house really is. I usually start running as soon as I cross the street, but today I waited to hit the path. Well, of course by the time I came out of the first set of trees it was absolutely pouring! I figured I was already out there and wet so I might as well continue. I managed to run the whole thing with no stops which is good and something I’ll have to ensure I do often so I don’t lose my base. It’s way too easy to get into the habit of walking breaks. Oh and the path is 5.2km.

This afternoon I did a workout that didn’t look like it was going to be too bad.

However, those thirty burpees in the middle were killer!!!

I headed out for a walk this evening as the rain had finally cleared, but my headphones died halfway so it was half a walk for the second night in a row.


I am over halfway through my second rug square of the week and I have high hopes that I can finish it up tomorrow! It would feel so good not to be behind!


I made myself get caught up on my year in temperature cowl before doing any other knitting today. It’s interesting to see the bands of colours, but I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it.

I am working on the yoke of my sweater which is a top down raglan pattern. I am loving it so far! This is going to be the perfect spring sweater- light coloured, lightweight but also super soft!!!

I have decided that I really need to keep my eye open for stitch markers that have Bs and Fs hanging from them so I can keep track of the front and back of my project!


I watched Cooking with Love last night and then actually had it on while working on my rug again this morning. It is Hallmark so the acting isn’t Meryl Streep quality, but the storyline is cute and it’s not annoying or laughably bad:). I love the happy endings and people may say I’m addicted to these movies. I should take some ideas from the main character Kelly for my work wardrobe as I liked how she looked put together and yet not super fancy.I really liked the spaghetti scene as well!


I was on fire this morning and got my bathroom cleaned before I showered after my run. It will be so nice to start having a clean house again. Now I just have to try and keep it this way!


I finished my second NetGallet book and am quite pleased I am three days ahead of schedule!

When We Found Home by Susan Mallory.

This is the story of how dour people became a family. Malcolm and his grandfather live in a big house in Seattle and are soon joined by Malcolm’s new found half sisters. There are many bumps along the road, but the three siblings learn to be a family. Of course, at the same time Malcolm and Callie find the true love of their lives.

The family dynamic in this book is very different, but no less fraught with problems than a “normal” family. Malcolm drove me a little crazy at the beginning with his actions towards his half sisters, but in the end, he gets it right.

I liked the relationship between Malcolm and Delaney, though she was slightly annoying with her inner arguments. In the end however, it all made sense and was probably realistic.

Callie and Santiago are a cute couple and I loved reading their story!

I would now like to read Keira’s story!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Now for a chai latte and another movie:)

Have fun!


A Good Reminder

The day didn’t go as planned which means there was a lot less cleaning than there should have been🤣


As I laid in bed this morning I was having a difficult time summoning up any enthusiasm for a run. I finally told myself to go get gas and do the run I used to do with a colleague. I knew it would be short, but it was at least a run.

I ended up just doing 3.45km which was a nice circle route. I felt strong, and was especially grateful for the cloud cover this morning! I know I should do more, but it was at least something.

On the way home, I was driving by the rec centre where I park to run the dyke and figured I should go for a bike ride since I was there and my bike was in the back of my car. I had thought I had escaped being sore from my bike ride on Wednesday night, until I got back on it today!!! I ended up doing about a 45 minute bike ride. It was absolutely lovely on the dyke- quiet, sunny but not sweltering and calm. I ended up feeling a little more confident though I do admit to walking my bike across the street and through the narrow bridge when a girl and her dog stopped in the middle.

This afternoon I got a quick workout in. I had to do plank shoulder touches and plank leg lifts. I was supposed to do the rest in plank too, but ended up doing them normally so they’d be well done. I did bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and bent arm shoulder raise. I managed two sets of each which is at least something.

One thing today has been good for is reminding me how far I’ve come. Fifteen years ago there is no way I would have gone for a bike ride after running, but today I thought nothing of it😀. I may not be where I want to be right now, but at least I am making slow progress!

I also got out for half of my usual walk tonight. I was coming along and suddenly the trail was closed. I peeked and didn’t see anything wrong with the bridge so I’m curious what was up.


