I spent a lot of today working on the curtains for my co-teacher and I accomplished them all by myself:). I also had some fun though!


I got up this morning and realized I needed to get going on these curtains. I called my mom, because isn’t that what you do when you need to talk through something, cane up with a plan and went for it!

I got the first one almost finished before I had other commitments, but came right back to them when I got home. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the design lined up, but I’m happy enough with it:)

On the second one, I was almost done when I realized they couldn’t be the same length as the first curtains, but they should have been able to be!!! I had to regroup and figure out where I had gone wrong. I ended up ripping out two seams, but in the end, I finished and the two sets of curtains are the same length.

I decided to stop with the two, even though there are four total, so that Liane can try them out when they go camping. If they work, I now have a list of steps to follow to finish the second two sets:)


My morning break was meeting two girlfriends for time at the park with two cute little boys. My friend will be leaving at the end of August for time in Mexico with her husband’s family so I am trying to get my time and snuggles in while I can! We had a great time at the park and actually managed to stay dry- pretty amazing!

Anytime with these four people is amazing and fills my heart!

We took a break from the park for a walk around the block which put the youngest one out long enough for us to grab lunch. There were no sandwiches or salads I could eat so I had the vegan orchard cookie and my Buccaneer tea. It was a lovely treat and the catching up made it even better.


After finishing the curtains I realized that I needed to get out for a run! I really didn’t want to and it was tough to get out the door, but I finally prevailed and managed to do 6.64km. I had forgotten that I had turned off the audio cues, but it seems to be working for me as I ran slightly faster than I have been lately:). The cooler weather may have also helped with this!


I have watched two Hallmark movies as I’ve been working on my rug this evening. The first was Love on the Slopes.

I really enjoyed this movie! It is about a woman conquering her fears which is something we should probably all try to do. It also touches on the idea that we are all good at different things and that we can help each other. I loved that these messages were present, though they weren’t in your face either:)

I also realized while watching this movie one of the reasons I so enjoy Hallmark movies. I do love the happy endings (there’s enough sad in the world!), but I also love the fact that I recognize the scenery! Most of these movies are filmed here in BC so it’s cool to be watching and realize that, “hey, I’ve been there!” In fact, one movie was filmed in the shopping village across the street from me!

The second movie I watched was Love Once and Always.

I enjoyed this movie, not only for the attractive male character, and the banter between the two characters, but also because the main character is a history buff. It links to my love of history:). The sheep does steal the show at times😂

Well, I’m off to read my book.

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “All By Myself

    1. I did! It now I’m sitting here doubting a plan I’ve had for a while:( I so dislike that I can’t make a decision

  1. Love the pattern on the curtains! My first job was in my Grandmas drapery store 30 some years ago so sewing has a great place in my heart. Glad you had such a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Yes I love the fabric she picked too! I made my first patchwork quilt at about six and have been happily sewing since:) It’s a great skill that comes back like riding a bike:)

  2. Good job on the curtains – I used to sew eons ago as I was tall and nothing was long enough in the inseam, and everything was short in the sleeves as well. Why do they shoot a lot of movies in BC – because it is so scenic?

    1. I’ve always sewn a lot too, but for the opposite reason🤣
      I think there’s a lot of different environments here plus it is a positive place for movie companies

      1. I know – we are the complete opposites as to height aren’t we? I figured it was the beautiful scenery and no longer just the money exchange – I don’t know the exchange now or whether it is at par anymore as it’s been years since I went to Canada on a regular basis. My grandmother died back in 1986 and we only went back a few times to wrap up the estate and that’s it. I don’t even have a valid Canadian passport anymore, I let it lapse (which was dumb as it is more problematic for me when I renew my green card since I don’t appear to them as having a country of citizenship.

      2. Wow that is weird that a lack of passport would make it more difficult, I would have thought it would make it easier. Of course I didn’t realize green cards had to be renewed too.

      3. We moved here in 1966 and once a year all we did was go to the post office and get a postcard that went to the Immigration Service. We just signed it and mailed it. Now I have to renew my green card every year – electronic signature, photos and fingerprints. For me I’ve typed so much I have no fingerprints and that causes me great problems every time I renew. I have to get ink prints as well and a certification from our local police station to get a certificate showing I’ve never been in trouble with the law and that goes to the Department of Homeland Security. I’ve lived in the same house since 1966 and never been in trouble with the law, so, I may have to get a passport as an official “document” of what/who I am.

      4. I know, it was as if they were looking for something bad on me … really, I feed the squirrels and talk to them, then write about them – surely I don’t look like a threat!

      5. Lol nope not unless they’re worried about squirrel security, but maybe you could get the squirrels to vouch for you. I’m sure they’d give you a positive review 🤣

      6. Ha ha – they sure would … I always tell them they should be nice to me, their benefactor who sometimes I could claim as dependents on my income taxes.

  3. You’re so amazingly talented AJ. The curtains look wonderful!! I’m obsessed with wanting to buy some fabric to make a book sleeve but I don’t even know how to sew or use a sewing machine. 😔 The most I’ve done is sew on a button. Do you think I should invest in a portable sewing machine or one of those handheld ones and give it a go?
    I like when movies are filmed in locations where I’ve been too. Makes them really come alive. And you’re right, there’s enough bad going on in the world so a movie with a good HEA is preferable these days.
    Really enjoyed your post. 😊

    1. My grandma used to do everything by hand which is an inexpensive way to start and totally doable for a book sleeve. But needle, thread, fabric and scissors and you’re good to go as long as you have an iron:)
      You should totally give a book sleeve a try!
      Yup an HEA is necessary component of all of my hobbies and entertainment!

      1. Okay AJ. Thanks. I’ll try by hand first. Do I need to use one of those huge sewing needles with the thick thread, or will an ordinary needle and thread work? Also, I need to put foam in the sleeve to pad it, right? Forgive me for all the questions. But you make so many wonderful things I trust your opinion.😊

      2. Ok so do you mean a cover for your book when you talk about book sleeve? It has a pocket for the front cover and a pocket for the back cover and a ribbon as a page marker?

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