I knocked something off my bucket list:)


Last night I had to run out for ginger ale and I also picked up guacamole and chips, thinking I could enjoy them if I burned some calories.

When I woke up this morning and realized I had nothing on my to-do list for today (well there’s lots there, but no one to meet), I thought I would tackle the long walk I’ve been wanting to do for the past two years.

Every summer I walk part of the Stanley Lark Seawall with my friend Emily. We usually do the same part and it’s lovely, but since last year I’ve been wanting to do the whole thing. I tried to do it last year with my friend Lyndsay, but commitments got into the way. Today there was nothing but a free day! It was funny though that as soon as I realized I could do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.😂. I told myself I could stop anytime, but in my head I wanted to walk at least for more than an hour as it was going to take that long to get there!

I skytrained downtown and started out. I took pictures, but they may be blurry as I didn’t stop once.

These are all on the coal Harbour side. I started at the Vancouver Convention centre where the seawall starts, went by Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. This side of the seawall is the warmer side. I was in a long sleeved shirt and was warm, but knew I’d need it once I got out past the point.

These are all from the outside part of the Seawall- the lighthouse, below the LionsGate Bridge, Siawash Rock, 3rd Beach, 2nd Beach, English Bay and then False Creek.

It was very interesting to walk this the opposite way as I did earlier in the week. There were already lots of people out getting their places for the Honda celebration of Light tonight (fireworks).

When I look online I see it says the seawall is 28km long. In my head I had decided that I would end at Athletes Village (created for the 2010 Winter Olympics), visit my parents and then hope the skytrain as this is the nearest skytrain station to the seawall.

I ended up walking 17.5km in 3 hours and am quite happy with that. The plan is next time I will walk from Science World to Granville Island and the Burrard Street Bridge and then skytrain home from there.


Of course when I got to my parent’s boat, I got a quick hug and then put up work going to Costco with my mom and Anne to get food for tonight. They decided to take advantage of having a third person to carry grocery bags 🤣

Since being home, I have eaten way too many chips and guacamole and think I may have cured that craving! I have gone to another Costco and bought new summer towels ( and been o recharged by $2, but it would cost more in gas to go back to complain!), and read my book.

Now I’m going to enjoy another Hallmark movie and finish my rug square. I should probably be cleaning and packing to go out on the boat, but oh well😏

Have fun!


49 thoughts on “Epic Walk?

    1. It is a gorgeous place to walk. I’m lucky to just be an hour from that. I hope you get to come back and see the rest!

  1. what a gorgeous place to walk. I could get sucked into the scenery and not even realize I was walking that long.
    glad you were able to get chips and guac and now feel better about your tex mex need (o:

    1. Yes you easily forget how far you’re walking- lots of scenery and people watching:)
      Yup guacamole and chips are a ✅

  2. This walk looks so lovely AJ, I miss going out for long periods walking, but at the moment it’s just not possible, baby is getting too heavy. Looking forward to go on big walks with him though, that’ll be fun!

    1. Oh I used to love walking with my nephew- so neat to see everything through his eyes and get to introduce him to the wonders of outside

  3. Beautiful pictures! 17.5km?? How do you do it?! Lol! I guess I might get close to that some days with my 10k to and from work and then running around at work…. Sounds like so much, though! 🙄

  4. I am envious of this beautiful scenic walk that you took AJ – just beautiful and you could not have picked a better day … look at that blue sky and blue water. I had to use the converter to see how many miles and almost 11 miles – wow, that is just great! The most I’ve ever walked in one day was about 6 1/2, but seeing a route like this you’d want to just keep walking and walking. You deserved that guacamole and chips – you kept saying every time you went to eat they didn’t have it on the menu. Good job!

    I’m hopelessly behind in Reader, between my work schedule and these storms … we have another storm coming between 8-9 so I’m hoping to catch up a little first. It didn’t help writing those two long blogs and I usually do my walking in the morning so the rest of the day is free that way. I am too set in my ways I think. 🙂

    1. Lol we all get set in our ways! I get behind, get caught up and think I’ll stay that way and then get behind again:(
      It is an easy walk as there are no hills which is very odd for our area.

      1. Yes, one day is easy to catch up, two days – wow. I caught up last night so I could write a post tonight. I actually had my squirrel encounter with Parker last Friday but this is the first time I could write about it since I dedicated the weekend posts to Lake Erie Metropark. I thought of you saying to me “you let him get that close?” This time, he did put a front paw on my bare leg, with pants it was not as bad, but I backed off gently … he did it a second time and I backed off and decided the picture would not be worth it. I had to write today as there was a hawk in the Park. Scary.

        That still was an epic walk, hills or no hills.
        My mail carrier tells me she has an 11-mile route daily.

        Do you have the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk or anything like that over in Canada? We just had it last weekend or the weekend before and really no media coverage about it. Those women (and some men who walk for someone else or in their memory) walked 60 miles, 20 miles per day, and raise money. That’s a lot of miles per day.

      2. Oh ya a squirrel on my bare leg wouldn’t be happening!
        Wow a hawk in the park! I can’t wait to see those photos:)
        I think we might have that, but I’m not positive. It is a lot of walking!!

      3. It won’t happen again AJ – I can handle stepping on my shoe, and that is with crew socks and pants on, but in the Summer with low-cut socks and bare legs not so much. But I didn’t make any sudden moves to scare him. I wish I had more pics of the hawk. There was a young boy right there and I I was trying to focus on the hawk to take a picture and couldn’t see him right away (point and shoot camera) and the boy ran up to the fence to show me where he was and spooked him. I have seen a hawk circling around up in the sky for months, but never swooping down. Scary.

      4. I didn’t see him this morning AJ, even cruising overhead. All I saw was a goldfinch, my first this year, and I heard him before seeing him – singing away in a tall tree. Too far away for a picture. I was catching up on Facebook and some e-mail tonight before I came here – hadn’t been on there in quite a while and I follow the crime site for the City. There was a thread about all the hawks in the City and to keep your small pets near your side when letting them out in the yard. People said they saw hawks with their young nesting on utility poles and the young ones were hunting and swooping down on rabbits, squirrels and birds. This is not a rural city at all!

      5. Wow that is crazy! We’ve been watching three eagles up here. It was really something to see three eagles on one branch!

      6. That is amazing – that is what I was hoping to see the other day on the cruise. I’ve been looking at a few nature walks around Lake Erie Metropark for the Fall and it is a migratory area so there is the promise of some hawks and eagles as well as ducks. A fellow blogger sent me this post about the Cooper’s Hawk. I was just reading it and this is what I saw yesterday … you get a better idea of what it looked like as my photo was blurry. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/33297203/posts/1953020621

      7. My mom and I were just saying that we really don’t appreciate the nature we have here as eagles, hawks and ducks are an everyday occurrence:)
        I hope the Fall walks work better for you

      8. They are a treat for me … the ducks don’t hang out too much at the Park these days, they go a mile or so further down to the River. Perhaps it is because they can see their feet in the water as it is so clear … at Council Point Park it is quite murky. You have it made there. I hope they work out well too – one is sponsored by the Detroit Audubon Society on October 6th – by then many of the leaves will be down, and a chance to see more big birds.

      9. Oh that would be very cool to go with someone who knows a lot. I love hiking with my one friend who has a doctorate in biology with a concentration in birds. I always learn so much!

      10. Yes, it makes it much more enjoyable – like the cruise last week, I learned a lot of little things there as well. He pointed out places and items in the water and nearby uninhabited islands that I never knew, despite living here 52 years.

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