I’m currently reading the second book that I need to review for NetGalley before July 10th. I am enjoying it, but about three chapters in I made some predictions and they are all coming true. I’m hoping for some twists and turns at some point!


I have begun another rug square today in the hopes of getting caught up!


I have finished the neck ribbing for my new sweater so am happy with my progress:)


I was supposed to spend today cleaning my house as I have yet to do that, but it definitely isn’t one of my favorite chores. Thankfully I have you all and didn’t want to have to admit to doing nothing so I got two loads of laundry done and my bedroom cleaned completely. It will be lovely to get into bed tonight!

I also got to the dollar store for a card, the bank to cash my reimbursement cheques from school, to the grocery store for gingerale and to the liquor store. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Church and State wine I was looking for for my friend:( I love that wine because of its names (I’ve never drank it, but my mom assured me its good). I think it’s like OPI nail polish and they are very smart!

What I love best about all of these errands is that I could do them on foot and didn’t have to take my vehicle out!

Well, I think it’s time for another Hallmark movie.

Have fun!


Busy, Quiet,..??

It seemed busy, but as I write, it seems quiet!


I got up and went for a short run as I was still feeling my legs. It looked like I had run a half marathon when I was finished, I was so sweaty! It was so hot and humid, but at least I did something.

I also got a walk in at night. It was a much more enjoyable temperature! I was planning on just a short one, but an hour and a half later, I returned home. I had my first student sighting of the summer!


I have been craving Mexican food lately, so Brenda agreed to meet me for lunch at a new place. It was the Mexican Gourmet.

It is in a strip mall and absolutely nothing to look at, but the food was good. I had the wet chicken tacos and a kombucha.

They were both good, but I have to admit I probably won’t get either again. I think I like my tacos dry. Brenda had the fish tacos and they looked amazing! I’m starting to think my craving is actually for chips and guacamole so I may have to break down and have some.

Knit Night:

Knit night got turned into knit day as I went to Brenda’s after lunch. I had every intention of starting a sweater, but then found out I had forgotten the needle I needed to start with😖. I ended up winding my yarn and calling it a day!


Well I finished my weekly square already so hopefully I will get another one done this week too and then I’ll be back on track!

I did some reading and rewatched some movies, but nothing too exciting. We’ll see what today brings!

Have fun!


More Social

I was much more social today which was probably a good thing:)


I got out for my run first thing this morning, but my legs were still tired from the speedwork last night. I was mad at myself that I had to walk during a thirty minute run! Then I made myself remember where I used to be and figured it was good I went out!

I also didn’t much feel like doing a workout, so I told myself I just had to do one set of each exercise, I got them done but nothing extra. It’s a shame because I liked the workout- three circuits with four exercises each- one for legs, one for arms and one for abs. You do each circuit three times and then a cardio blast and a plank before moving onto the next circuit. Maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

This evening I went for a bike ride with my co teacher. When I visited my brother in early June I came home with my niece’s bike that she had outgrown and I finally used it tonight. We just went along the river and I slowly got used to riding again. I’ve never been a great bike rider and it’s been about twenty years, so this could be interesting! We have plans to go again though on the 16th:)


I managed to go meet up with a high school friend and enjoyed a nice Starbucks and walk with her and her two sons. The little guy had a good long nap, but despite walking in many circles we never did get the older one to go off for a nap. It’s always so wonderful meeting up with her. First it’s like no time has past and secondly it’s nice to just spend time with her, we do t even have to be talking. We met up at my old university and boy has it changed! They have added some beautiful paths with wildflowers growing. Maybe it was too beautiful and that’s why we couldn’t get big brother off to sleep!


I actually got more than hour done on the rug today because I was watching a new Hallmark movie!


I watched The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. I had watched the first movie last night so that I could watch this one today. I really like the main actors they seem very realistic and he’s funny! They have good chemistry and it sounds as though they are on another show together too.


