I got up early this morning to shower and take the skytrain down to the boat. I wasn’t positive I’d be going anywhere as they were having trouble with the generator, but I went anyways.

We did manage to finally leave at about 10:30 and spent most of the day put-putting up the coast. It was a gorgeous day and other than the wake from a few big boats, the water was wonderful and calm!

I used the time to get caught up on blog reading and I had a nap (unfortunately I rolled over onto my arm so it’s unhappy), I knitted, and I enjoyed the sunshine.

This is how I boat!

We arrived and have anchored in Pender Harbour which is actually made up of the unincorporated Madeira Bay, Irvine’s Landing and Garden Bay.


This evening we went for a walk with the dog and it looks like if I’m going to be running, I’ll be doing hill training around here😫😳

Well all that fresh air and sunshine has worn me out. Here’s my view and now I’ll close my eyes!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Off Again

    1. My mom had a dozen books in the boat for me and I have a zillion in my phone plus five more from NetGalley to do! I should survive!

      1. Must have been – that is really deep! The day I went on the boat and it was choppy, I got off the boat and was driving home, and in Lake Michigan they had some rogue waves and a rip tide and two people drowned and three were seriously injured.

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