Well it’s slightly back to reality today.

I had decided to stay one more night on the boat last night as it was so nice and cool for sleeping. I was a little worried about how busy skytrain would be this morning, but it wasn’t bad.

Socializing/ Shopping:

Yesterday my shopping was downtown and covered my need for new workout gear. I love Ivivva which is the kids version of Lululemon. There wasn’t a ton on sale, but I got a pair of shorts and a pair of capris sweatpants. I think I will get lots of use out of both!

I met up with my co teacher today for some shopping. She has bought a cute little Bowler trailer and I promised to make curtains for her. We got lucky and found some ready made curtains on sale that I will adjust to fit the Bowler windows.

My co teacher is so accommodating that we wandered over to the local quay which contains restaurants and shops. I checked out the knitting shop I have been wanting to. It had some beautiful yarn, but the clerk seemed more interested in socializing with a friend than interacting with a customer:( I was hoping to find the tank top that L has, but that kiosk wasn’t there:(


We wandered over to a Mexican restaurant I went to a few years ago. El Santo was awesome and I love the decor!

I ordered the fish tacos which were very good, though I really wanted the guacamole and corn chips. I’m going to need to just go buy some as this is the second time I’ve gone for Mexican and haven’t gotten any:(

We remembered to go back and grab some thread from the store to match the curtain material and I may have dragged her to a gluten free bakery.

We unfortunately have no pictures of the bakery as we had to make a dash across the busy street. There were a lot of choices at the Cloud 9 Bakery that were both gluten-free and dairy free, but I went with the clerk’s suggestion and got a coconut bar. I had it as a treat after my run:)


The last few days my exercise has just been walking this cutie!

She is a Louisiana Catahoula and an absolute sweetheart!

With being home, I wanted to try out a run today as it has been a long time since I ran. I set out along the inlet trail as I figured it would be decently shady. I tucked my left arm into my side and off I went.I had forgotten that I had turned off my audio cues so I ran with music, but no idea how I was doing. It turned out to be a little better than normal, though boy did my arm hurt by the end. Honestly though it probably won’t stop me from running.

This evening, I got a short workout in. It was:

70 jumping jacks

60 mountain climbers

50 squats

40 push-ups

30 toe touches

20 dips

10 planks shoulder taps.

5 minutes of skipping and then work back up the list.

I had to modify the moves that used my arms, but still felt good getting a workout in:)

Doing laundry, reading and working on my rug have taken my evening. It’s been lovely!!


I am watching Home By Spring.It’s a Hallmark movie with a couple of good looking men in it. I am enjoying it, especially the scenery! I also appreciate how the lead female is portrayed as being very capable at both traditionally male and female tasks. I really love the ending though!!!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

    1. I need to find some guacamole and chips. I realize I don’t need tacos- I need this! The tacos yesterday were really good though!

  1. Sounds like a fun day!

    By the way I watched a Hallmark movie last evening with my honey. I forget the name but it was great! Lol!

  2. The coloring of the dog is so cool!! That is so sweet of you to make curtains for your co teacher!

    You should talk to your doctor about running with your arm, if you haven’t already. When I broke my arm a few years ago, the doctor said I shouldn’t risk it because if I were to trip while running I could break the areas around my cast then I wouldn’t be able to run at all for months. I know you didn’t break your arm but you don’t want to injure it further, you know?

    1. Very good advice Maureen! It’s actually the first thing my doctor and I discussed as he knows I don’t sit still well. I’m allowed to do anything that doesn’t hurt too much, so I will just go with walks or very short runs for a bit.

      1. Oh good!! I figured you had talked about it but wanted to share my experience with an arm injury is all! I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way, I was trying to be helpful 🙂

      2. Oh not at all! I took as you were concerned about me and that is very sweet, so thank you! I like learning from other people instead of reinventing the wheel or having the same troubles

  3. Gorgeous doggo! We have a lot of them right now in the local rescue from where we received our Lizzie, our rescue takes them in when there’s any type of disaster in Louisiana where shelters may get overcrowded. I am definitely drawn to them!

    Also-LOVED that restaurant decor, and it ALMOST looks like it inspired the curtain choices. Very similar looks!

    1. She is a wonderful dog, but that is so sad that there are so many in rescue places:(
      I liked that restaurant decor too! I guess it was a Mexican kind of day for us:)

  4. looks like you had a great first day back. that dog is too cute.

    don’t push the healing of your arm too much, but as you said that won’t stop you from working out, just make sure you are aware of what you’re doing. it is wrapped? I wear a knee brace for an injury that I did in HS that will always cause me to think twice. I swear now I wear the brace as much as a hey stupid don’t forget to think before you do this. Maybe getting some kind of wrap or elbow sleeve to wear while working out just to remind yourself to think about the move first?

    1. Lol great minds think alike! I’ve been alternating between wrapping it and not so that I’m reminded not to do anything stupid, but I’m also using it a bit so I hopefully won’t have to do physical therapy on it when it’s healed

  5. Love the booth colour and decor in that restaurant! (the food sounds and looks pretty good too!) that dog is ADORABLE!! And “Home by Spring” was definitely cute. 😀 Sounds like you had a pretty great day!

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