My mom came through with the idea of knitting a dishcloth for a repeat project. I got that done today and it used up another skein! I’m doing pretty good and have used up fourteen skeins lately, though yes many of them are just partial ones, but to make it easy I had counted every ball of yarn,no matter it’s size, as one skein. I’m happy with the dishcloth and I got it entered into the Ravelry HPKCHC Muggle Studies class. That is two classes completed so far, so I think I can start a sweater:)


I knew that I was going out tonight and my co-teacher’s sons will gobble up anything so I took another try at scones, but using blueberries. The taste was awesome, but there must have been too much liquid this time in comparison to dry ingredients as they turned out too cakey. I ate two so I quickly packaged them up and got them out of the house!


I also finished a book today! It was This is Our Song by Samantha Chase. It is part of her Shaughnessy Brothers series and tells the story of Riley and his relationship with Savannah. I have been loving this series and really enjoy Samantha Chase books generally, but I have to admit I had s hard time getting g into this book. It might be because, while I like music, I don’t follow it closely so a whole book about a singer didn’t really pull me in. I did continue to really enjoy the family dynamic and the ending was very sweet and satisfying:)Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


The First Real Day

Well I think of this as my first day of holidays as it’s the first day I would have had to go to work. It was a nice day:)


I have definitely gotten into the mode of sleeping more and lounging in bed a bit in the morning. I did finally get myself out for a 7.6km walk though. It was nice in the trails. I had actually planned to go further and for that reason went the reverse of what I usually do. For some reason, I find it more difficult to go further one way than the other. The plan was thwarted however when I got by the mill and looked ahead to see the two coyotes hanging out. I turned around and figured 7.6 was just as good as 8+🤣

I had switched my run and walk today as Dennis had said he wanted to run tonight. We met up at Hyde Creek again and did the first 1.5km together. I then did six speed repeats of 500m and then just ran back and forth waiting for him to return. I couldn’t believe how tired my legs were just from so few speed repeats!!! I was happy I had stayed there when I heard how hot it was the rest of the way. I have to say I was pleased with myself when we were running back. I had it in my head that I only had to push my tired legs until I hit the start of the fence, but instead of going down to a walk, I just slowed my pace:)

I did a little bit of P90X Yoga X when I got home, but I think the 1.5 hour time at the bottom scared me off. Maybe I will do better tomorrow:)


I did get my hour done on the rug today:) Hopefully this will lead to me getting ahead:)


I also managed to get a photo of the simple preemie cap I made yesterday.

I will be spending some time tonight watching a Hallmark movie and knitting something I have knit before (another class requirement for HPKCHC). Mom if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I am trying to get a couple of classes done so then I can work on a sweater for me:)


A few days ago I panicked when I realized I had two NetGalley books that needed to be reviewed by July 10th. Bring me, I sat down and figured out I would give each five days and then I determined how much I had to read each day to finish in that time. Yes I know my nerdy side is showing:)

Well the first book is, How to Keep a Secret by Sarah Morgan. I suppose the fact I finished two days ahead of schedule should give you a clue how good this book is.

Wow! When I started this book it was very quickly obvious that it was different from the other Sarah Morgan books I have enjoyed. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this new direction she was taking.

This is the story of the Stewart women- and how one summer sees everything in their lives change.

I have to say that this book gives you all the feels- you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gasp and you’ll sigh:)

I loved how the people and the situations were realistic and interesting. It wasn’t one drama to another, but just life during big changes.

There isn’t just one secret, but several and I didn’t see them coming! It was great to be surprised!

The pacing of the book was great! There were no instantaneous situations, but it didn’t drag either.

I also liked how the author evenly split the book between the four Stewart women.

If you love family, sisterhood or just want an excellent read, this book should be on your TBR.

Thank you to NetGalley and the author and publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.


I have watched All For Love today. I enjoyed Scott Bacic in this movie:). Now I’m starting on The Perfect Bride so I can watch the sequel:). I have to admit, the lead lady’s hair flapping around when exercising drives me crazy!

Have a great night!

Have fun!



It was the first day of my holiday that didn’t have commitments, but it didn’t really feel like holidays yet as I’d have this day off even if I was working.


I got up this morning and decided to run around a local lake. My knee is still a little sore and this lake has a mulch path so I thought the soft surface would be good:) The lake is 1.2km around so I pushed myself for the first two reps and then slowed down to a steady run for the remainder of the forty five minutes I needed to do for the mission. I thought this was a good idea today as I’ve been worried that I’m losing my thirty minute base because when I do longer runs I take walk breaks. I was really happy I could do more than thirty and maintained a decent pace:)

Mid day I decided to tackle a short workout. I had to do goblet squats, burpees and up/downs and then skip for 1 minute, do them again and skip for 45 seconds and a third time and skip for 30 seconds. The second set of exercises of jump lunges, froggers and upright rows followed the same pattern. To finish I had to do all six exercises with no skipping. I used ten pound weights so I was feeling some by the end, though I admit I should get myself some 12 pound weights.

This evening it was so pretty I went for a nice steady 7km walk:)

Another day of all three fitness activities done, so I’m happy😀


I got my one hour on the new rug square done first thing and actually managed to do just over 11 rows in that amount of time:) I may just get caught up on this rug! Here’s a picture for those of you asking for one. I live in fear that I’ll mess up which way the stripes go and have to redo a square!


I got a cute little preemie hat done in lilac for one of the HPKCHC classes on Ravelry. It is super easy and I could do this in my sleep! Cast on 54 stitches, join in the round, knit for six inches, decrease. It also used up another small skein out of my stash so it’s a win-win!

Sorry I just realized I don’t have a picture of it. I’ll rectify that tomorrow.


I also spent a good deal of today getting caught up on blog reading. Now the tough part will be staying caught up!


The only other thing I’ve managed to do today is watch two very cute Hallmark movies. Eat, Play, Love and Love at First Bark. They were both super cute and I enjoyed the animals in them:)

Well I’m off to bed and maybe tomorrow will be more exciting:)

Have fun!


Happy Canada Day!

It turned out better than I thought!


It doesn’t matter if it’s a national holiday or not, I still had my usual Sunday morning run. Unfortunately I seemed to twist my knee weird when I was getting out of my vehicle:(. I managed to run and walk on it, but I’ve been icing and elevating it this evening. I did manage to get 6.8km in this morning. Of course, I got to the furthest point and the skies opened and we were running where there is absolutely no tree cover:(. Thankfully I went with the hat and vest this morning, but I was worried about my phone! Lol I made Dennis go out in front of me as I told him in no uncertain terms that I was NOT keeping up with him today! Run ✅

I got lots of walking in today, but decided to do without the workout in order to give my knee a little break.


It was a very quick tea for me and then I was home to shower and out the door again to meet up with two friends. We met at my friend’s place downtown (thankfully in sunshine)and then started on our Canada Day festivities. It started with lunch at Meet:)

This is a vegan restaurant that I had only been to once before. I ended up having and orange cream soda and a Mighty MAC Burger. Definitely not my usual fare, but I’ve been craving a burger so figured this was my chance. We actually all ended up having a burger.

It was extremely yummy, but I haven’t eaten since and am still full from 9 hours ago!!! My burger was a black bean burger with Mac and cheese and crispy onions on top. It was extremely good, but I still think next time I will have an appetizer so that I have room for dessert!

The view from the restaurant was cool too:)

We walked across town to where the official festivities were being held. I love that walking across my city takes a whole fifteen minutes:). We were commenting that there seemed to be less people this year, but maybe we were just earlier as it was crazy later in the day.

This was the quiet area as when we walked back to the other side it was wall to wall people! The funny thing was that we actually ran into someone we knew!! I managed not to run into another person when we walked by his place of work, which made me happy!

We saw some cool Canada day stuff

But I have to admit that while my friend was enjoying the crowd, I was enjoying this view even more!

We left about five o’clock and I have to admit that I once again felt that something was missing. I don’t know what it is, but these festivities never live up to my expectations. I am starting to wonder if I would enjoy a small town celebration more as I feel like these big ones there’s nothing to do but edge your way around the area and then go home. Oh well, it was still super fun to spend the day with my two friends and be out in the sunshine:)


I got back home to a gray day so I’m happy I left here today. It did give me permission to work on my rug square (after a short nap). I managed to complete the square:). That leaves me only one week behind and hopefully we’ll have a gray day at some point where I can make that up!

Well I have to go read for an hour as I have two book reviews due by the 10th and figure I had better read these books for an hour a day! The rain has just started back up so I’m okay with being inside reading:)

Have fun!